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SOCIAL MARKETING. applications in public health. Dr Babar T Shaikh The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan. SOCIAL MARKETING. Enabling Objectives: To learn the basic concepts of social marketing to understand ways of performing social marketing in developing countries

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Social marketing


applications in public health

Dr Babar T Shaikh

The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

Social marketing1

Enabling Objectives:

  • To learn the basic concepts of social marketing

  • to understand ways of performing social marketing in developing countries

  • To learn four Ps of social marketing

Social marketing2
Social Marketing

Performance Objectives:

By the end of the presentation, learners will be able to

  • conceptualize basic concepts of social marketing

  • understand its important components

  • apply the knowledge in medical practice

What is social marketing
What is Social Marketing?

It is a marketing strategy modeled after corporate marketing, used by health professionals to develop successful health messages.

Social marketing3
Social Marketing

  • What makes social marketing different than other social change strategies?

  • How is it different from what you are doing right now?

Social marketing4
Social Marketing

Key concepts

  • Uses commercial marketing technologies and theory

  • Brings about voluntary behavior change

  • Targets specific audiences

  • Focus is on personal welfare and that of society

Social marketing5
Social Marketing

Potential Applications

  • Promote healthy behavior

  • Promote services

  • Increase utilization rates

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Enhance compliance

Social marketing6
Social Marketing

Social Marketing’s Popularity

  • It works by bringing about behavior change

  • More cost effective

  • Reaches larger numbers

Social marketing7
Social Marketing

Distinguishing Features of Social Marketing

  • Exchange theory

  • Consumer orientation

  • Data based decision making

  • Competition

  • Willingness to change offer

Social marketing8
Social Marketing

# 1 Consumer Orientation

  • Understand consumer perceptions

  • Which benefits they find attractive

  • Costs or barriers that deter them

Social marketing9
Social Marketing

Put Simply, Consumer Orientation Means

  • Understand what they want and need

  • Respond to their wants and needs

Social marketing10
Social Marketing

#2 Exchange Theory

  • Exchange time and effort for benefits

  • Make an attractive offer

  • Create an awareness that the problem exists

  • Demonstrate the product’s benefits

  • Help lower the price

Social marketing11
Social Marketing

#3 Data Based Decision Making

  • Logical model for planning

  • How you plan to help

  • What you will help them to do

  • Which factors you must address

  • Data based decision making

Social marketing12
Social Marketing

#4 Competition

  • Marketers keep a steady eye on the competition

  • Marketers position products relative to the competition

Social marketing13
Social Marketing

#5 Willingness to Change Offer

  • Committed to designing products consumers want

  • Committed to modifying programs

  • Committed to addressing facts that influence their behavior

Social marketing14
Social Marketing

Traditional Approach to Health Education Messages

Top Down Planning

  • Expert driven

  • Best practices

  • Literature review

Social marketing15
Social Marketing

In Other Words…

  • We will tell you what you need and want (expert driven)

  • Offer everyone same product, price, place and promotion

Social marketing16
Social Marketing

Social Marketing Uses A Interdisciplinary Approach

  • Social anthropology

  • Behavior psychology

  • Communications

  • Education

  • Commercial Marketing

Social marketing17
Social Marketing


  • Age

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • Geographical area

  • Education level

Social marketing18
Social Marketing


  • Attitude toward new behaviors (early vs. Late adopters)

  • Types of people who share similar hopes, concerns, or who they admire

  • Aspirations, personality types, lifestyles

  • Willing to take risks and try new behaviors

  • Tend to follow the crowd

Social marketing19
Social Marketing

Commercial Marketing

  • Satisfying customer needs and wants

  • Process for individuals and groups to obtain what they need and want by creating/ exchanging products and value with others

Social marketing20
Social Marketing


  • Audience segmentation

  • Product development

  • Pricing

  • Testing

  • Distribution

Social marketing21
Social Marketing

Segmentation:Marketing Model

  • Marketers know they can’t appeal to all buyers in the same way

  • Political marketers: who do they try to reach?

  • Coca cola: what proportion of market do they try to reach?

Social marketing22
Social Marketing

Segmentation Strategy

  • Divide heterogeneous group in homogenous subgroups

  • Identify targets of opportunity

  • Identify subgroups to respond to same offer

  • Design interventions effective for each segment

Social marketing23
Social Marketing

The Four P’sof Social Marketing

Product Price

Place Promotion

Social marketing24
Social Marketing


What we’re offering people:

  • Service

  • Behavior

  • Commodity (tangible goods)

Social marketing25
Social Marketing

Product Must Be

Solution to a problem:

  • Benefits

  • Unique

  • Competitive


  • Defined in terms of the user’s beliefs, practices, and values

Social marketing26
Social Marketing


The cost of adopting the product:

  • Money

  • Time

  • Pleasure

  • Loss of self-esteem

  • Embarrassment

Social marketing27
Social Marketing


Channels for information:

  • Where service is provided

  • Where information is received

  • Where tangible product is purchased

  • Available

  • Easy to find and use

  • Appropriate

  • Timely

Social marketing28
Social Marketing


Message design elements:

  • Type of appeal

  • Tone

  • Spokesperson

Social marketing29
Social Marketing

Social Marketing Works!

  • It brings about behavior change

  • More cost effective by reaching larger numbers