How to prevent hepatitis a
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6 key precautions to prevent Hepatitis A PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Here are some of the precautions people can take to minimize or prevent the chances of getting infected with Hepatitis A virus.

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6 key precautions to prevent Hepatitis A

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How To Prevent Hepatitis A

6 key Precautions to Prevent Hepatitis A

Practice Good Personal Hygiene

Wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet. Use disposable towels to dry hands and avoid close contact with others

Avoid Transmission Through Food

Refrain from making food for others while you have Hepatitis A as the virus can easily be transmitted via food

Drink Clean, Uncontaminated Water

Use bottled water for drinking and even brushing teeth. Boil tap water before drinking it.

6 key Precautions to Prevent Hepatitis A

Exercise Caution With Beverages

Do not consume any beverage with or without ice if you do not know the source

Observe Extra Precaution During Travel

If you travel to areas of the world where Hepatitis A is common, always peel the skin of fruits and vegetables and thoroughly wash them before eating.

6 key Precautions to Prevent Hepatitis A

Avoid Sexual Activity Temporarily

To prevent spreading the infection to others, avoid sexual activity if you have acute Hepatitis A. Condoms do not offer protection against transmission of this virus

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