Nbn the hunt for silver bullets and killer apps i e it s now about tools for apps use stupid
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NBN: The hunt for “silver bullets ” and “killer apps” i .e. it’s now about tools for apps & use, stupid. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NBN: The hunt for “silver bullets ” and “killer apps” i .e. it’s now about tools for apps & use, stupid. University of New England 16 November 2011 Gordon Bell Principal Researcher Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley Laboratory. Observation, bias, and challenge.

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Nbn the hunt for silver bullets and killer apps i e it s now about tools for apps use stupid

NBN: The hunt for “silver bullets”and“killer apps”i.e. it’s now about tools for apps & use, stupid.

University of New England

16 November 2011

Gordon Bell

Principal Researcher

Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley Laboratory

Observation bias and challenge
Observation, bias, and challenge

  • NBN is: Cloud Services as the Silver Bullets. It’s:“Continuous Services” for “Cloud Connected Devices”.

  • “The Cloud” will drive the NBN

  • Poster apps e.g. energy grid, education & health are Application, content,data rights limited… look elsewhere

  • NBN requires new ventures and new usesIt’s now up to engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs

  • NBN success should or will be judged by new ventures… and their payoff

NBN: fiber/wireless net connecting mobile and fixed clients to a cloud computing infrastructure for applications & content


Mobile Clients

Cloud Computing:

Services & Content

Fixed Clients & Client Nets

Television Content

Computer person s view of nbn continuous services i e apps client connected devices
Computer person’s view of NBN: to a cloud computing infrastructure for applications & content“Continuous Services i.e. apps & Client Connected Devices”

Cloud Computing:

Services & Content

Mobile Clients

Connected Devices


Fixed Clients & Client Nets

Television Content

Outline to a cloud computing infrastructure for applications & content

  • NBN from computing perspective: It’s the cloud

  • The Internet was built for Research… got the Web!

  • The Cloud” is the next computer class…Bell’s Law

    • The Internet of Things (& Phones) create the demand

    • Science apps are critical: 4thparadigm

    • Engineering apps pay the bills:CSIRO Tasmanian sensor net

    • Health: is a cloud app … some day

    • Entrepreneur's & Services. Surveillance, lifelogging, etc.

  • Tele-x. Sarnoff’s, Metcalfe’s (Vail’s), & Reed’s Laws e.g. face2facebook. Tele-”n”-vision for sports, health

Colin Griffin to a cloud computing infrastructure for applications & content



Ed Feigenbaum, Stanford to a cloud computing infrastructure for applications & content

Faculty Campus.

Fiber to the home

A tale of two approaches
A tale of two approaches to a cloud computing infrastructure for applications & content

  • NBN US: Massive study re. competition & plan. Result: Let the market build it.

  • NBN Oz: Minimal study & plan. Result: Just do it.

Courtesy Mary Meeker Presents… to a cloud computing infrastructure for applications & content

Recalling 1995 first internet world keynote 1 000 attendees

Recalling 1995: First Internet World Keynote… 1,000 attendees

Prediction of post www with fiber.

The worlds of TV, telecom, and data collide

Net history story of serendipity
Net History: Story of Serendipity attendees

  • ARPAnetc1970 goals:

    • rlogin; load-, program-, and data-sharing… cost-motivated

  • Got:

    • rlogin (remote login)

    • mail plus as a service carrier....

    • bbs/news/chat/muds/moos

    • ftp (file transfer protocol) and

    • rpc enabled distributed computing

The colliding worlds of tv telephony datacom a k a computing internet

Games attendees






Cable provides: TV on demand, internet & POTS

AT&T provides: POTS, wireless, DSL..., & TV tbd
















The Colliding Worlds of TV, Telephony & Datacom a.k.a. Computing & Internet







What about TV as aggregations of channels?

How much Aggregation is needed?















Video convergence finally
Video & Convergence…Finally attendees

  • 90% traffic is video; Neflix 30%, YouTube 20, Bittorent

  • $1000 Bet: Nat Barrie asserts that by January 2013, the majority of video will come via computer versus conventional TV Broadcast channels that include cable e.g. Foxtel digital and over-the-air channels.

  • Computer channels include all the video content that is store and forward, on demand e.g. ABC on line, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube via all the digital IP streams e.g.  WiFi, Cable Modems, ADSL, NBN fiber.

