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Purpose. The purpose of this guidebook is to give the senior leadership a ready reference guide in regards to personnel administrative requirements within the unit and what is needed in the IPAC to effectively support your Marines and Sailors.. Points of Contact. Director ? 697-8913Deputy Director

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2. Purpose The purpose of this guidebook is to give the senior leadership a ready reference guide in regards to personnel administrative requirements within the unit and what is needed in the IPAC to effectively support your Marines and Sailors.

3. Points of Contact Director – 697-8913 Deputy Director – 697-7901 SNCOIC – 697-7902 Customer Service Branch OIC – 697-8992 Orders Processing Center OIC – 697-7940 Inbound Branch OIC – 697-8916 Outbound Branch OIC – 697-8920 Quality Control Branch OIC – 697-8941 ID Cards/DEERS Office – 697-8899

4. Commonly Used Terms U & E – Update and Extract. The date information updated via unit diary affects the payment of debit of pay accounts; occurs twice a month. MCTFS – Marine Corps Total Force System. The system that continuously records, processes and maintains personnel and pay data for all active, reserve, and retired personnel. ODSE – Operational Data Storage Enterprise. An Oracle database that allows extracting data from the MCTFS. This application gives the Commander a snap shot of what information is currently resident in MCTFS and is updated on a cyclic basis.

5. Commonly Used Terms Marine On-Line (MOL) – A web based portal sponsored by CMC (MI) that allows individual Marines and Commands to review information on their personnel and to enter changes into MCTFS. MyPay – A web based portal sponsored by DFAS that allows individual Marines to review and update pay information.

6. IPAC Website The IPAC has an intranet site that was developed with the intent to support the individual commands. It provides links to manuals, pertinent websites, and rosters that the MSC’s can utilize to enhance their internal controls. This web page must be saved as a trusted site before it can be accessed. The link is as follows: https://portal.marforres.usmc.mil/sites/mfr/hq/g1/ipac/default.aspx

7. Accessing the IPAC website The IPAC website must be listed as a “trusted site” on your computer before you can actually access the page. The following steps will guide you through this process. First, go to “Tools” on your internet navigation bar. Next, select “Internet Options” Select “Security” Select “Trusted sites” Select “Sites” Right below the “Add this Web site to the zone” you will cut and paste the website address you wish to add. Once you insert the website, click “ok”. This will give you access to the selected IPAC web site

8. Legal References MCO P5800.16 Marine Corps Manual for Legal Administration Manual for Courts Martial JAG Manual MCO P1400.32 Enlisted Promotion Manual MCTFS PRIUM MCO 1050.16 Appellate Leave

9. Legal NJPs The UPB must be distributed as follows: Original to IPAC, Copy in the UPB binder, copy to Marine, unit sends copy to CMC (MMSB). The IPAC will verify correctness before acceptance. Only the Commander conducting the NJP can make changes to blocks 6 & 7 of the UPB. The Commander must initial those changes to the UPB or the IPAC cannot accept it. The UPB must be submitted to IPAC Legal Section within three days of the NJP for unit diary reporting and filing in the SRB. All documentation for periods of UA over 24 hours or Deserters must be submitted to the IPAC Legal Section within three days of the occurrence. This includes: the to UA letter, from UA letter, DD Form 553, and the DD Form 616. This information must match block 5 of the UPB if office hours are conducted for the UA/Desertion period.

10. Legal Pro/Cons Pro/Con Marks are certified by the CO in MOL. This can be at the Battalion or Company level. All Marines that are reduced to the rank of LCpl and below must have reduction pro/cons entered in MOL. The effective date of these marks is the day prior to the reduction date. Courts-Martial All Court-Martial documents must be submitted to the IPAC Legal Section upon completion of the proceedings The to and from confinement orders are needed within three days for proper unit diary reporting; this includes, IHCA and IHFA. The Convening Authority’s action is required to be submitted to the Legal Section within three working days of its completion.

11. Legal Appellate Leave The Appellate Leave checklist is available on the IPAC website. All Marines going out on Appellate leave must be processed through the IPAC before departing the base. If this is not completed correctly, the Appellant will be returned to your command to complete this action. Personnel who receive a Special or General Court Martial and are awarded a punitive discharge are eligible for appellate leave. Personnel in this category will be escorted by an NCO to the IPAC immediately upon release from confinement in order to complete checking out and execute appellate leave orders. Do not drop the Marine off at the front gate and tell him/her to go home.

