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u sing the web and social media to advance your mission and enhance fundraising PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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u sing the web and social media to advance your mission and enhance fundraising. g. ravishanker (ravi) vice president for information technology and chief information officer pace university new york. thanks!. sylviarussakoff – pclc, pace university

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u sing the web and social media to advance your mission and enhance fundraising

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using the web and social media to advance your mission and enhance fundraising

g. ravishanker (ravi)

vice president for information technology and

chief information officer

pace university

new york


  • sylviarussakoff – pclc, pace university

  • lucillegeraci-miranda – media & comm. arts, pace university

  • rebeccatekula – wilson center for social entrepreneurship, pace university

  • jonathan hill – seidenberg school, pace university


  • who am i?

  • rapid changes in technologies

  • technology is not the answer to everything

  • promotion & fundraising – how to leverage technologies to support these

  • social networking example – advantages and risks

  • what can pace do to help

  • questions?

who am i?

  • came to cuny (hunter college) for phd in 1978

  • completed phd in chemistry and ma in computer science (queens college) in 1984

  • joined wesleyan university in middletown, ct in 1986

  • worked there in chem and info tech services till aug. 2009

  • joined pace in aug. 2009 as the cio

  • i support the use of tech in teaching, learning and research – not an easy job! http://bit.ly/9Anxy

who am i?

  • e-mail: [email protected]

  • google: [email protected]

  • blogs: http://ravisblog.blogs.pace.edu, http://tamilmoviesongs.blogspot.wesleyan.edu

  • twitter: http://twitter.com/ravishan

  • facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Ravi-Ravishanker/4204990

  • linkedIn; http://www.linkedin.com/pub/4/92/bb3

  • skype: ravishan

rapid changes in technologies

  • “change” is permanent in technology

  • we all have witnessed these rapid changes – pcs, operating systems, “gadgets”, phones, cell phones, pdas

  • technology deaths and funerals are becoming common – eg. vhs, cassettes, cds, commodore 64, earlier versions of nintendo etc. etc.

  • http://bit.ly/15I4CR

rapid changes in technologies

  • organizationally how to deal with these changes?

    • do you have a strategic plan? if so, how does technology figure in that? if not, how do you plan for technology?

    • tech staff? tech budget?

    • replacement of hardware?

    • disaster recovery?

    • data and network security?

    • watching the “buzz” about you on the web?

rapid changes in technologies

  • you have heard them all

    • microsoft, apple, yahoo!, google, amazon, paypal

    • pda, iphone, ipad, droid, kindle

    • facebook, twitter, orkut, buzz, linkedin, myspace, ning

    • youtube, hulu, netflix

    • email,blogspot, wordpress, wikipedia

  • are you on most of these? have you heard of “the cloud”? are you on the cloud?

  • what has been your roi? (analytics, metrics) http://google.com/analyticshttp://www.google.com/alerts

technology is not the answer to everything!

  • technology plays a very important role in any organization, but it is not going to solve everything

  • in your case – messaging, meeting face to face, telephone contacts are as important

  • we will look at how technology can help you

  • before that, let us look at all tech-related areas

technology in your organization

  • the “old” tech model

    • computers, network, storage, pdas

    • very small, indispensable tech staff

    • no budget for replacement of hardware

    • a website that is refreshed once in a while

    • a custom events calendar that only one or two people know to maintain

    • e-collaboration non-existent

technology in your organization

  • the “new” tech model

    • basic functions on the cloud – email, documents

    • someone else takes care of “servers”

    • free or almost free

    • dynamic website where info needs to be constantly fresh

    • different users consume info differently

    • very rich calendaring

    • highly collaborative

    • social networking

    • data mining and targeted communication

promotion & fundraising– how to leverage technologies to support these

  • how about we look at a few of examples?

  • microsoft - http://bit.ly/bQdNzU

  • paypal - http://bit.ly/dtAmEq

  • amazon - http://bit.ly/Rfbsi

  • google - http://www.google.com/nonprofits/

  • facebook - http://bit.ly/aMbEld

  • causes fb application - http://bit.ly/gibAp

  • twitter - http://mashable.com/2010/02/26/twitter-fundraising/

promotion & fundraising– how to leverage technologies to support these

  • let us look at some advise - http://bit.ly/x35ub

  • plan

    • choices, choices and choices!

    • keep it simple! move to the cloud

    • tailor content to audience

    • be “on message” and commit to keep info fresh

    • collaborate with like minded org

    • recursive: set up goals and metrics and refine what you do to achieve the goals

social networking example – advantages and risks

  • I did not get a chance to talk about these two specific examples. Please read about them. Especially the first one, where what appears to be initially a successful use of social networking turned into a nightmare!

  • pink chaddi campaign - http://bit.ly/oZmfu

  • justice for jessicalalsms campaign - http://bit.ly/2imIoc

what can pace do to help?wilson center

  • mission - "to promote social change through entrepreneurship."

  • the center furthers this mission by serving students and nonprofit organizations with education, research, communication, and advisory service.

what can pace do to help?wilson center

continuing ed: nonprofit management (launched this spring 2010 in nyc) workshops include:

  • grant writing for nonprofits – finding and securing funding

  • measuring and communicating your programmatic impact

  • strategies for change: getting to implementation in the social sector

  • social impact and social innovation

  • governance: social responsibility and accountability

  • leadership for social impact

  • social media for non-profits

  • advanced techniques for social media

  • integrated digital marketing for non-profits

  • pitching to the media: public relations for nonprofits

  • turbocharge your board without getting burned

  • fundraising 2.0: new rules for a new culture

  • career transitioning to the social sector

what can pace do to help?wilson funded internships

the wilson center funds 20 pace students in full-time summer internships at organizations including:

  • the robin hood foundation (nyc)greyston foundation (yonkers)vera institute of justice (nyc)safe horizons (nyc)the legal aid society (nyc)project rebirth (nyc)sanctuary for families (nyc)

what can pace do to help?wilson center consulting

community needs assessment

  • the wilson center conducted an extensive community needs assessment with the united way of westchester and putnam. 

  • under the direction of professor gregoryholtz, this assessment culminates in a comprehensive report highlighting the findings of this major study to determine what people in the region view as the community’s most critical human care issues and offers a framework for community action to “move the needle” on each of the challenges identifies. 

what can pace do to help?seidenberg school

  • internet & social media

    • a dependable, functional and attractive Web site needed to convey their message and programs to internal and external customers;

    • effective use of major social media platforms likelinkedin,facebookand twitter.

    • mine key data on potential donors that is available through these social networking sites is a key development technique for non-profits.

what can pace do to help?seidenberg school

  • intranet

    • real-time internal communication; lack of efficient, reliable record keeping is a problem;

  • fund raising

    • communicate with a large number of current and potential volunteers and donors

    • an effective system for proactive digital outreach

    • prospects database tied to a quality mass email application

what can pace do to help?

  • Pace-backed Solutions

    • The Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Pace University offers low cost courses in these key technologies including the use of  social media tools and business intelligence.

    • Seidenberg School for Computer Science and Information Systems offers assistance to non-profits with their computing and technology needs through a series of community service courses where students/faculty teams develop Web sites, databases, mobile applications, GIS systems and other necessary technology tools to advance the organizations mission.


  • To get in touch with Wilson Center, please write to Rebecca Tekula, [email protected]

  • To get in touch with Jonathan Hill from Seidenberg School, please write to [email protected]

  • URL shorteners for twitter: http://bit.lyhttp://tinyurl.com


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    • All the blogs provide an “ATOM” RSS feed.

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