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Biotechnology YES
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Biotechnology YES. Who Am I? Jenny Biddulph Curriculum Development Officer Entrepreneurial Development Unit Careers Service Kings Gate. http:// /. Ideas Generation. Ways to think in new directions. reading . problem solving. drawing. organising.

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Biotechnology YES

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Biotechnology yes

Biotechnology YES

Biotechnology yes

Who Am I?

Jenny Biddulph

Curriculum Development Officer

Entrepreneurial Development Unit

Careers Service

Kings Gate

Ideas generation

Ideas Generation

Biotechnology yes

Ways to think in new directions

Biotechnology yes


problem solving



Hello! My name is....

I like (doing)....

I don’t like (doing)....

I know a lot about....


motivating others


being creative


working in a team

report writing

getting stuck in

public speaking

Biotechnology yes

5 minutes!

Biotechnology yes

Our team





Biotechnology yes






Biotechnology yes

7 minutes!

Biotechnology yes

First... find a problem

‘There must be a better way than...’

Biotechnology yes

  • What products or services would you want that you haven't been able to find?

  • Is there something that everybody hates to do that you can do for them?

  • Is there a product or service that would make life easier for people you know?

  • What business trends are happening that you want to participate in...that really light your fire?

  • Are there gaps in the market that you can fill with your talents? What are they?

Biotechnology yes

Define the problem

Not just a clock but...

a way to manage my time efficiently


Biotechnology yes

Combining distillation and fermentation for efficient ethanol production

A non-allergenic gluten replacement

Analysing blood chemistry with a hand-held device that harnesses fluorescing quantum dots

A genetically modified Hosta plant control slugs

Contact lenses for diabetics that change colour when their glucose levels change

Product that removes bird waste from buildings

Genetically modified grass that never needs cutting

A novel vaccine for Hepatitis C

Biotechnology yes

Ideas in groups

No such thing as a silly idea

No criticism

Discuss ALL ideas

Think about how to communicate your idea to your team mates...

Biotechnology yes

Chance favours the connected mind...

Biotechnology yes

7 minutes!

Biotechnology yes

Generating Solutions for Problems

Biotechnology yes


Mind Maps

Create New Eyes

Radical Thinking

Think in 3’s

Taken from The Idea Generator, Ken Hudson, 2008

Biotechnology yes

10 minutes!

Be prepared to explain and discuss what you thought about the technique you are using, with the rest of the room

Biotechnology yes

How was it for you?

Biotechnology yes

5 minutes!

Biotechnology yes

Jenny Biddulph

Careers Service – Kings Gate

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