12. Legal Appellants are required to have the following items in their possession when they arrive at the Legal Section: Medical/Dental records Proof of a physical examination that was conducted no more than 60 days prior to their departure on appellate leave Proof of an HIV test Proof of a DNA test Completed Battalion check out sheet Returned approved endorsement for appellate leave request Pre-separation counseling verification Transition Assistance Program verification ID Card

13. Legal If the IPAC has received the completed checklist and reported the Convening Authority’s Action (CA’s Action) the member will depart on Involuntary Appellate Leave. If the IPAC has received the completed checklist and not received the CA’s action, the member will go on Voluntary Appellate Leave.

14. Legal Promotion Restrictions that are routinely reported incorrectly: To avoid erroneous promotions, the pending DWI/DUI charges need to be tracked on the legal report. These Marines must be not recommended for promotion in MOL while pending adjudication. Once convicted, the source documents must be submitted to the IPAC for the 12 month promotion restriction. The effective date of the 12 month promotion restriction is the date of conviction for the DWI/DUI. For positive drug use results, the drug lab message must to be submitted to IPAC to report the 18 month promotion restriction within three days.

15. Legal Administrative Separation A copy of the Commanding Officer’s endorsement (to the separation authority) for all administrative separation packages must be submitted to the IPAC in order to report the pending Administrative Separation promotion restriction entry. This will stop the Marine’s direct deposit and place him or her on EFT. All discretionary allotments will also stop and the Marine will be placed in a 12-month promotion restriction status. Do not delay until the separation authority letter of approval. Your legal clerk/S-1 personnel must also verify the letter was received and the entries were reported by reviewing the GRAD screen in MCTFS. Immediately have the Marine schedule a final physical and complete the TAMP/TAP training.

16. Promotion References MCO P1400.32 – Enlisted Promotions Manual MCO P1070.12 – IRAM MCO 6110.3 – Marine Corps Body Composition and Military Appearance Program

17. Signature Matrix This is provided as a quick reference for the command to be aware of who is authorized to sign documents going to the Promotion Section as well as for the unit files. The other columns show the authority to sign based on billet.

18. Signature Matrix

19. Signature Matrix This page contains notes in regards to annotation on the previous slide. * Carries an automatic promotion restriction. The 6105 must be signed by the Battalion CO (or CO authorized Special Court Martial Authority) and the original placed in the SRB and a copy in the unit records. ** These are points gained in the Recruiting effort, must be accompanied by an Recruiting Station letter. *** An endorsement letter by the CO has to accompany the letter from the Recruiting Command recommending promotion.

20. Promotions Zeroed Out Composite Scores Each command must pull a zeroed out composite score roster from ODSE or from the IPAC website on a quarterly basis after the new composite scores have posted in MCTFS. Have your S-1 personnel provide you a roster of Marines with a zeroed out composite score quarterly. These rosters must be reviewed in order to determine what caused the Marine’s composite score to zero out. The missing data must be obtained and reported via MOL Training Management System (TMS) or unit diary. Your S-3 personnel can update most of these deficiencies via the TMS in MOL.

21. Promotions The S-1 must request the IPAC report a re-compute composite score entry via the unit diary once the missing information has posted in MCTFS. A remedial promotion request must be submitted at this point if your Marine has the score. These rosters must be maintained in the command’s promotion folder along with annotations that show exactly what action was taken to correct the zeroed out composite scores.

22. Promotions Promotion Recommendations All Marines who are not recommended for promotion must have their entries certified by the Commanding Officer with promotion authority in MOL by the 15th of each month. Company Commanders do not have this authority. In the Commanding Officers absence (Annual Leave, TAD, etc.), the Officer with Acting authority may certify these entries in MOL (must use the Acting permissions). S-1 personnel must print out these certified not rec’s prior NLT 15th of the month and place in the command’s promotion folder.

23. Promotions Promotion Restrictions All documentation associated with Promotion Restrictions that are covered in paragraph 1204 of the Enlisted Promotion Manual, must be submitted to the IPAC for unit diary reporting. Refer to the Legal Section of this guide for issues associated with DWI/DUI and positive drug use results.

