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WINSTON-SALEM/FORSYTH COUNTY SCHOOLS. 2012-13 BUDGET PREVIEW. First, the Good News!. Projected local budget surplus in 2011-12, which, except for items listed on subsequent slides, should continue to be available in 2012-13 $9.0 million

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Presentation Transcript
first the good news
First, the Good News!
  • Projected local budget surplus in 2011-12, which, except for items listed on subsequent slides, should continue to be available in 2012-13 $9.0 million
  • Savings from remainder of local assistant positions due to be eliminated June 30 $0.75 million
funding losses
Funding Losses
  • Federal Jobs Bill Funds $10.5 million
  • Race-to-the-Top Funds Used to Pay Equity+ Bonuses in 2011-12, but not Available in 2012-13 $1.8 million
  • Carryover exhausted in Federal Title II CSR $0.4 million
other expected funding needs
Other Expected Funding Needs
  • “Temporary” Salary Savings in 2011-12 $175,000
  • Already Enacted Increase in Matching Ret. $1.1 million
  • Already Enacted Increase in Discretionary Reduction $2.2 million
  • Anticipated Increase in Matching Health Ins. $325,000
other potential funding needs
Other Potential Funding Needs
  • Projected Increases in Utility Rates
  • Potential for Matching Legislated Pay Increases
  • Potential Losses of Other Federal Funds
  • County funding might reduce due to lower property tax valuation
pent up needs due to budget cuts
Pent-up Needs Due to Budget Cuts
  • Activity Bus Replacements
  • Computer Replacements
  • Textbook Adoptions
  • Staff Development
  • Other replacements/enhancements of technology and other tools
other potential sources of funds
Other Potential Sources of Funds
  • Use Some Portion of Fund Balance That is Accumulated in 2011-12
  • Modify and/or Find Another Funding Source for Equity+ Bonuses
  • If the Board approves, combining Hill and Philo middle schools should save $320,000 annually in utilities and office staffing
bottom line
Bottom Line
  • Sources of Funds $9,750,000
  • Funding Needs -$16,500,000
  • Potential Funding Shortfall -$6,750,000
  • Does Not Take Into Account Other Potential Funding Losses, Pent-up Funding Needs, or Other Potential Funding Sources
next steps
Next Steps
  • We have been meeting with a committee of principals and central budget managers
  • Tentative agreement to recommend use of one-third ($3 million) of fund balance
  • Still discussing all of the permanent reduction ideas on the next two slides
ideas for permanent cuts
Ideas for Permanent Cuts
  • Permanent Pay Cuts?
  • A 1% reduction in all employees’ annual pay would save $2.5 million
  • A lesser reduction rate for lower-paid employees is being discussed, and would decrease the annual savings
ideas for permanent cuts1
Ideas for Permanent Cuts
  • Eliminate Central Office Positions (Some have already been eliminated this year)?
  • Continue Converting to Contract Cleaning?
  • “Trial Employment” Temporary Staffing?
  • New Instructional Delivery Model for AIG?
  • Teacher Assistant/PRT Allotment Formula?
  • Reduce Substitute Pay?
  • Picture is Somewhat Brighter Than Anticipated
  • Use of Fund Balance can Help at Least Delay Some of the Pain
  • Still Hope to Avoid RIFs
  • Still Hope to Avoid Class Size Increases
  • Still Lots of Unknowns
next steps1
Next Steps
  • Continue meetings with Budget Committee
  • Work through our normal budget request and budget review process
  • Continue to Monitor and Update State and County Funding Projections
  • Make final recommendations to the Board in April