The cloud is a new computer class
The Cloud is a New Computer Class attendees

  • “The Cloud” comes in various sizes, shapes, and ownership and rental models

  • It is so important that nearly all research has to be “cloud washed”

Bell s law of computer classes where we are going every decade a new class emerges and some die
Bell’s Law of Computer Classes attendees… Where we are goingEvery Decade a new class emerges and some die

  • Every decade a new, lower (1/10th) cost class of computers emerge to cover cyberspace with a

    • New computing platform

    • New Interface to humans or something in physical world, “stuff”

    • New networking and/or interconnect structure

  • New classes  new apps  new industries

  • The classes… a decade in price every decade

    • ‘60s $millions mainframes (central)

    • ‘70s $10K-100K minis

    • ‘80s $10K workstations and PCs (personal)

    • ‘90s $1K The Internet PCs

    • ‘00s $100s Smartphones & the “cloud” Services … XaaS

    • ‘10s $10 “the cloud” & small clients (central & person) “The Internet of Things”, WSNs, sensors

    • ?? ? In body, implantable everything.

    • ??? ? “the singularity” computers > human

Atse cloud computing sept 2010
ATSE Cloud Computing. Sept. 2010 attendees

R1The Commonwealth Government should …ensure a supportive regulatory environment.

R2The Commonwealth Government’s Commercialisation …should actively encourage new businesses that are cloud-focused at internet-scale applications.

R3The Commonwealth Department of Broadband Communications …to ensure that unnecessary impediments to the uptake of Cloud Computing are minimised.

R4Australian universities should expand … to build knowledge and skills in cloud computing.

R5 The Commonwealth Government should create and fund an Australian equivalent of the NSF’s Cluster Exploratory Programand the NSF-Microsoft Program to actively encourage cloud computing.

R6 The National Research Infrastructure Council (NRIC) should refine its investment plans to reflect the benefits that cloud computing can provide.

R7The Commonwealth Government should ensure that proposals for research data storage using Super Science funds have evaluated cloud computing services.

ATSE Cloud Computing attendees ReportSeptember 2010

(find the NBN in this picture)

The internet of things smart world devices for health energy science etc
The Internet of Things= Smart World… devices for health, energy, science, etc.

  • Things: appliances, platforms, peripherals, WSNs,… phones that have been evolving for decades

  • Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway, Always Applications:

    • Mostly mobile phones, the foreseeable future

    • scientific sensors for transforming science

    • networks monitoring and control—water, traffic, power, health/wellness, earth science, … smart(x)

Net gadgeteer
.net energy, science, etc.gadgeteer

Microsoft Gadgeteer

Courtesy Mary Meeker Presents… energy, science, etc.

Courtesy Mary Meeker Presents… energy, science, etc.

Smartphones are today personal mainframes

Functions integrated into cell phones aka Smart Phones energy, science, etc.aka small form factor devices aka handheld computers


eBook, TVPointing anywhere*

Health monitor


Multimedia player


Smartphone & PC with apps

Windows Mobile


Web Browsing



Programmable platform -PC with apps


Digital Audio Player

Rio & Music svc

Camera addition


GPS service

GPS service Availability

PDA Functionality


SMS Service


US mobile phones licensed (AMPS)

Cellular net
















2007 2010

Increasing bandwidth protocols e.g. GSM, service generations enabler not shown


Audio recording, video capture, videophone, and mobile TV not shown

*GPS: location lat, long, alt. 3 axis compass; 6 axis accel.

Smartphones are today’ personal mainframes

Complete 1 mm 3 systems mote
Complete, 1 mm energy, science, etc.3 Systems--mote



Solar cell



5.3 nW

Science and engineering apps
Science and Engineering Apps… energy, science, etc.

  • The Fourth Paradigm of scientific discovery

  • Science and Engineering are both real time

    • Science closed loop is o(years to decades)

    • Engineering is for sensing and immediate control

Sensing… energy, science, etc.

Observations by human operators

Sharing of data

To effect change



*Sensor/effector may be people

Real time control ideal sans noise
Real time Control (ideal sans noise) energy, science, etc.

Plain old closed loop control

Model of REAL WORLD System



(Processing, policies & people)




*Sensor/effector may be people

Four science paradigms

Thousand years ago: science was energy, science, etc.empirical

describing natural phenomena

Last few hundred years: theoretical branchusing models, generalizations

Last few decades: a computational branch simulating phenomena

Today: data exploration branch (eScience)

unify theory, experiment, and simulation

Data captured by instruments or simulation

Processed by software

Information/Knowledge stored in computer for enquiry

Scientist analyzes database / filesusing data management and statistics

Data lives & is accessed forever

Jim Gray


Four Science Paradigms

Synthesizing imagery sensors models and field data
Synthesizing Imagery, Sensors, Models and Field Data energy, science, etc.