24. Promotions Select Grades The Commanding Officer must certify all will not promote entries in MOL prior to the first U/E date of the month (usually between the 6th and the 8th) as this is when the automatic promotion process takes place in MCTFS. If this action is not taken, the Marine will begin to receive pay for the new grade even if he or she is not promoted by the unit. A certified copy of this roster must be printed NLT the U/E date and placed in the command’s promotion folder.

25. Promotions Delete as Erroneous Promotions A letter must be signed by the Commanding Officer and forwarded to the IPAC for any Marine that the Commanding Officer did not certify the will not promote entry in MOL on time and does not wish to promote. A signed copy of this letter must be placed in the command’s promotion folder.

26. Promotions Marine On Line The Commanding Officer may sign a not recommended for promotion or a will not promote roster and forward it to the IPAC for unit diary reporting in any case where Marine On-Line is unavailable. A copy of these rosters must be kept in the command’s promotion folder.

27. Promotions Page 11 Entries A page 11 entry must be generated for all Marines that are not recommended for promotion, have a will not promote entry reported, and all periods of promotion restriction. The 6105 entry for assignment to the BCP program fulfills this requirement for BCP Marines. All page 11’s must be provided to the IPAC for tracking; they will then ensure that they are placed in the Marine’s SRB. A copy of each page 11 entry must be place into the command’s promotion folder.

28. Promotions BCP Program The command must track the status of these Marines in order to ensure that they are properly assigned, removed, and extended on the program. This can be done via an ODSE roster or by obtaining a copy of the report from the IPAC webpage. Assignment to BCP puts a Marines in a not-eligible for promotion status. Failure to manage the BCP program can result in erroneous promotions or remedial promotions

29. Promotions Promotion Authority for Split Commands If the Commanding Officer is forward deployed and has a Rear Det OIC, (RDO) he cannot give an “Acting” letter for that OIC to effect promotions. Conveying Acting authority in the succession of command in Navy Regulations Chapter 10 means that the Commander is relinquishing all authority as Commander to the next in the chain of command. This is not occurring in the above example.

30. Promotions To authorize the RDO as a “second” Commanding Officer for those not deployed, the Commander must get special permission from the Judge Advocate of the Navy for the RDO to conduct Special Courts Martial. This also conveys promotion and reduction authority to the RDO. This must direct the amount of time this authority is needed and be approved before NJP’s and promotions for the RDO can be conducted. Contact the IPAC Promotions section to obtain examples of this request.

31. Frequently Used Letters The following letters are frequently utilized by the Command Support Branch; examples can be located under the “Tools” section at the following link:https://portal.marforres.usmc.mil/sites/mfr/hq/g1/ipac/default.aspx Pro-Con change letter Non rec request letter Erroneous Pro-Con letter Sample erroneous promotion letter Promotion Restriction page 11 example (Drug Use) Non rec page 11 example

32. Competency Review Board Commanding Officer Certification The Marine’s date of rank must be the date of rank previously held in the grade to which reduced. The effective date of rank must be the date that the Commanding Officer with promotion authority signs the letter. A copy of the CO’s letter must be forwarded to the IPAC within three days of it being signed.

33. Competency Review Board The command must track the package to ensure that it is reported in MCTFS. A complete copy of the CRB package must be kept in the command’s correspondence files.

34. Leave References MCO 1050.3 – Regulations for Leave, Liberty, and Administrative Absence MARADMIN 448-07 - PDMRA MARADMIN 666-09 – Special Leave Accrual (SLA) MCTFS PRIUM PAAN 40-09 – Calculation of PDMRA

35. Leave Each command must have procedures in place to ensure that all Marines are properly checked out and checked in via MOL. If this does not occur the Marine’s leave will not be charged in MCTFS. IAW Chapter 2 of the Leave and Liberty Regulations, Marine’s driving POV to a location outside of the local area may depart on leave at 1201 and return at 1200. All others must depart at the end of the normal work day and return at the beginning of the normal work day.

