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The Course Organizer. Teacher(s):. Student:. Time:. Course Dates:. This Course:. is about. Course Questions:. Mary Jo Gruneich. Critical Content. Family and Consumer Science 8. What? How? Critical unit Concepts Lab Performance

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Course Organizer




Course Dates:

This Course:



Course Questions:

Mary Jo Gruneich

Critical Content

Family and Consumer Science 8


Critical unit Concepts Lab Performance

Critical Unit Concepts Unit Exams

Examples of Concepts Food Prep Quality

Equipment Safety Demonstrations

Introductory skills to food selection, preparation and service.

  • What are the safety procedures for working in the foods lab?

  • How is resource management critical to the success in the kitchen?

  • How do you operate food preparation equipment safely?

  • How does cooking terminology apply to the preparation and serving of food?

  • How do you manage and organize tools, equipment and supplies to succeed in the food preparation?

  • How do you show respect for the classroom materials, personal equipment and materials while using them in the lab setting?

  • How do you write a simple menu and grocery list?

  • How do you save money while purchasing food?

  • How do you use career preparation skills to prepare for the world of work?

  • How do you demonstrate effective teamwork skills?

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Course Map

This Course:







Learning Rituals

Critical Concepts

Learned in these


Family and ConsumerScience 8

Teamwork Respect

Positive Work Ethic

Resource Sharing



Peer teaching


Extra Credit Choices

Recipe options

Extended work time

Demonstrations Infinite Campus

Course OrganizerAssignment Notebook

District Reading Strategies: Q-A-R, Knowledge rater, etc.

Routine Housekeeping Lab Routines

Equipment SafetyFollowing Directions

Resource ManagementConsumerism

Technology Food Service Skills

Employment SkillsMoney Management

Self-EvaluationNutrition and Food Choices

Food Preparation & Nutrition

Menus, Food Buying & Meal Service

Introduction to the Kitchen

Basic Food Groups Cooking Skills Food Choices

Meal Planning Budgeting Table Etiquette

Kitchen Safety Recipes Lab Procedures

Meal Event

Food Safety & Sanitation

Cooking Labs-all food groups prepped

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