The election of 1796 jefferson vs adams
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The Election of 1796: Jefferson vs. Adams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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John Adams. Thomas Jefferson. The Election of 1796: Jefferson vs. Adams. By: David Robinson. Objective. To have the class be able to summarize the election and who the people running were. The Election.

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The Election of 1796: Jefferson vs. Adams

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John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

The Election of 1796:Jefferson vs. Adams

By: David Robinson


  • To have the class be able to summarize the election and who the people running were.

The Election

  • The election of 1796 was the first election after George Washington decided not to run for a third term.

  • The people running for president were Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (former vice president).

  • Some issues argued over during the election were Jay’s Treaty and the French Revolution

The People

Jay’s Treaty

Jay’s treaty…

  • got rid of British posts in the west

  • Created American claims from British ships damages to American ships

  • And provided Americans with a limited right to trade

  • This provided controversy because a lot of people were angry that their trade was limited.

French Revolution

  • The French Revolution was inspired by the American Revolution

  • It was a revolt of the lower class’s in France

  • It caused controversy because some thought that since France helped us in the revolutionary war we should help them and others thought it would ruin trade with Britain and that America could not afford it

The People

Thomas Jefferson

  • Democratic Republican

  • Not a good public speaker

  • Born into upper-class

    John Adams

  • Federalist

  • Proud

  • Very Intelligent


  • John Adams won the election

  • John Adams only had three more electoral votes than Thomas Jefferson

President Electoral Votes by State

Thomas Jefferson

John Adams

How does this relate to the theme of challenge?

  • My topic the Election of 1796 relates to the theme of challenge because it was a challenge for both people running for president to be elected and a struggle for America to choose president since it was the first election after George Washington’s presidency

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