36. Leave Special Leave Accrual (SLA) Each command must have procedures in place to identify those Marines who are in danger of losing leave at the end of each fiscal year. These Marines should be notified during the month of June so that they can submit leave papers and exhaust their leave prior to Sep 30th. The Commanding Officer must enter the SLA module of MOL after 1 Oct in order to see which members of his command he can approve for restoration of SLA. MARADMIN 666/09 outlines the requirements and routing procedures for the restoration of SLA for those Marines that fall under the other category (must be routed through the CG).

37. Leave Post Deployment Mobilization Respite Absence - PDMRA This is time off earned when dwell time between deployments has been interrupted. Each command must have procedures in place to track the number of days PDMRA that each Marine has earned. Your S-1 should maintain this information. PDMRA can be taken in conjunction with PCA and PCS orders or in conjunction with terminal leave. This process is handled via the IPAC and will be reported either in conjunction with the terminal leave entry or during the computation of the Marines elapsed time during the PCS settlement.

38. Leave Marines will lose their PDMRA balance if it is not taken prior to a executing PCA or PCS orders or commencing terminal leave. It is recommended that Marines executing a PCA move exhaust their PDMRA balance via the PDMRA module in MOL prior to their transfer. The number of days PDMRA that a Marine is authorized to take in conjunction with a PCS move must be annotated on the Marine’s PCS data sheet. The number of days PDMRA that a Marine is authorized to take in conjunction with terminal leave must be annotated on the Marine’s terminal leave request.

39. Special and Hazardous Duty Pay References DODFMR Volume 7a Chapters 8, 11, and 24 MARADMIN 361-09 Demo Pay MCO P1000.6 ACTS Manual MCO 3120.11 MC Parachute Policy MCO 3150.4 MC Diving Policy MCO 7220.12 W/ CH 1 SDAP MCTFS PRIUM

40. Special and Hazardous Duty Pay Each command must keep all source documents pertaining to special and hazardous duty pay on file for current year plus two; this includes: Assignment orders and re-certifications Dive rosters Jump manifests Waivers Any other pertinent documentation that substantiates the receipt of the pay

41. Special and Hazardous Duty Pay Orders assigning a Marine to any type of special or hazardous duty billet cannot be back dated. Each Marine authorized to receive special or hazardous duty pay must be assigned a corresponding BIC number on the orders and in MOL.

42. Special and Hazardous Duty Pay Marines in receipt of the following types of pay must meet the minimum qualifications as listed below: Demo pay – Handle live explosives for the month being paid Dive pay – Four qualifying dives each calendar year Jump pay – One jump every three months, or 4 jumps within a 12 month span if qualified for a waiver.

43. Special and Hazardous Duty Pay SDA pay for Career Retention Specialists must be certified annually during January. Combat Engineers are only entitled to Demo pay if the are filling a BIC number outlined on MARADMIN 361-09 or are handling live explosives in a combat zone.

44. Special and Hazardous Duty Pay Source documentation must be submitted to the IPAC Customer Service Branch as follows: Demo Pay – Monthly roster due on the 5th of each month. Dive Pay – Dive rosters when a qualifying dive has been completed and quarterly verification rosters. Jump Pay – Monthly roster due on the 5th of each month

45. Special and Hazardous Duty Pay Demo Pay Roster Requirements Name Rank Full SSN Date (s) demolition duty was performed Type of demolition Must include those Marines who are entitled to the pay for the month and those not entitled who must be checked

46. Reenlistments and Extensions A “Will Reenter” request can only be submitted on Marines who have submitted a request for reenlistment or extension. Reporting of the “Will Reenter” unit diary entry 60-45 days before the EAS will prevent the Marine’s pay from stopping. Reenlistments and extensions must be submitted to the IPAC within three days of their occurrence

47. Disability Evaluation System References DODMFR Volume 7a Chapter 13 DODFMR Volume 7a Chapter 44 JFTR MARADMIN 056-04 MARADMIN 259-04 MARADMIN 262-05 MARADMIN 488-05 MARADMIN 111-09 MCO P1900.16 Separations Manual MCTFS APSM MCTFS Codes Manual MCTFS PRIUM PAAN 34-06 PAAN 31-08

48. Disability Evaluation System A Limited Duty Coordinator must be appointed in writing by the Commanding Officer; this individual must be a SSgt/E6 or above. The Limited Duty Coordinator must have his/her Commander’s support in order to be effective. Each command must have a tracking process to identify and track those Marines that are on limited duty.

