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Library Media Technology Advisory Committee

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1. Library Media & Technology Advisory Committee Why?

2. The Rationale A LM&T Advisory Committee is a recent phenomenon in many schools, due to: the introduction of expensive, complex technologies that dramatically alter the way students learn and teacher’s teach; the shift to position information, library media resources and technology as integrated into the curriculum; the changes in the LMS’s role.

3. The Committee can create a cohesive plan for the integration of information literacy and technology and promote new ideas and communicate them to others much more effectively that a single individual. and strategically respond to questions, such as…

4. QUESTIONS What is the vision for library media and technology at GFS? Are the resources in the library media center and technology lab adequate to meet the needs of the curriculum? What is media literacy and is there a place for it in the K-5 curriculum? What is flexible scheduling? Should students maintain online reading logs, and other types of portfolios? How do curriculum mapping, responsive classroom, and other school initiatives impact LM&T? How does LM&T integrate into art, music and physical education?

5. MORE QUESTIONS How can technology, and library media serve the school’s mission, goals and objectives? In what grade do students learn to make pie charts with spreadsheets? Should students play violent online video games in school? Is shooting a balloon with a laser “string” violent? How is collaboration different from cooperation and coordination? What are the specific scope and sequence of skills in library media and technology for my grade?

6. And of course, MORE QUESTIONS How does the Westport Learning Network fit into our long range plan? How have the three new online resources, SIRS DISCOVERER, WORLD BOOK and the State Digital Library, i-Conn impacted teaching and learning at GFS this year? If library skills aren’t taught in isolation, how are they taught? If technology skills are taught in isolation, how can we assure integration of these skills into the curriculum?

7. Library Media & Technology Advisory Committee See Dan if interested in joining.

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