Contra costa county cert program unit 6 cert organization
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Contra Costa County CERT Program Unit 6 – CERT Organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Contra Costa County CERT Program Unit 6 – CERT Organization. Released: 6 September 2010. Community Emergency Response Team. Personal safety is ALWAYS the number one priority Work as a team Wear personal protective equipment…gloves, helmet, goggles, N95 mask and boots

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Contra costa county cert program unit 6 cert organization
Contra Costa County CERT ProgramUnit 6 – CERT Organization

Released: 6 September 2010

Community emergency response team
Community Emergency Response Team

  • Personal safety is ALWAYS the number one priority

  • Work as a team

  • Wear personal protective equipment…gloves, helmet, goggles, N95 mask and boots

  • The CERT goal is to do the

    Greatest Good for the Greatest Number

  • Hope for the best but plan for the worst

Unit 6 cert organization
Unit 6 - CERT Organization


  • Describe the CERT organization

  • Identify how CERTs interrelate with ICS

  • Explain documentation requirements

Purpose of on scene management
Purpose of On-Scene Management

  • Maintain physical safety of disaster workers

  • Maintain mental well being of disaster workers

  • Provide clear leadership and organizational structure

  • Improve effectiveness of rescue efforts

Need for cert organization
Need for CERT Organization

Incident Command System provides:

  • Well-defined management structure

  • Manageable span of control

  • Common terminology

  • Effective communication

  • Consolidated action plans

  • Comprehensive resource management

  • Accountability

Objectives of cert organization
Objectives of CERT Organization

  • Identifies the scope of the incident

    • What is the problem?

  • Determines an overall strategy

    • What can CERT do, and will they do it?

  • Deploys resources

    • Who is going to do what?

  • Documents actions and results

    • If you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen

  • Cert ics
    CERT & ICS


    • Provides flexibility of resource management

    • Management Span of Control

    • There are 5 major management activities in ICS

      • Command

      • Operations

      • Planning

      • Logistics

      • Finance/ Administration

    Ics management
    ICS Management


    • Is between 3 and 7 team members

    • Optimally does not exceed 5 team members

    Cert and ics
    CERT and ICS



    Basic CERT ICS

    Command and control
    Command and Control

    • Incident Commander… “What to do”

      • CERT leader

    • Operations… “How to do it”

      • Manage the teams in the field

    • Logistics… “How to support it”

      • Manage resources, supplies and equipment

    • Planning / Intelligence… “What’s going on”

      • Make incident plans,Collect and display information

    • Administration… “What gets recorded”

      • Collect and compile documentation

    Ics incident commander
    ICS – Incident Commander




    DO IT

    • Sets objectives and priorities, has overall responsibility at the incident or event.

    • Establishes the command post

    • Assigns personnel as needed

    • Initially may be responsible for Operations, Plans, Logistics and Administration duties. As event grows the IC will delegate these.

    • Ensures coordination of staff actions and activities

    Dealing with the media
    Dealing with the Media

    • Refer media inquiries to CERT Team Leader / IC

    • Do not let media interfere with CERT goals

    Ics operations
    ICS - Operations


    • Develops the operations tactics

    • Develops the organization structure

    • Conducts tactical operations to carry out the plan

    • Directs all resources deployed

    Ics plans
    ICS - Plans


    • Develops the action plan to accomplish the objectives defined for the event

    • Collects and evaluates information

    • Maintains resource status on all equipment and personnel during event

    • Maintains incident documentation

    Ics logistics
    ICS - Logistics


    • Provides resources and all other services needed to support an incident:

      • Personnel

      • Food

      • Communications

      • Facilities

      • Transportation, etc.

    Ics administration
    ICS - Administration


    • Responsible for costs related to incident

    • Provides accounting, procurement, time recording and cost analyses

    Cert structure
    CERT Structure

    • CERT Leader (Incident Commander)

      • Appointed to direct CERT team activities

      • In a disaster response, this person is usually the first person to arrive at the pre-designated staging area

    • Command Post

      • Location the CERT Leader establishes for command and control of incident

    • CERT Leader may appoint Operations, Planning, Logistics, etc. as incident expands

    • A CERT incident may be small or large

    Cert mobilization
    CERT Mobilization


    • Take care of themselves, their family, their home and their neighbors

    • Respond to staging area, gathering facts along the way

    • First to arrive is in charge of incident and is CERT Leader

    • CERT organization should have effective communications, a manageable span of control and maintain accountability

    The greatest good for the greatest number without placing CERT members in harms way

    Cert mobilization1
    CERT Mobilization

    CERT Mobilization (When, Where & How)

    • Depending on CERT protocols, CERT members respond to pre-designated locations ready for response

    • CERT IC will develop an organization plan

    • Priorities may change as operation continues; CERT IC needs to stay on top of these shifting priorities

    • Communications must be organized, efficient and effective

    • ICS was developed to assist in the management of major incidents - Use it

    • Goal is always to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people while maintaining CERT safety

    Cert decision making review
    CERT Decision Making Review

    • Heavy damage = No rescue, mark as heavy damage, warn people to stay away

    • Moderate damage = Minimize rescuers time in building

    • Light damage = Locate, triage, treat, and prioritize victim removal

    Team functions in light damage
    Team Functions in Light Damage

    • Search & Rescue Group

      • Locate, triage, tag, transport ‘Delayed’ and ‘Immediate’ to medical treatment area, document

    • Medical Group

      • Triage again, head-to-toe, treatment, transport “Immediates” to a higher level of medical care, document

    • Utility Control Group

      • Shut off utilities as needed, extinguish small fires, document

    Team functions in moderate damage
    Team Functions in Moderate Damage

    • Search & Rescue Group

      • Locate, stabilize, evacuate, triage in safe area, warn others, document

    • Other Groups as Necessary such as: Utilities Group

      • Shut off utilities as needed, extinguish small fires, document

    • Medical Group

      • Triage again, head-to-toe in safe area, treatment in safe area, transport “Immediates” to a higher level of medical care, document

    Team functions in heavy damage
    Team Functions in Heavy Damage

    • Search & Rescue Group

      • Search around the perimeter for victims, gather information, warn others, document

    • Utility Control Group

      • Shut off utilities if safe to do so, document


    • Under CERT each level of authority is responsible for documentation (Incident Commander, Operations, Planning, Logistics, Administration / Finance)

    Documentation responsibilities
    Documentation Responsibilities

    • CERT Teams provide the Command Post with ongoing information and documentation on:

      • Damage assessment

      • Team status

      • Ongoing needs

    • Command Post documents:

      • Incident status

        • Incident locations, Access routes, Identified hazards

        • Support locations: Staging Area, Treatment/Triage Areas, Morgue

    Cert forms
    CERT Forms

    • Damage Assessment

    • Personnel Resources Sign-In

    • Incident/Assignment Tracking Log

    • Briefing Assignment

    • Victim Treatment Area Record

    • Communications Log

    • Equipment Inventory

    • General Message

      Forms are in Participant Manual pages 6-20 to 6-28


    • A disaster has happened.

    • You took care of your family and the people in your neighborhood.

    • Now you are at the ‘mustering” site, the pre-arranged location where you met the other available CERTs.

    • Your group was able to establish contact with the EOC and was duly activated.

    • You are about to receive assignments. The Incident Commander expects your team to report what it has done at the end of the day.

    Unit summary
    Unit Summary

    • CERT Organization

      • CERTs are part of ICS

    • ICS

      • Flexible and Scalable

      • Command Structure

    • Documentation