49. Disability Evaluation System The Limited Duty Coordinator must ensure all Marines that have been in a limited duty status for more than 12 months have a PEB package submitted to CMC (MMSR-4) for review. The Limited Duty Coordinator must ensure that all documentation placing a Marine on limited or placing the Marine in a full duty status is forward to the Command Support Branch for unit diary reporting.

50. Disability Evaluation System The Limited Duty Coordinator must compare the information in MCTFS with the documentation on hand at least once per month. A roster of Marines on Limited Duty can be obtained from the IPAC Command Support Branch website.

51. Disability Evaluation System Each command must have procedures in place to track Marines Wounded in Action and ensure that these Marines receive the correct pay and entitlements. There is a detailed turnover binder for this process located on the IPAC Website

52. Deployments and Pay Policy References DODFMR Volume 7a Chapter 66 JFTR MARADMIN 556-00 MARADMIN 699-07 MARADMIN 294-09 MCO P3000.15 MCO 7220.21 MCTFS APSM MCTFS PRIUM PAA 2-10

53. Pay Policy TAD The command must ensure that all active duty personnel who execute funded orders complete a travel claim utilizing DTS within 5 working days .

54. Pay Policy PCS Requests for advance pay outside of normal parameters (1 month base pay paid back in 12 months) must be signed by the Commanding Officer and contain justification as outlined in MCO 7220.21E.

55. Pay Policy Each command must have procedures in place to ensure that eligible Marines (reaching 14 ½ years of service) are counseled in regards to the CSB/REDUX program. The completed CSB/REDUX form must be turned into the IPAC for unit diary reporting and filing in the Marines service record.

56. Pay Policy Each command must have procedures in place to ensure that source documents (i.e. field duty rosters, travel vouchers, leave authorizations etc.) relating to other service personnel are forwarded to the appropriate NPAC or IPAC as appropriate.

57. Power of Attorney It is recommend that married Marines obtain a Power of Attorney prior to deployment. This gives the Marine’s spouse the ability to accomplish necessary administrative actions during the member’s absence. The Marine’s command will be contacted in regards to the validity of the Power of Attorney before a spouse is allowed to reset the member’s My Pay PIN.

58. Deployed Support Your S-1 or S-3 personnel must provide source documents relating to operations, deployments, or exercises to the IPAC within 3 working days for unit diary reporting. This includes: Field duty rosters Ship rosters Flight rosters for deploying personnel This documentation must also be kept on file at the command for current year plus two.

59. Pre-Deployment Information Upon completion of a field exercise, a roster (microsoft Excel format) must be submitted to the IPAC with the following information. Name Rank 10 digit SSN Dates from/to field duty. For protection of PII, this document must be submitted via encrypted e-mail.

60. Pre-Deployment Information Every Marine is required to complete a pre-deployment and pre annual training audit within 60 days of their departure. Commanders must ensure their unit S-1 personnel coordinate this audit with the IPAC.

61. Pre-Deployment Information A roster of all Marines requiring an audit must be provided to the IPAC a week prior to the audit and contain name, rank, 10 digit SSN, and company in order for the required documents to be pulled. Commands should request scanned copies of their Marine’s record books by submitting a request to the IPAC at least 30 days prior to departure. The IPAC will ensure your Pre-Deployment Audits are in the record books prior to scanning.

62. Pre-Deployment Information Commanders are encouraged to ensure their S-1 personnel complete the pre-deployment classes provided by the IPAC Quality Control Branch prior to deployment. Commanders must ensure their S-1 personnel make liaison with the IPAC prior to deployment for any coordinating instructions.

63. Pre-Deployment Information Upon arrival in country, a roster must be submitted to the pre-deployment section with the following information. Time and date departed CONUS Time and date arrived OCONUS Name 10 digit SSN For the protection of PII this document must be submitted via encrypted e-mail or password protected using the IPAC monthly password.

64. Post Deployment Information Every Marine is required to complete a post-deployment audit within 30 days of their return. Commanders must ensure S-1 personnel coordinate these audits with the post-deployment section at least 30 days prior to the estimated date of return. Upon return, rosters must be submitted to the post-deployment section with: Name, rank, 10 digit SSN, date departed AOR, and date arrived CONUS (roster must be encrypted or password protected).

