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Background. Introduction of the ELP (the EAQUALS/ALTE version for adults) in Romania Its piloting by various QUEST schoolsDissemination of info about the ELP in a variety of circles by QUEST members. Follow-up. The experience gained that farThe commitment to the idea of self assessmentUndersta

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BUCHAREST, 1 Calea Grivitei 2A prosper.ro

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2. Background Introduction of the ELP (the EAQUALS/ALTE version for adults) in Romania Its piloting by various QUEST schools Dissemination of info about the ELP in a variety of circles by QUEST members

3. Follow-up The experience gained that far The commitment to the idea of self assessment Understanding the importance of standardising the levels of attainment Application for a Socrates Lingua 1 project

4. The project proposal was approved Duration: 3 years (2004 2007) Partners: National Associations of Language Schools Universities, language schools and institutes Providers of vocational training NGOs Representatives of the media Countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia

5. Project objectives To contribute to the promotion of language learning among adults from various social and professional groups through the use of the ELP To enhance opportunities for social integration and professional development through language learning

6. Target groups Ministries (of Education, of Labour) Private and state Employment Agencies Employers/HRMs Providers of vocational training/ Multipliers in general Language learners 15+ People in vocational training Unemployed/employees in project countries

7. Expected Impact Decisions makers (ministries and employers) will be made aware of the existence and benefits of using the ELP as a document certifying the employees linguistic competence ELP users will increase their chances to mobility, employability and access to European values in general

8. Main focus Dissemination of good practice in using the ELP Dissemination of the benefits of its use among selected target groups

9. Dissemination Activities Authorities introducing the ELP to officials in the relevant ministries, in universities, Language Departments (various languages) informing them about the EuroIntegrELP project

10. Dissemination Activities Multipliers Debates, workshops, national and international conferences (for language teachers) Language fairs (for the public at large) Presentations (for representatives of NGOs, small entrepreneurs,etc.

11. Dissemination Activities Language learners Presentations/demonstrations and actual introduction of the ELP to adult learners in universities, language schools, institutions (corporate clients) Designing and introducing of language learning activities based on self assessment Writing of units in language textbooks introducing the idea of self assessment Introducing testing principles based on the descriptors in the ELP, etc.

12. Other means of dissemination Press conferences Publication of articles Mass-media channels (newsletters, press releases, publication of interviews with project participants, news about the project events and good practice examples Special component on each partners web site (to include project developments and news) Poster exhibition (Romania, Lithuania) Photography exhibition

13. Future plans Publication of around 10,000 copies of the ELP for adults the EAQUALS/ALTE version into the project languages, to be used for dissemination purposes Organisation of various dissemination events Wider coverage by the media

14. Thank you Liliana Dellevoet

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