The struggle for equality 1865 1965
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The Struggle for Equality: 1865-1965 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Struggle for Equality: 1865-1965. How did the events following Reconstruction shape race relations?. Frederick Douglass: Agitate, Agitate, Agitate Kansas Exodus and Exhortation to stay put No illusions but path via the Constitution Tied to GOP and demand rights.

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The struggle for equality 1865 1965

The Struggle for Equality: 1865-1965

How did the events following Reconstruction shape race relations?

Voices of protest douglass washington dubois others

Frederick Douglass: Agitate, Agitate, Agitate

Kansas Exodus and Exhortation to stay put

No illusions but path via the Constitution

Tied to GOP and demand rights

Booker T. Washington & Up From Slavery

Tuskegee Movement emphasis on A/M

Alliance with Biz USA

Atlanta Compromise & ‘cast down your bucket’

Opposed to agitation?

Voices of Protest: Douglass, Washington, DuBois & Others

Dubois the niagara movement http www math buffalo edu sww 0history hwny niagara movement html

Harvard Intellectual

Souls of Black Folks

The Talented Tenth

Niagara Movement

NAACP: A Battle for All True Americans

Militancy and Struggle Dudley Randall


The Church


The Courts


The Press

Monroe Trotter and Boston Guardian

Ida B. Welles and The Red Record

DuBois: The Niagara Movement

The plessy decision 1896
The Plessy Decision, 1896

  • Test Case in Public Transportation

  • Homer Plessy was 1/8 black

  • Banned despite possessing ticket

  • Supreme Court Decision:

  • Jim Crow Segregation sanctioned

  • No distinction for race: Justice Harlan’s dissent

The great migration
The Great Migration

  • U.S. Neutrality and booming economy

  • Fleeing the South by cover of darkness

  • St. Louis, Chicago, NY, Boston, etc


  • America’s Diaspora and Reaction to it.

  • Conditions Up North: More Crow

  • Brownsville Incident, 1906 & Judge Lynch

A world safe for democracy
A World Safe for Democracy?

  • Historical Record of Black Service to U.S.A.

  • Segregated Units and Trouble: Spartanburg

  • 369th fights for France: Hell Fighters most distinguished and longest in trenches.

  • Journey home, you are still negroes

  • French Liberation versus more discrimination

1919 a long hot summer
1919: A Long Hot Summer

  • Racial Tensions and Explosive Milieu

  • Chicago Riots: 13 days of calamity

  • Blacks now beginning to fight back

  • Images from Birth of a Nation

  • Resurgence of the Klan

  • Lynching and Burnings

  • The New Negro Movement

Marcus a garvey
Marcus A. Garvey

  • Black Self Determination & Meaning

  • Back to Africa Movement

  • Harlem: Black Man’s Jerusalem

  • Black Star Shipping Line

  • Black Pride Movement

  • Renaissance in the making

Naacp using the constitution
NAACP: Using The Constitution

  • Voting, busing, housing and education

  • Howard University and Jurisprudence

  • Herndon and Voting, 1927

  • Murray versus Pearson, 1935

  • Lloyd Gaines University Missouri, 36

  • 1940’s cases: housing and covenants

The harlem renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance

  • Explosion of Talent

  • Jazz: Quintessential Musical Expression

  • Langston Hughes and Literature

  • Josephine Baker and Theatre

  • The Cotton Club

  • Other Venues of Expression