65. Government Travel Charge Card References DODFMR Volume 9 MCO 4600.40 MARADMIN 264-02 MARADMIN 300-04 MARADMIN 069-05 MARADMIN 476-08

66. Government Travel Charge Card Each Commander must assign a primary and alternate Agency Program Coordinator in writing; this letter must contain all information required by MCO 4600.40A The APC and Alternate APC must have access to the CitiDirect website. The command must have a statement of understanding on file for each Marine that has a Government Travel Charge Card.

67. Government Travel Charge Card The APC must extract, work, and maintain the six required monthly reports which are: Account Listing Report Account Activity (Travel) Report Pre-Suspension Report Suspension/Pre-Cancellation Report Account Renewal Report Delinquency Report These reports must be kept on file for two years.

68. Government Travel Charge Card The APC must document the delinquency report to include completing and maintaining the 60, 90, and 120 day letters found in MCO 4600.40A The Commanding Officer or his designated representative must conduct a spot check of at least 25% of the Account Activity Report each month. This ensures that charges posted to the report were made in conjunction with official travel.

69. Government Travel Charge Card All charge cards must be deactivated upon completion of TAD travel. The APC must cancel the member’s account and verify the balance upon separation or retirement. The APC must transfer the member’s account to the TAD command when the TAD period is in excess of 90 days.

70. Defense Travel System References MCO P1000.6 ACTS Manual DODFMR Volume 5 Chapter 1 and Chapter 28 DODFMR Volume 9 Chapter 2 and Chapter 8 JFTR Appendix O and Chapter 4 MARADMIN 556-00 MARADMIN 515-03 MARADMIN 300-04 MARADMIN 372-07 MARADMIN 292-08 MCO P4650.37 MCTIM MCTFS PRIUM PAA 03-07

71. Defense Travel System All Accountable Officials must be appointed in writing by using a DD Form 577, these forms must be kept on file at the command along with certificates for all required training. This must be signed by the Commander responsible for the unit budget.

72. Defense Travel System All signed letters of appointment, DD forms 577, and signed letters of revocation must be kept on file for 6 years and 3 months after the Accountable Official no longer holds the position.

73. Defense Travel System Clerks that enter travel claim information into DTS for individual Marines must be appointed in writing by the Commanding Officer via a DD Form 577 as a Non-DTS Entry Agent (NDEA).

74. Defense Travel System Each traveler must submit a travel voucher via DTS within 5 days of their return. Certifying Officials may not execute certifications of their own travel claims for payment. All members must choose mandatory split disbursement for all charges incurred for rental cars, lodging, and air fare unless otherwise exempted.

75. Defense Travel System Your DTS personnel must have procedures in place to ensure that Marines are not paid any per diem for any leave taken during a TAD period and that leave must be reported via MOL.

76. Defense Travel System All individuals that have a DTS account must be detached from the command’s hierarchy upon transfer or separation. All new joins must have their DTS account pulled into the command’s hierarchy upon check-in. Your DTS AO must be on your command check in/out sheet to allow for proper updating of the DTS hierarchy.

77. Defense Travel System Each command must have procedures in place to ensure that all necessary action is completed in regards to collecting monies due to the US when a Marine has been overpaid on their voucher.

78. TAD Excess Orders endorsements Commanders must ensure all personnel that are departing, reporting, or returning to the command in regards to a TAD in excess of 30 days must bring a copy of their orders endorsement to the Inbound Section within the IPAC. This ensures all necessary unit diary entries are reported and required audits are completed.

79. PCS Orders WEB Orders The IPAC Outbound Section is the only entity authorized to provide Marines their Web Orders. Web Orders are not valid for travel until IPAC endorses the Orders. Your S-1 personnel should retrieve this information and disseminate on a reoccurring basis.

80. PCS Orders PDMRA Must be utilized prior to or in conjunction with PCA/PCS orders or the Marine will lose the balance. Commanders approve this via the PCS data sheet if taken in conjunction with PCS/PCA orders.

81. PCS Orders CONUS Completed PCS Data sheets must be turned into the Orders Section with the Commanding Officer’s signature 30 days prior to the detachment date. This ensures that all documents are prepared and appropriate forms can be completed for advances in pay or travel.

