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Benerofe Properties Corporation Reduces Energy Bills by 15 Percent with SunPower® Solar Solution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For three generations, Benerofe Properties Corporation has developed and managed a diverse portfolio of properties throughout the eastern US.

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Benerofe Properties Corporation Reduces Energy

Bills by 15 Percent with SunPower

® Solar Solution

For three generations, Benerofe Properties Corporation has developed and managed a diverse portfolio of

properties throughout the eastern US. In March of 2008, Benerofe Properties installed a SunPower solar

system on the rooftop of an office building located at 4 New King Street in White Plains, NY. Thanks to

the monthly savings in energy costs, as well as the benefits to the environment, the family-owned business

has since deployed similar systems on two other New King Street properties. With their flagship building

attracting curious onlookers, the Benerofes are now helping to educate other New York businesses about the

upside to going green.



• Electrical usage offset by 25%

• Saves Benerofe Properties more than $11,000 per year

with clean solar power

• SunPower T10 Solar Roof Tiles interlock for secure, rapid

installation with no penetration to the roof

• Will reduce carbon emissions by 1,200 tons over 30

years, which is equivalent to planting 280 acres of trees

or not driving 2,724,000 miles.

Location: White Plains, NY

Completed: March 2008

System Size: 50 kW

PV Surface Area: 3,200 sq ft

Number of Panels: 240

Products: SunPower® T10 Solar Roof Tile


Benerofe Properties owns commercial buildings in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,

and Pennsylvania, many of which are home to some of the country’s most prominent

business leaders. The family’s 4 New King Street property houses the NY headquarters of

Sprague Energy of New England, one of the largest suppliers of energy and materials in

the East. A chance conversation with one of Sprague’s execs – suggesting that Benerofe

Properties should consider going solar – encouraged vice president Mitch Benerofe

to contact Mercury Solar Systems for a consultation and quote. “We’ve always had a

very high sensitivity to things green, and to energy conservation,” says Benerofe. “With

the encouragement of our tenant, we spoke with Mercury Solar. They recommended

SunPower panels as being the best solution for us. We were extremely happy with the

services Mercury Solar provided: Their team accurately scoped the project, they were

clean and courteous, and very well organized. All in all, they were excellent installers to

work with.”


Like many buildings in busy urban areas, the first New King Street property has minimum

rooftop exposure. For that reason, the Mercury Solar team suggested that SunPower’s

high-efficiency solar panels – which generate as much as 50 percent more power than

conventional solar technologies – would be an ideal solution, as fewer panels would

be required to meet tenants’ energy needs. “I was kind of expecting to see these huge

panels being installed,” Benerofe says. “But when I looked at them they were very

moderate in size, and they couldn’t be seen from the street. The SunPower panels offer a

very compact, attractive solution.”

“I’m happy to say that since

the SunPower® solar system

was installed, we’re saving

between 10 and 15 percent

on the cost of electricity.”

Mitch Benerofe,

Vice President,


Since the original solar installation was completed in March of 2008, Benerofe says the

reduction in the building’s energy costs has been as much as 15 percent. At the same

time, the solar panels will help the property shrink its carbon emissions by up to 42 tons a

year. Such obvious benefits have encouraged Benerofe to add SunPower rooftop panels

to two other New King Street properties.

Benerofe Properties Corporation

These days, next to the solar power inverters in the lobby at 4 New King Street stands a

large flat-panel television. For ten minutes each hour, a feed from a web-based energy

consumption meter fills the monitor with a full list of statistics describing the positive

outcomes of the building’s SunPower solar solution. Says Benerofe, “People are starting

to come in and ask questions about solar; there’s always a crowd standing around the

monitor. We hope they respect the fact that we’ve put this in, and will want to learn more

about green initiatives.”

“We partner with SunPower on our commercial installations because we can get

the most power out of each of our customers’ rooftops and my team can get the

most kW’s installed per day using the SunPower T10 non-penetrating ballasted

racking system.”

Jared Haines, President, Mercury Solar Systems

Mercury Solar Systems, with offices in New Rochelle, NY, Greenwich, CT, Tinton

Falls, NJ and Mays Landing, NJ, designs and installs solar electric and solar thermal

energy systems for commercial and select residential clients in the Tri-State area. The

Mercury team has over 20 years experience in the solar electric field and over 15

years in the electrical contracting business.


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