Curated sensor

30GB dataset

(960 files)

Climate classification

~1MB (1file)



field dataset

2 KB (1 file)

Vegetative clumping

~5MB (1file)

NASA MODIS imagery archives

5 TB (600K files)

Sizes given are 1 US year

20 US year ~ 1 global land surface year


(4K files)

Global Scale energy, science, etc.


Global Scale




Continental US

Modisazure by the numbers
ModisAzure energy, science, etc. By the numbers….

  • 22 months

  • 2 CS interns; 1 architect; 1 science intern; 1 senior scientist; 3 hangers-on

  • 522 K cpu hours

  • 14 TB upload

  • 10 TB max storage

  • 5 TB download

  • 2.3 B storage operations

  • 1.3 M re-projected tiles

  • 25 M reduction files

  • (TBD) VM scaleup/scaledown operations

  • (TBD) Lines of (nonMatLab) code

  • $79K external billing

    Courtesy Catharine van Ingen

First escience lab enabled by cloud computing

Seed funding from energy, science, etc.

-- minerals and geothermal research at www.pir.sa.gov.au

-- Microsoft Research USA Jim Gray Seed Grant

-- MSR Azure funding 433,000 hours

-- Institute for Minerals and Energy

First eScience Lab enabled by cloud computing

Nbn for remote access to compute and historical data

Vision: energy, science, etc.

A geologist guiding a drill, using real-time sensing of the sub-surface geology, and updating geological models, while referring to her cloud-based data sets and collaborating with her team back home


in field


Modelling on-Demand

MT Inversion Seismic Inversion. Joint Inversion. Visualisation.

drilling machine

control system


and geologist’sdata integrations.

Seismic, Satellite,

MT, Petrophysical, Cores, Density, etc.

NBN for remote access to compute and historical data




Sensing– a dozen or more sensors





Collaborative Cloud Computing Lab (C3L)

Magnetotelluric mt imaging
Magnetotelluric energy, science, etc. (MT) imaging

  • Using the magnetic and electric fields of the earth, MT imaging determines the resistivity structure of a sub-surface area of interest.

  • It goes deeper (hundred or so Km) than seismic (<2 Km) but does not have the same resolution

  • Applications

    • mineral exploration,

    • water management in mining,

    • geothermal exploration,

    • carbon storage,

    • aquifer research and management

    • earthquake and volcano studies.

(Heinson and Mudge, 2010)

A platform technology

M assive parallel processing peak demand interactive control field deployment
M energy, science, etc.assive parallel processing - peak demand - interactive control-field deployment

Parallel programming models are at

  • Program level

    • Express data parallelism in MapReduce/Hadoop/DryadLINQ

  • Job level

    • Workflow languages define concurrent execution

      Restructuring of MT processing steps and pulling all parameter inputs to the start, results in parallel processing of station data, and better workflow

  • Ultimately field deployment at many sites

The south esk hydrological sensor web next generation catchment management

The South energy, science, etc.Esk Hydrological Sensor Web: Next-Generation Catchment Management

Water for a Healthy Country

Andrew Terhorst

Tasmanian ICT Centre (Hobart WSM real time) award winner

9 September 2011

Integrating sensor data from multiple agencies creating a services infrastructure bottom up
Integrating sensor data from multiple agencies energy, science, etc.Creating a services infrastructure “bottom up”

2011 iAwards - Sustainability and Green IT

Project goal
Project goal energy, science, etc.

Develop a prototype water information system made up of two linked sub-systems:

  • Continuous flow forecast system

    • Based on emerging Sensor Web standards

  • Provenance management system

    • Provides information on how flow forecasts are produced

2011 iAwards - Sustainability and Green IT

Paradigm shift
Paradigm shift energy, science, etc.

Numerical Models

Decision Support




Application Layer

Sensor Web

Services Layer

Physical Sensors, Observation Archives

Sensor Layer

2011 iAwards - Sustainability and Green IT

The killer app health my favorite dear to my heart
The “killer app”… Health!—my favorite energy, science, etc.dear to my heart

Sensors with ip on everything
Sensors with IP On Everything energy, science, etc.

Cloud service 1 million mammograms
Cloud service, =1 million energy, science, etc.mammograms*

  • Cost of store Amazon $US 0.125 / GB-month

    • $1.50 / GB-year; $0.15 / 100 MB-year (person)

    • $150,000 per million person-years

    • Cost of long term storage will decline

  • Access is fully distributed, including

    • Digital X-ray capture stations (2 min. upload/download)

    • Reading stations can be anywhere, including computers and services in the cloud

    • Legacy X-ray digitization as needed

  • Secondary, yet principal benefit: analytics based on age, wt., location, …

  • * Proposed at AEHR Conference 31 March 2009

Imaging data flow energy, science, etc.