82. PCS Orders OCONUS Completed PCS Data sheets must be turned into the Orders Section with the Commanding Officer’s signature 60 days prior to the detachment date. Must complete medical screening for IPAC to submit area clearance, port call request, and obtain tickets If traveling with pets, must return completed PCS Data sheet 90 days prior to detachment date. The additional time for OCONUS travel is due to the timeliness required for the additional documents necessary for OCONUS assignment.

83. PCS Orders Passports No fee passports are required for all family members accompanying the member overseas. Start the process at the IPAC Outbound Section upon notification of Web orders; this process takes approximately 4 weeks to complete. Passports are required to complete port call and area clearance requests.

84. PCS Orders Advances Advance pay may be received up to 30 days prior to the Marine’s detach date. Advance travel can be received 10 business days prior to the detach date. Advance pay outside normal parameters (1 month base pay paid back in 12 months) must be approved by the Battalion CO.

85. PCA Orders No proceed or travel entitlements are authorized in conjunction with PCA orders; however, Marines with a PDMRA balance must exhaust their balance before executing these orders or they will lose their PDMRA balance. Upon detaching, the Marine must report to the IPAC Inbound Branch, NLT 1600 and prior to reporting to the gaining command.

86. Orders to SDA Duty Per MARADMIN 268-09, all Marines with orders to Recruiter, DI, SOI/MCT Instructors Course, and Security Forces schools will travel to and from the school under TAD orders. Command recertification of the screening checklist is required within 30 days of Marines detaching. Upon completion of instruction, Marines are to return to the IPAC orders section to receive their from TAD and PCS detaching endorsements along with the completion of their TAD travel claim.

87. Orders to SDA Duty MSG exemption An exception to policy was published in MARADMIN 687-09 Marine Sgt’s and below and those Marines with dependents but don’t have physical custody will execute PCSO TEMINS Orders to MSG School SNCO’s with dependents will execute TAD Orders.

88. Separations Commanding Officers may authorize up to 90 days terminal leave. Additional days must be requested from CMC. PDMRA days may be taken in conjunction with terminal leave. For Retirement/Transfer to the FMCR, members are entitled to 20 days PTAD. All of these are approved on the Leave While Awaiting Separation (LWAS) sheet.

89. Separation Timelines 12 months prior to EAS Commanders are responsible to ensure each Marine attends the TAMP class prior to separation. This class has to be completed within 12 months of the Marine’s EAS. Close attention to Marines who will separate upon completion of deployment must be made. 6 months prior to EAS Each Marine should schedule final physical which must be completed at least 30 days prior to the EAS or Terminal Leave date.

90. Separation Timelines 60 – 90 days prior to EAS or Terminal Leave Each Marine must go to the IPAC Outbound Section in order to schedule and conduct a pre-separation audit. This will ensure timely travel advances and final payments are made in coordination with the disbursing office. 7 days prior to EAS or Terminal Leave Each Marine must return to the Separation Section in order to verify all paperwork.

91. Separation Timelines Date of EAS or commencement of Permissive TAD, or Terminal Leave Commanders must ensure each Marine comes to the IPAC Outbound Section to check out on the commencement date of Permissive TAD, terminal leave or EAS, whichever is earlier.

92. Separations Information The pre-separation audit consists of the following: RED and SGLI audit Prepare the NAVMC 11060 Prepare the rough DD Form 214 Prepare PTAD, terminal leave orders Conduct an entire audit of the Marine’s record Note: If PTAD is not taken in conjunction with terminal leave the PTAD is completed via MOL at the unit.

93. The Final Five These final five documents must be turned into the Separation Section before a Marine can complete the check out process: NAVMC 10213 - CRS contact sheet (Enlisted only) DD Form 2648 – Pre-separation Counseling sheet Original medical and dental records Copy of the final physical signed by the Medical Officer certifying the Marine’s fitness for separation Original unit and IPAC check out sheets Lacking any of these documents will delay your Marines proper separation from the Marine Corps.

94. RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendations for updates, changes, or general comments are encouraged. Please contact the IPAC Director, Deputy Director, or SNCOIC.

95. IPAC Marine Forces Reserve Additional Resources: -Marine Corps Administrative Analysis Team Supported Unit checklist

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