The school leader s role in activating learning
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The School Leader’s Role in Activating Learning PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The School Leader’s Role in Activating Learning. Know Thy Impact. Learning Intentions. Have a clear picture of where you are, where you are going and where to next with visible Learning in your schools

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The School Leader’s Role in Activating Learning

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The School Leader’s Role in Activating Learning

  • Know Thy Impact

Learning Intentions

  • Have a clear picture of where you are, where you are going and where to next with visible Learning in your schools

  • Have an understanding of change management strategies in to determine the implementation plan for your next steps

Success Criteria

By the end of this presentation you will:

  • Have reflected on where your school district is at in relation to the five visible learning strands and learnt from the experience of others

  • Developed a detailed visible learning journey plan and draft visible learning action plan which outlines the next steps


The Five Visible Learning Strands

The Visible Learner

Know Thy Impact

Inspired and Passionate teachers

Effective Feedback

The Visible Learning School

Focus Question

Learning Matrix

To what extent has our school ensured systems focus on the things that make the most difference?

When does learning become visible?

The Importance of Teacher and Student Relationships

Teacher and Student Connections

The Visible Learner

The “Assessment-Capable” Learner

Students who know about their learning

Students are active

participants in their learning

An important use of feedback is to encourage students to become self-assessors and self-regulators.

Highest to lowest effect

Discussion task

What are the features of a really good school leader you know?



Edubabble? - The contrasts

  • Anactive leader,passionate for their school and for learning, a change agent


  • A facilitative,inquiry or discovery based provider of engaging activities

Develop a Foundation for Delivery




Common Core





Effective professional development

  • Over a long period of time (three to five years)

  • Involves external experts

  • Teachers are deeply engaged

  • It challenges teachers’ existing beliefs

  • Teachers talk to each other about teaching

  • School leadership supports teachers’ opportunities to learn and provides opportunities within the school structure for this to happen

  • Timperley, Wilson, Barrar and Fung (2007), Teacher Professional Learning and Development: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration, Ministry of Education, NZ

Looking Ahead

The single highest effect size is…

Assessment capable learner

Self Reported grades

Student expectation

d= 1.44

The biggest effect on student learning occurs when teachers become learners of their own teaching, and when students become their own teachers.

Visible Learning School Matrix

To what extent has your school ensured systems focus on the things that make the most difference?


  • Do you have the leadership effectiveness you need in your schools and district?

  • Can you develop this capacity?

  • What does this mean for your own leadership?

Understand the Delivery Challenge

Transformation: As Is State to Your To Be State*

*Wagner, T. (2006). Change leadership. San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

What are the things you need to consider in planning your next steps?

What are we trying to achieve?

What are our priorities?

What are our targets?

What are our plans for action?

3 questions from Visible Learning

Where am I going?

How am I doing?

Where do I go next?

Where are we going?

We need to know our impact

Strategic decisions should be evidence-based

Most innovations work but we can’t do them all (so which should we choose?)

How am I going?

What impact am I having?

How does my school decide which direction to take?

What percentage of recent innovations have made a significant difference?

Where to next?....

  • This is where YOU take over…

Adults are supported to grow by engaging in practices and learning opportunities that challenge the adults’ contradictions and assumptions

Drago- Severson 2012

One of the major messages from Visible Learning is the power of teachers learning from, and talking to, each other about planning and evaluating their teaching and learning

Sharing a common understanding of progression is the most critical success factor in any school

The co-planning of lessons has one of the highest likelihoods of making a marked positive difference on student learning

Collaborative inquiry is among the most promising strategies for strengthening teaching and learning.

The biggest risk, however,

is not providing the necessary leadership and support.

David, J. L., 2008/2009

How many of your principals are grounded in:

  • What works to increase student performance?

  • Why these practices work?

  • How to help the people they work with to examine their own effectiveness on an ongoing way?

  • “Know Thy Impact”

“take the first

step in faith. You

do not have to

see the whole


Just take

the first


Martin Luther King Jr.

0.4What will your impact be?

The Committed Sardine

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