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Jung-e-Azadi 1857. 30,000 Participants 1000 volunteers (will reach Meerut on May 4, 2007 for orientation and briefing) Flag-off on May 7, 2007 from Jung-e-Azadi Park, Meerut Takes 5-days to reach Red Fort, walking. Halts at Modinagar, Muradnagar, Ghaziabad Rally length about 10 kms. Takes

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1. Guidelines Jung-e-Azadi 1857 National Youth Rally

2. Jung-e-Azadi 1857 30,000 Participants 1000 volunteers (will reach Meerut on May 4, 2007 for orientation and briefing) Flag-off on May 7, 2007 from Jung-e-Azadi Park, Meerut Takes 5-days to reach Red Fort, walking. Halts at Modinagar, Muradnagar, Ghaziabad Rally length about 10 kms. Takes 3 hrs to pass a point Reaches Red Fort, Delhi on May 11, 2007.

3. Jung-e-Azadi 1857 Places of rest & night halt

4. Jung-e-Azadi 1857 Daily schedule

5. Jung-e-Azadi 1857 Arrangements: Two day training to 1000 volunteers at Meerut. Control rooms at Meerut, Modinagar, Muradnagar and Ghaziabad and Delhi with STD and e-mail facilities on 24 hour duty Inter communication systems like walkie-talkie between the monitoring vehicles and volunteers and intra communication systems like mobile phones etc between the Nodal mobile monitoring teams, control rooms arranged. Health clinics will be arranged at all the three places of stay Health Care vehicle with trained personnel and volunteers for every kilometer of the rally.

6. Jung-e-Azadi 1857 Arrangements: A four-wheeler and two motorcycles for every one kilometer of the rally for monitoring Accommodation in schools, colleges and tents in all places of stay Durries / Dessert fans etc provided at the places of stay Enough number of Bathrooms and latrines constructed Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner arranged at the places of stay Wayside counters for distribution of drinking water Adequate police and para-military forces for security and law & order management. Separate accommodation for women participants

7. Jung-e-Azadi 1857 Logistics

8. Significance of May 11 May 11 is the historic day when the soldiers (sepoys) and revolting principalities declared Bahadur Shah Zafar the emperor and established a strong front to take on the mighty British Empire. The siege did not remain for long. On September 21, 1857 Delhi fell back to the British Empire, However, it reflected passion, love and communal harmony among the masses It has also sparked off an organized freedom movement

9. Logistics The 30,000 participants, divided into 3 groups of 10,000 participants. Each group will have a color code (RED, BLUE, GREEN)

20. INSTRUCTIONS A Kit will be provided to all the participants, which includes A Ruck Sack T-Shirts and a Cap A Pen and Pad A booklet on guidelines/ brochure (subject to change)

21. WHY RUCK SACK No extra bag will be permitted. because It will be impossible for the participants to walk with bags and baggage for 15-20 kms daily for 5 days in the scorching heat It is impossible for NYKS to take responsibility for security of baggage. All belongings will be carried in the Ruck Sack only.

22. INSTRUCTIONS What TO Bring Soil from the district for the Urn (kalash) 5 metre “signature campaign cloth” (from each district, stitched together at the State level) 10 Placards of 2x1.6 ft with slogans 2 to 5 Banners and flags Medicines of regular/ common use by the participant/ toiletries Minimum required number of light cotton dresses Mosquito repellent creams and ORS Sachets

23. INSTRUCTIONS What NOT TO Bring Extra Carry bags (NYKS provide a Ruck Sack at the Kendra) Expensive ornaments/ items Cigarettes/ Alcohol/ Contraband drugs, matchboxes, fire-arms, crackers (strictly prohibited) Guardian/ escorts/ Small Children Knives/ Switch blades/ Any kind of weapons

24. INSTRUCTIONS An Orientation to be given to the participants before they board the train/ bus The Youth Coordinator / ACT / NSV / NYS will be personally responsible for maintaining discipline of their contingent.

25. INSTRUCTIONS Each contingent will be given a set of flags, scrolls and banners, the incharge YC / ACT / NSV / NYS will ensure that they are gracefully carried and dignity of the Flag is maintained.

26. INSTRUCTIONS Since Meerut and Delhi have extreme hot temperatures in May, participants should be advised to take lot of water and cover themselves properly to avoid sun stroke.

27. INSTRUCTIONS Media Both national and international, spectators and general public will be watching the Rally very closely. it is essential that each participant is trained to walk in discipline and maintain the decorum and sanctity of the walk

28. INSTRUCTIONS No TA / DA claims or disbursements will be made or entertained at Meerut or Delhi. The Youth Coordinator will do it in their districts. Disputes, if any, should be referred to the concerned Regional Coordinator/ Zonal Director.

29. HOW TO REGISTER Will be done online from remote locations – i.e., from your districts. Must be completed between 1st and 7th of April 2007 No impersonation allowed This will ease the burden and enhances accuracy. (You will type the records of participants from your district)

30. HOW TO REGISTER Open the site Click Jung-e-Azadi – 1857 Click Registration Form Enter particulars of the participants You will see the form. There are a number of fields to enter the particulars of the participants – all fields are mandatory except the mobile number

31. HOW TO REGISTER First field is Kendra Code – enter your 4 digit Kendra Code it will display the name of the district, the state and the color code of your contingent Red, Blue or Green. Then fill the ID card No. - fill the S.No. of the ID and issue that card to the same person

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