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A B C of J C C. What We Are. We are the Anti-Bullying Committee of

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A B C of J C C

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What We Are

We are the Anti-Bullying Committee of

J. C. Charyk.Our committee is made of students from Grade 8 and advisors who came together to help our students and teachers deal with bullying. We have talked about what our observations and plans were. We decided to take a proactive action of education and prevention.

Introducing the

ABC Committee

Jordan Moench-Member

Jade Martin-Member

Quinn-Lynn Peters-Member

Austin Cretney-Member

Jacklyn Ord-Member

Tia Schnurer-Member

Brenda Karg-Advisor

Lacey Gutsche-Advisor

The Results are in!

In October last year PLRD #25 conducted a survey called the "Safe School Survey" and the results have been reviewed. We would like to share the feedback we've received.

Did You Know?

  • 26% of students feel they are bullied at school.

  • 70% report they have seen or heard students bully other students physically at least once or twice in the past four weeks.*

  • 48% of students feel they are very different from others at JCC.

  • 76% see other students being bullied at school.

    *Prior to when the survey was taken.

How Are People Hurt In Our School?

  • 32% of students were harassed because of their body weight and/or shape.

  • 25% of students were harassed because of physical weakness.

  • 48% of students feel outcast from the rest of the school.

Where Does Harm Take Place In Our School?

  • 78% of students are harmed at outdoor areas and around school.

  • 65% of students are harmed in the hallways.

  • 61% of students are harmed in the change rooms.

When Does Harm Occur?

  • 82% during lunch and recess.

  • 51% between classes.

  • 46% after school.

  • 53% of students think other students will not help a student if they are bullied.

  • 22% report students get bullied because they think that student deserved it.

The Line Has Been Crossed When You...

Attack someone based on:

  • Appearance

  • Gender

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Ethnic Origin

  • Religion

  • Physical or Mental Disabilities/Abilities


    Whether You Are Joking ORNot

This Behaviour is NOT Normal!

The attackers need to change, not the victims!

We Have School Policies

  • Verbal abuse or threats, intimidation, bullying, taunting, teasing and cyber-bullying

  • Negative remarks, jokes, innuendoes, or taunts about a person’s body, attire, age, gender, ethnic or national origin, socio-economic status, religion;

  • Displaying of pornographic, racist or other offensive or derogatory pictures or slogans directed at a particular school audience;

  • Practical jokes which cause awkwardness or embarrassment;

  • Sexual invitations, request or demands, whether indirect or explicit;

  • Inappropriate gestures;

  • Intimidation to participate in unlawful or unethical activity or to participate in activities which contravene school and/or board policy;

  • Unwelcome physical contact; and/or

  • Coercing or influencing third parties to harass others.

Did You Know Bullying Is Against The Law?

Any person who contravenes Part 3, Section 1 (a) of this bylaw is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction and is liable

a. For a first offence, to a minimum of specified penalty of $250.00; and

b. For second, or subsequent offences, to a fine not exceeding $1,000.00; and in default of payment of the fine and cost, to imprisonment for six months.

A Poem By:

Quinn-Lynn Peters

Stand Up

All you people out there;

Yes, you right there.

You bully, make jokes;

Then decide you don't care.

You throw sticks, you throw stones;

You break hearts, you break bones.

Well, I got something for you...

Stand Up Not Stand By!

Like our school slogan says...

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