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Magnets!. Science SOL 2.2 Created by cmy@2008. What are Magnets?. What are magnets?. Force that can push or pull things. What attracts a magnet?. Certain metals like iron or nickel or cobalt Lodestone or magnetite. How can you make a magnet?. Use a strong magnet

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Science SOL 2.2

Created by cmy@2008

What are magnets

What are Magnets?

What are magnets1

What are magnets?

  • Force that can push or pull things

What attracts a magnet

What attracts a magnet?

  • Certain metals like iron or nickel or cobalt

  • Lodestone or magnetite

How can you make a magnet

How can you make a magnet?

  • Use a strong magnet

  • Rub against something like a needle or pin many times

What are poles

What are poles?

  • Every magnet has a pole

  • North

  • South

  • Ends of magnets

Attract and repel

Attract and Repel

Attract and repel1

Attract and Repel

  • Like poles repel

  • Unlike poles attract

How does a compass work

How does a compass work?

  • Poles line up with the Earth’s poles

  • Magnetized needle will point north

  • Experiment: bowl of water, cap, magnetized needle

How do we use magnets

Help us do work

Pick up things that drop

Hold notes

Hold metal objects


Motors (electromagnet)



How do we use magnets?

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