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Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension. Extension Work Projects. Old Career Project [CP] 2. Information Technology Project [ITP] 3. Survey of Women's Status [SWS]. NEW Career Skills Development Education [CSDE]

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Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension

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Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension

Extension Work Projects


  • Career Project [CP]

    2. Information Technology Project [ITP]

    3. Survey of Women's Status [SWS]


Career Skills Development Education [CSDE]

Information Communication Technology Skills Development Education [ICT-SDE]

Women Empowerment Education Programme[WEEP]

Career Project (Old Pattern)

Activities to be carried out by the students:

1) Attend training programs at college.

2) Select a career of your choice.

3) Interview two persons following the given career using the given questionnaire.

4) Find out all possible information about the career from Vocational Guidance Centres,

libraries etc.

5) Prepare four charts on the career.

6) Prepare a four page (eight sides) booklet / pamphlet / brochure on the career.

Career Project (Old Pattern) cont…..

7) Prepare a five minutes talk on the career

8) Exhibit the career in an exhibition at a school, one’s own and at the university.

9) Attend and participate in the Annual Festival of the department. Or write an essay.

10) Write the project report.

Records / Material to be submitted.

1) 4 charts

2) Pamphlet / brochure / booklet

3) Talk (in written format)

4) Interview schedule of two persons interviewed.



  • Work in an adopted area / School

  • To facilitate the college to obtain data about the status of women in the area of work

  • After obtaining the information the College can plan to work for the population education program.

Determine the AREA

Build RAPPORTwith





Activities to be conducted by EWS

Activities to be conducted by EWS continued

TABULATION of DATA collected



Data & records to be maintained

  • Survey Questionnaire

  • Women in the age group of 12 years to 25 years are to be covered in the survey


Part A: Personal Details

  • Age- ___________ years

  • Educational level: Never studied/Studied up to __________/Studying in ________

  • Marital status: Married/ Unmarried/Deserted/Widowed

  • Live in a Hut / Chawl /Building/Bungalow

  • Family income (per month): < 3, 000 / <7,000 / <15,000 / >15,000

  • Total Number of Members of your family: _______

  • Family structure: Joint/ Nuclear

  • Up to what level has your mother been educated? ___

  • How many siblings do you have? _________

Questionnaire Contd

  • Part B: Please answer the following questions (tick your choice)

  • Women are less intelligent than men. Agree/ Disagree

  • Women should always vote for the same political party that the men of the house suggest. Agree/ Disagree

  • It is not important for a woman to speak English in order to be liberated. Agree/ Disagree

  • Dowry should be given in order to cover the wife’s expenses. Agree/ Disagree

  • The rightful place for a lady is within her home. Agree/ Disagree

  • Only men should drive cars. Agree/ Disagree

  • Adopting children is acceptable. Agree/ Disagree

Questionnaire Contd

  • It is important to have a son in order to carry forward the family name. Agree/ Disagree

  • Men should be paid more for the same job that a woman does. Agree/ Disagree

  • A lady is always answerable to her father, husband and son. Agree/ Disagree

  • Men should help a lady with chores at home. Agree/ Disagree

  • The highest posts in offices should only be handled by men. Agree/ Disagree

  • Women should eat only after the family is fed. Agree/ Disagree

Questionnaire Contd

  • Men resorting to violence is justifiable, but not women. Agree/ Disagree

  • In your family, would a daughter be permitted to choose her field of Education? Yes/No

  • In your family, is a girl expected to marry an individual unknown to her? Yes/No

  • Are sons and daughters treated equally at your home? Yes/ No

  • Do women have a role in decision making in your family: Yes/ No

  • The legal marriageable age for a girl is: 16 years/18 years/ 20 years

  • Do you know there are laws protecting women? Yes/ No

Part A: Evaluation of Personal Details

  • Educationhas/has not had an impact on:

    i) Socio-Economic Status:Family Income = _______

    Number of Members

    lower (less than 4,000) / middle (4,000-8,000) / higher (greater than 8,000)

    ii) Family Norm:Traditional (Joint)/ Modern (Nuclear)

    iii) Number of siblings: Small (1-2)/Medium (3-4)/Large (more than 4) family

    iv) Profile of woman in the family: Comparingthe Mother’s level of education and the respondent’s level of education, we can say there is No/ Negative/ Positive growth.

