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Is Coaching the New Guidance? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is Coaching the New Guidance?. Markham May CEGS Visiting Associate. Is Coaching the New Guidance?. Careers guidance can be viewed as having three key elements: Supporting informed choices about both work and learning Helping individuals manage transitions more effectively

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Is Coaching the New Guidance?

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Is Coaching the New Guidance?

Markham May

CEGS Visiting Associate

Is Coaching the New Guidance?

Careers guidance can be viewed as having three key elements:

  • Supporting informed choices about both work and learning

  • Helping individuals manage transitions more effectively

  • Helping people to manage their career management skills to manage their own decisions and transitions throughout their working lives

Is Coaching the New Guidance?

i.e. to develop resilience in the face of constant change.

Steve Higginbotham & Deirdre Hughes 2006

The Future of Professional Career guidance: Where Next? CeGS Occasional Paper. Derby

What is coaching?

A process in which a manager, or an internal or external specialist coach, through direct discussion and guided activity, helps a learner to learn to solve a problem, or to do a task, better than would otherwise have been the case

Adapted from: David Megginson & Tom Boydell 1979

A manager’s guide to coaching. BACIE, London.

Is Coaching the New Guidance?

In Guidance, what is the task?

And what's a coaching culture?

A coaching culture is one where coaching is the predominant style of managing and working together, and where commitment to grow the organisation is embedded in a parallel commitment to grow the people in the organisation.

David Clutterbuck & David Megginson 2005

Making Coaching Work: Creating a coaching culture. CIPD, London.

Definition of Peer Coaching

“Peer coaching is a process through which two or more professional colleagues work together to reflect upon current practices; expand, refine and build new skills; share ideas; conduct action research; teach one another and problem-solve….”

Robbins (1995)

The GROW Model

  • Agree topic for discussion

  • Agree specific objective of session

  • Set long-term aim if appropriate

  • Commit to action

  • Identify possible obstacles

  • Make steps specific and define timing

  • Agree support





  • Invite self-assessment

  • Offer specific examples of feedback

  • Avoid or check assumptions

  • Discard irrelevant history

  • Cover the full range of options

  • Invite suggestions from the coachee

  • Offer suggestions carefully

  • Ensure choices are made

Is Coaching the New Guidance?

Do we use the Grow Model in our work as Guidance specialists?

Helping someone to solve their own problems



Listening to understand




Asking questions that raise awareness

Making suggestions

Giving feedback

Offering guidance

Giving advice



Solving someone’s problems for them

Push (directive)

Is Coaching the New Guidance?

Where does guidance fit on this continuum?


Telling/instructing/ teaching

Non-directive counselling

Psychological game playing

Imposing an external agenda

Line managing/assessing or being a tutor


Accessing what the client already knows

helping the client to overcome limiting assumptions

Empowering the client

Developing transferable skills


Finding client's agenda

What coaching is and what it isn't

Motivational Interviewing

“Motivational Interviewing is a directive, client-centred counseling style for eliciting behavior change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence”

Rollnick and Miller (1995)

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a way of doing things rather than a set of skills

  • The change must be client generated

  • Focused and goal directed

  • No coercion, persuasion or external threats

  • No advice giving or systematic approach to resolving problems

Motivational InterviewingThe Stages (Wheel) of Change


Active change


Maintenance Decision

Motivational InterviewingAmbivalence

Ambivalence is the co-existence of two opposite emotions toward the same object


Conflict between two courses of action

Is Coaching the New Guidance?

Is Guidance about creating or solving ambivalence?

Boyatzis Model of Intentional Change

My ideal self – who do I want to be?

My real self – Who am I?

Practising the new behaviours, building new neural pathways

Developing trusting relationships that support, help and encourage each step in the process

My strengths – where my ideal self and my real self overlap

Experimenting with new behaviours, thoughts and feelings

My gaps – where my ideal and real self differ

My learning agenda – building on strengths while reducing my gaps

Is Coaching the New Guidance?

Is this model applicable to Guidance?

Is Coaching the New Guidance?

In HBoS, coaching is promoted as an investment in excellence, not as a procedure for dealing with poor performance

Is Coaching the New Guidance?

  • Is coaching/guidance a remedial process?

  • is it also for high flyers?

  • Is it for everyone?

Is Coaching the New Guidance?

Do we:

  • work with the individual?

  • assume people are competent?

  • engage in constructive confrontation?

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