Building self respect lesson one
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Building Self Respect Lesson One PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Self Respect Lesson One. Step 1. Recognise when someone disrespects you and take steps to stop it.

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Building Self Respect Lesson One

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Building Self RespectLesson One

Step 1

Recognise when someone disrespects you and take steps to stop it.

People with self respect don’t allow others to treat them badly and wouldn’t be friends with someone who does so. This may seem obvious, but there are many times when we accept people treating us badly.

Can you think of time? Why did you allow them to treat you that way?

Many people allow others to treat them badly because they do not want to lose the friendship, they believe the person doesn’t know any better, they think the person didn’t meant it, or they are too down on themselves to believe they deserve better.

On paper, write down what could you say to someone who doesn’t show you basic respect.

What Can I say?

When someone disrespect you, you need to be able to say to them in one way or another, “You just disrespected me and that’s not acceptable to me. If you cannot treat me with respect, I cannot spend any more time with you.”


A person who has self respect don’t let others treat them badly.

Stand up for yourself, but don’t forget…be respectful. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and it’s not okay to treat someone else badly because they treated you badly.

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