Web-based Image viewer

Web-based Image viewer

Web-based Image viewer


MICROSOFT CLOUD storageHealthVault - image metadata, blog catalog and access keyring

Azure - binary image data (original DICOM images, presentation state,

compressed pre-views







Images are harvested by either Amalga-Embedded or full UIS

Images captured within the

enterprise are safely and cost-effectively stored in the Cloud – where they can be referenced in multiple use cases and monetized on an ongoing basis



Enterprise to provider

Enterprise to patient

Enterprise to enterprise

Patient to provider (2nd opinion) Enterprise backup


Health continuous sensing devices
Health continuous sensing devices energy, science, etc.

Bodymedia output
BodyMedia Output energy, science, etc.

c2002 energy, science, etc.

Hr weight bp distance
HR, weight, BP, distance, energy, science, etc.

Fitbit pedometer
Fitbit energy, science, etc. … Pedometer

Smartphones are becoming the personal healthcare platform mainframe
Smartphones are becoming “the” energy, science, etc.Personal Healthcare Platform--Mainframe

Where was I,

what was I doing,

who was I with,

(what meeting)

when I had a high HR or high stress indicator ?

When will health adopt the cloud
When will health adopt the cloud? energy, science, etc.

  • Health is all about friction* and preserving it

  • Many other NON NBN, NON Technology factors e.g. privacy, standards, proprietary interfaces, n-opolies, guilds aka silos, vocabularies,…

  • Cloud service is inevitable for EHR<>Physician

  • *People doing the same old thing, the same old way that creates social stability at rising cost

Health monitoring your husband just died here s his black box
Health Monitoring: energy, science, etc.“Your husband just died, … here’s his black box”

Entrepreneurs unbounded opportunity
Entrepreneurs… unbounded opportunity energy, science, etc.

  • Sensr.net

  • //deepvue.com

  • Cyclists: communication, performance, etc.

Nbn what about network costs courtesy of orionvm a high speed cloud service
NBN … what about network costs? energy, science, etc.Courtesy of OrionVMa high speed cloud service

Transit Networking Costs c2011

Australia - Price per Mbps = $90-140 p/m (Vocus/Soul)

US - Price per Mbps = $1 p/m (HE.net)

Datacentre Power Costs c2011

Australia - 15A @ 240V Usable = $1540 p/m (VocusDC)

US - 30A @ 120V Usable = $900 p/m (Hurricane Electric)

$30/GB to university researchers limits & eliminates research

Mylifebits recording everything
MyLifeBits: Recording Everything! energy, science, etc.

  • Bell/Gemmell project 1999-2007

  • Record, store, and recall everything in a person’s life

  • Total Recall aka Your Life Uploaded

  • Narcissistic or essential

Extreme lifelogging recording everything c2000 on pcs c2010 in the cloud via phones
Extreme Lifelogging: Recording energy, science, etc.Everything c2000 on PCs; c2010 in the cloud via phones

  • In 1945 Vannevar Bush described a scientist's memex to store books, records and communication… an enlarged intimate supplement to his memory." By 2010, we demonstrated most aspects of complete lifelogging to capture much of a person's lifetime information.

  • Lifelogging is enabled by: information capture (e.g. cameras, computers, GPS devices, medical devices, scanners, smart phones); terabyte storage; and ability to retrieve and utilize the information.

  • The degree of lifelogging will be determined by: laws and privacy conventions e.g. recording conversations and demonstrated utility.

  • By using lifelogs, social scientists will be able to gain unlimited behavioral understanding. In the distance, lifelogs provide the basis for a limited kind of immortality.

Capturing every step energy, science, etc.

http://deepvue.com energy, science, etc.


Tele-x a canonical app to absorb bandwidth that is hardly usedvs.Tele-vision made interactive or multiple access sporting events

Telepresence: Being there, while being here, and at some other time. Time & space shifting.

Tele-presentations, tele-conferencing, videophone, tele-robotics, VR, tele-learning

InTouch Health Robot for tele-doctor patient visiting… used“presence” of patient records is the hard part! c2004

Summary 2020 it s the apps stupid
Summary… 2020: It’s the apps, stupid! used

  • NBN is: Cloud Services. It’s Not: fiber. It’s:“Continuous Services for Cloud Connected Devices”.

  • Poster apps e.g. energy grid, education & health are not fiber limited! Application, content,data rights respectively are the limits

  • Scientific apps are challenging

  • Engineering apps will be profitable

  • NBN success should/will be judged by new ventures…