Part B: Instructions for Scoring the ‘Status of Women in Society (SWS)’ Questionnaire

Concluding Remark:

  • Education had ______ impact on the respondent. She belongs to the __________ income group reflecting the _________ family norm. Her family profile shows __________ growth and the woman seems to be ___________.


  • 25-50 Girls Survey - 80

  • Training - 10

  • Festival - 10

  • Project Report - 20

  • Total - 120

Talents that can be developed

  • Public relations

  • Self Confidence

  • Critical and Analytical thinking

  • Sensitivity to the Status of Women

  • Understanding of Socio- economic condition

  • Ability to relate with the common man

Online projectCareer Project (New Pattern)

The contents to be studied online


a] CV Writing 20 Hrs.

b] Business Writing 20 Hrs.

c] Business Email Writing 10 Hrs.

d] Business Letter Writing 15 Hrs.

e] Business Report Writing 15 Hrs.

Career Project (New Pattern) cont….

CV Writing (Duration - 20 hrs)

The CV writing course will teach you:

• CV writing skills: Punctuation, voice and sentence construction.

• The role of a good CV.

• The difference between CV writing and resume writing.

• How to organizing your CVs content.

• How to write the different CV sections.

• The use of action words to highlight your experiences effectively.

• How to format your CV for different readers.

Career Project (New Pattern) cont….

The Business Writing Course will teach you:

• Practical grammar: punctuation; capitalization; voice; redundancy.

• Contemporary business style and tone.

• CV Writing.

• Business report writing.

• Sales proposal writing.

• Business letter writing.

• Business email writing.

• Memo writing

• Creating effective and impactful PowerPoint presentations.

Career Project (New Pattern) cont….

The Business Email Writing Course will teach you:

• The importance of effective business emails.

• The sections of a business email.

• Email etiquette

• Attachment etiquette

• Types of business emails: Request, intimation, complaints, apology and cover letter.

• Practice assignments on different email formats.

• Memo writing

• Creating effective and impactful PowerPoint presentations.

Career Project (New Pattern) cont….

The business letter writing course will teach you:

•The importance of effective letter emails.

• The sections of a business letter.

• Common mistakes in business letter writing.

• Types of business letters: Request, intimation, complaints, apology and cover letter.

• Practice assignments on different letter formats.

• Creating effective and impactful PowerPoint presentations.

Career Project (New Pattern) cont….

The business report writing course will teach you:

• Understanding effective business writing skills: Punctuation, voice, sentence

construction and paragraphs.

• Introduction to report writing and business style and tone

• Sections of a business report.

• Resources: Business report template and sample.

Online ProjectStatus of Women in Society (SWS) (New Pattern)

  • Contents to be studied online:

  • 1. Women Development Policy

  • 2. Women Development Related Acts

  • 3. Women Related Schemes

  • 4. Violence against Women

  • 5. Schemes of Empowerment, Advocacy, Awareness Generation and Support

  • 6. Services for Women.

  • 7. Women Development International Conventions

  • 8. Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005

  • 9. Dowry Probhition Act, 1961

  • 10. Dowry Probhition Rules

  • 11. Indecent Representation of Women

  • 12. The Commision of Sati (Preventation) Act and rules

  • 13. National Commission for Women Act

  • 14. Engendering Policies and Strategies



• Find your expertise, interests, and talents for ICT skills within you and choose the course

category of your choice.

• Identify & find details about your ideal choice before you choose it.

• Discover your Hardware/Software/Network technology and general knowledge strengths

and see what suits best for you.

• Log on to the website of the department and perform as per the guidance.

• Select a course online which best suits to you

• Complete the courses of your choice for minimum 80 hours.

• Appear for the online examination and gain the merit certificate.

• Take a printout of a certificate.

  • If you register for this course, how to register on website and all the related information will be provided to you.

  • Online course eg: MS Word, MS Excel, Ms Powerpoint, Tally, Certificate course in Taxation, Online course in Share marketing etc.


Each student has to participate in field outreach activity for minimum 40hrs including preparation hours as mentioned below:

1. Seminar, Campaign

2. Audio-visual show (video clips, power-point presentation)

3. Preparations of posters, pamphlets & banners

4. Skit and any other form of presentation.

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