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1. Training/Orders Schedule Rocket Battalion 2004-2005

2. Contents Training Outline MS3 CoC Outline T Week Schedule MOI/OPORD Breakdown PT Overview PT Plans

3. Outline

4. MS3 CoC

5. T Week Schedule Order by which tasks completed for successful completion of mission Schedule to follow for completion of work

6. Week T-6 S3 issued MOI to Lab OIC of lab 6 weeks out Purpose Mission Start Risk Assessment

7. Week T-5 OIC presents outline to C/CoC and Cadre Risk Assessment turned in Cadre assignments (if applicable) Start assigning of trainers Give out task, conditions, standards for classes

8. Week T-4 Trainers have supply list for classes to OIC OIC compiles supply list and submits to S4 OIC completes plan with detail of classes and time schedule OIC submits rough draft of OPORD to S3 OIC conducts site recon

9. Week T-3 OIC conducts any further actions IOT complete OPORD OIC locks down OPORD and submits to S3 S3 reviews final OPORD and submits to C/CoC for approval Site confirmation (if applicable) Logistics confirmation (if applicable)

10. Week T-2 C/CoC submits OPORD to Cadre for approval S4 conducts supply layout with OIC All supply is inventoried and prepped by trainers Cadre Return approved OPORD OIC briefs OPORD to staff MS3 CO/1SG receive OPORD(s) (Briefing)

11. Week T-1 Lab re-briefed (if needed; 0500 Monday morning calendar day dependent) MS3 CoC completes and disseminates OPORD(s) (all OPORDs will be NONWRITTEN!!) Monday: CO issue OPORD(s) to PL’s Wednesday: PL’s issue OPORD(s) to SL’s Friday: SL’s issue OPORD(s) to SQD PT Plans turned in (Monday) Final preparations Rehearsals

12. Week T Further Rehearsals (if needed) Final supply prep for lab (if needed) EXECUTE AAR with cadets AAR with staff and cadre


14. PT Overview Orders issued by MFT at Training Meeting MS3 LD 1SG issues orders down to appropriate levels (Friday of T-2 & during weekend between T-2 and T-1) STD Week (BN PT activities will be briefed at training meeting on T-2) M,W SQD Level PT (SL’s) F PLT Level PT (PSG’s) M,F formal formations W informal formations

15. PT Plans Template can be found on R Drive Cadet Folders MS3 TLP to be used Runs M,W: SQD level runs or buddy team runs F: PLT level ability group runs or PLT runs Plans due T-1 on Monday to MFT c/2LT Vehr


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