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Caves. Lechugilla Cave, NM. Hawaiian Lava Tube Cave. Sea Cave. Ice Cave. Passage in Mammoth Cave. Distribution of Limestone Caves. Just the Facts…. The cave system with the greatest total length of surveyed passage is Mammoth Cave (Kentucky, USA) at 591 kilometers (367 mi) in length.

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Lechugilla Cave, NM

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Lechugilla cave nm


Lechugilla Cave, NM

Hawaiian lava tube cave

Hawaiian Lava Tube Cave

Sea cave

Sea Cave

Ice cave

Ice Cave

Passage in mammoth cave

Passage in Mammoth Cave

Distribution of limestone caves

Distribution of Limestone Caves

Just the facts

Just the Facts…

  • The cave system with the greatest total length of surveyed passage is Mammoth Cave (Kentucky, USA) at 591 kilometers (367 mi) in length.

  • The deepest known cave (measured from its highest entrance to its lowest point) is Voronya Cave (Abkhazia), with a depth of 2,191 meters (7,188 ft).



Soda straws

Soda Straws

Soda straws1

Soda Straws











Stalagmites stalagtites

Stalagmites & Stalagtites



Taino petroglyphs puerto rico

Tainopetroglyphs (Puerto Rico)

Eurycea lucifuga

Eurycea lucifuga

Cave cricket ceuthophilus

Cave Cricket: Ceuthophilus

Mexican blindcat prietella phreatophila

Mexican BlindcatPrietella phreatophila

Cavefish distribution

Cavefish Distribution

Satan eurystomus

Satan eurystomus

Trogloglanis pattersoni

Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni

Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni

Typhlichthys subterraneus (southern cavefish)

Ozark cavefish amblyopsis rosae

Ozark Cavefish, Amblyopsis rosae

Eyeless Cavefish, Amblyopsis spelaea

Lateral line system

Lateral line system

Oklahoma cave isopod

Oklahoma Cave Isopod

Spider cave crayfish

Spider Cave Crayfish

Bristly cave crayfish

Bristly Cave Crayfish

Allegheny woodrat neotoma magister

Allegheny Woodrat, Neotoma magister

Indiana bat myotis sodalis

Indiana Bat, Myotis sodalis

Karst topography

Karst Topography

Florida sinkhole

Florida Sinkhole

Clarksville cave

Clarksville Cave

Ward s entrance

Ward’s Entrance

The schoharie hilton

The Schoharie Hilton

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