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Oracle Finance Overview for IT Advisory Group September 2004

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Oracle Finance Overview for IT Advisory Group September 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oracle Finance Overview for IT Advisory Group September 2004. Agenda. Logging On Accessing Oracle Administrative Systems Oracle Financial Modules Oracle Account Structures Finance Documents Workflow Worklist Exiting Oracle Applications End User Resources and Support. Quick Review.

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Presentation Transcript

Oracle Finance Overview

for IT Advisory Group

September 2004

  • Logging On
  • Accessing Oracle Administrative Systems
  • Oracle Financial Modules
  • Oracle Account Structures
  • Finance Documents
  • Workflow
  • Worklist
  • Exiting Oracle Applications
  • End User Resources and Support
quick review
Quick Review
  • Oracle is web-based
  • All Oracle modules are integrated
  • Oracle log-in requires BlazerID and strong password

  • The Oracle Administrative System replaces the Financial Accounting System (FAS) and the Electronic Forms Systems (EFS)
    • Electronic documents replace paper processes
    • Approvals will be done electronically
    • Monthly account statements will be distributed electronically
  • October 4, 2004 is the Finance go-live date
logging on
Logging On
  • Open your web browser
  • Type the following address:
  • Click on the

following link

logging on1
The Logon page will be displayedLogging On
  • Enter your BlazerID and strong password
    • Links are available to get a BlazerID or to reset your password
logging on2
You must acknowledge that you agree with UABs confidentiality agreements and that you will not give anyone your passwordLogging On
accessing oracle administrative systems
Accessing Oracle Administrative Systems

Your BlazerID is displayed here

Example of HR Responsibilities

Example of Finance Responsibilities

Self Service for all Employees

accessing oracle administrative systems1
Accessing Oracle Administrative Systems

The term “Responsibility” in Oracle refers to a specified set of data, menus, and forms that you will be able to view and/or update

oracle financial modules
Oracle Financial Modules
  • General Ledger
  • Grants Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Payables
oracle financial modules1
Oracle Financial Modules

Oracle General Ledger (GL)

  • Official set of books for UAB
  • Central data repository for summary information from other modules
  • Maintains annual budgets (uploaded from the UAB Budget Model system)
  • Restricts access by Organization
  • Fiscal year accounts (Old FAS Ledger 1s, 2s, and some 3s, 4s, 7s, and 8s)
oracle financial modules2
Oracle Financial Modules

Oracle Grants Accounting (GA)

  • Consists of grant project and plant project accounts
  • Restricts access based on Responsibility, not Organization
  • Corresponds to old FAS Ledger 5s & 6s, and some 3s, 4s, 7s, and 8s
oracle financial modules3
Oracle Financial Modules

Oracle Purchasing

  • Allows online requisition generation for end users and purchase order creation for Purchasing Department
  • Utilizes approved supplier and supplies lists with automatic pricing
  • Includes PO Requisitions and Non-PO Requisitions
  • Allows non-restricted access through UAB Purchasing End User responsibility
oracle financial modules4
Oracle Financial Modules

Oracle Payables

  • Allows Accounts Payable Department to enter, approve, and pay invoices
  • Allows end users to view payment information
  • Utilizes Purchasing information to match invoices
  • Allows unrestricted access through the UAB Accounts Payable End User responsibility
oracle account structures
Oracle Account Structures
  • Account numbers/structure are different
    • Oracle has two accounting applications, General Ledger (GL) and Grants Accounting (GA)
    • Additional information about the account strings can be found at
oracle account structures1







Oracle Account Structures

GL Accounting Key

  • Account
  • Subaccount
  • Balancing
  • Organization
  • Future
  • Object Code

Account String


oracle account structures2
Oracle Account Structures

GL Account Alias

  • Uniquely identifies an active GL Account String
  • Used as search criteria throughout Oracle applications
oracle account structures3

Project String

Oracle Account Structures

GA Project Key or PTAOE

  • Project
  • Task
  • Award
  • Organization
  • Expenditure Type

Example: 221216 01.01 1521216 108202560

finance documents
Finance Documents
  • Purchase Order Requisition
  • Payment Request
  • Journal Entry
requisition forms
Requisition Forms
  • Found in the Oracle Purchasing module
  • Consists of Purchase Order Requisitions and Payment Requests
    • Payment Requests replace electronic CKREQU and TATREQ
    • Payment Requests replace paper disbursement requisitions
  • Created, processed, and approved electronically
sample purchase order requisition
Sample Purchase Order Requisition





gl journal entries jes
GL Journal Entries (JEs)
  • Found in the Oracle General Ledger module
  • Uses GL account strings only
  • Created, processed, and approved electronically
  • Allows actual or encumbrance dollars
  • Electronic approval path
  • Each document has its own approval path
  • Established and maintained by Workflow Officers (WFOs) for organizations
    • Every organization has an individual appointed as a WFO
    • The Workflow Approval Maintenance (WAM) form is completed by the WFO to establish the approval path
    • The WFO has full control to maintain and make changes to the workflow paths
  • Split distributions follow one organization’s workflow


To view documents to be approved, select Notifications from the Navigator window.

Notice the date format -- dd-mmm-yyyy

end user resources and support
End User Resources and Support

End User Resources and Support

end user resources
End User Resources

Access the IT Administrative Systems website for links to STEPS information at

Scroll down the page to Other Resources.

Email your questions about the project to [email protected]

end user resources help desk
End User Resources -- Help Desk
  • For technical questions/assistance, contact AskIT help Desk -- [email protected] or 996-5555
  • Tiered Model of End User Support
    • Level 1 Help Desk (AskIT)
      • Assistance logging in to the system
      • Password resets
      • Desktop requirements
      • Basic “how to” questions
      • Other help desks (HSIS and User Services)
    • Level 2 Assistance
      • HR functional team members
      • Finance functional team members
      • Other Technical team members
end user resources oracle go live checklist
End User Resources -- Oracle Go-Live Checklist
  • Do you have a BlazerID?If not, go to BlazerID Central
  • Do you know your strong password?If not, contact AskIT. Call 996-5555 or Email [email protected]
  • Have you been trained?Contact you departmental administrator to assess what Oracle training is appropriate for you. Also, you may view the training simulations and manuals online at
  • Is your computer ready for Oracle?The J-INITIATOR browser plug-in should automatically load the first time you access an Oracle application. If not, contact your desktop support personnel for help with installation.
end user resources oracle go live checklist1
End User Resources -- Oracle Go-Live Checklist
  • Have you explored the “play” application online?

If not, go to, and click on Oracle HR and Finance Training Application.

  • Have you reviewed your access responsibilities in Oracle using the “play” application?

To view a list of assigned responsibilities for your organization, visit request changes to your access responsibilities, complete the spreadsheet found at Forward the spreadsheet to your departmental administrator for review/approval. The administrator will send the approved spreadsheet to [email protected]

additional finance training
Additional Finance Training
  • General Ledger Course
  • Grants Accounting Course
  • Purchase Order Requisitions Course
  • Payment Requests Course

To register for classes, view official course titles and descriptions, go to the Oracle training website.