Parts of speech
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Parts of speech PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parts of speech. What are parts of speech. ???. Parts of speech are word classes where words of same grammatical (syntactic) function are grouped. Classification of word classes. Word class. Open set : new member words can be added. Closed set : no new member words can be added.

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Parts of speech

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Parts of speech

What are parts of speech


  • Parts of speech are word classes where words of same grammatical (syntactic) function are grouped

Classification of word classes

Word class

Open set : new member words can be added

Closed set : no new member words can be added

Open set

Closed set




Lexical verbs


Auxiliary verbs




Possessive adjectives




  • Words that denote a person (Bill), place (school), animal (koala), thing (book) or idea (theory).

  • A noun can be the subject or an object of a verb.

  • Other noun categories:

Proper/Common nouns

Countable/ Uncountable nouns

Concrete/Abstract nouns

Collective nouns


  • Words that convey actions, occurrences or states of being

  • Verbs are usually sentence predicates

  • Other verb categories:

Lexical/Auxiliary verbs

Transitive/Intransitive verbs

Action/State verbs

Regular/Irregular verbs


  • Words that describe other words (usually nouns)

  • An adjective qualifies a noun (subject or object compliment)

Regular irregular adjectives

Positive/Negative adjectives


  • Words that modify verbs

  • (Adverbials) usually answer the questions: how?, in what way?, when?, where?, to what extent?, etc.

Regular irregular adverbs

Adverbs of manner

Adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of time

Adverbs of place

Adverbs of degree


  • Words that express an emotion or sentiment one the part of the speaker


  • Words that connect/join words, phrases, clauses, sentences.

Coordinating conjunctions: and, as/ because for, nor, but, or, yet, so

Subordinating conjunctions: after, although, as, as far as, as soon as, as long as, because, etc.

Correlative conjunctions: just as… so, whether… or, both… and, not only… but, etc.


  • Words used with nouns to indicate type of reference made by the noun

Definite article: the ( a singular, plural or uncountable noun identifiable by the listener )

Indefinite article: a / an ( a singular noun not identifiable by the listener)

Negative article: no (zero quantity of a countable or uncountable noun)

Zero article: in case when referring to a mass in general rather than to a particular quantity

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