Things That Make You Go HMMM

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7/13/2012. Things that make you go HMMM. 2. Why be so Critical?. Being Critical has a negative connotationLatin Krino = to choose, decide or judge or to separate the wheat from the chaffKrites = discerner, judge or arbiterKritikos = have the ability discern or decide by exercising good judgment

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Things That Make You Go HMMM

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1. Things That Make You Go HMMM? How To Improve the Ability to Critically Think. Presented by John Thompson, MSW, Marilyn Ray, PHD and Faith Aprilante

2. 7/13/2012 Things that make you go HMMM 2 Why be so Critical? Being Critical has a negative connotation Latin Krino = to choose, decide or judge or to separate the wheat from the chaff Krites = discerner, judge or arbiter Kritikos = have the ability discern or decide by exercising good judgment Purposeful and Reflective Judgment

3. 7/13/2012 Things that make you go HMMM 3 Uses of Critical Thinking To solve problems To make decisions Or to decide in a reasonable reflective way what to believe or what to do YOU use it EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME

4. 7/13/2012 Things that make you go HMMM 4 A Quick Intro to Critical Thinking A Mental Process Interpretation Analysis Evaluation Self –Regulation Explanation Inference

5. 7/13/2012 Things that make you go HMMM 5 10 Criteria we want all employees to have: Clarity Credibility Accuracy Precision Relevance Depth Breadth Logic Significance Fairness

6. 7/13/2012 Things that make you go HMMM 6 The Ideal Critical Thinker is Habitually Inquisitive, Well-informed, Trustful of Reason, Open-minded, Flexible, Fair-minded in evaluation, Honest in facing personal biases, Prudent in making judgments, Willing to reconsider, Clear about issues, Orderly in complex matters, Diligent in seeking relevant information, Reasonable in the selection of criteria, Focused in inquiry, and persistent in seeking results which are precise as the subject and circumstances of inquiry permit

7. 7/13/2012 Things that make you go HMMM 7 Basic Principles to Consider What gets measured gets done. If you don’t measure results, you can’t tell success from failure. If you can’t see success, you can’t reward it. If you can’t reward success, you’re probably rewarding failure. If you can’t recognize failure, you can’t learn from it. If you can demonstrate results, you can win public support. Are we doing the right thing? Are we doing it well? And, how do we know?

8. 7/13/2012 Things that make you go HMMM 8 Quotes from Current Counties “I had to get through my initial resistance to where it had meaning for me. It was almost a religious experience for me …It was life changing to analyze how far they have moved away from the heart of the model and how much we need to do to bring it back.” Our Commissioner said when she read the contract, ‘Now I see the why……why this is a good thing to do and why were are spending the money on this service…what we really expect’ ”. “Lots of different methods for all leaning styles.” “This was a very good Quality Improvement exercise. It made me really look [closer]at things.” The accountability is having an impact. [The provider] is so happy to be clear on his responsibilities, our responsibilities and the parents’. [Our provider] is energized and it’s like we have empowered him because now he feels joined with us and not so out there in a vacuum. “This is a rural county with a limited number of providers and with relationships already developed and contracts that aren’t necessarily founded on what’s best to do and not always done in a planful way. Now we need to take a step back to see who is doing what and who is doing it well.” “We were not at all data or evaluation based before, now we understand how important this is and will use GTO with all our contracts.” “We weren’t as specific in our contracts and they tended to be put on a shelf rather than guiding our expectations of providers.” “Yeah! We did not do what was said in the contract.” “We’ve never seen a formal needs assessment. There is a huge disconnect between the Comprehensive plan and what we do.” “This contract is more comprehensive, precise, and data driven. We are making progress. GTO is good support and a good framework. Five years ago we’d have a contract and not look at it again for maybe ten years.” “The strategic plan forms are good and I find it easy to report. It really makes sense

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