unit 4 day 2
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Unit 4, Day 2

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Unit 4, Day 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 4, Day 2. Genetics & Human Development Thu, Jan 17 th (Block, 115 Min) Fri, Jan 18 th (Block, 100 Min). Homework Due Today (0 min) - Stamp. Mendelian Genetics YouTube Video Notes & Problems (35.F). Daily Question (35.A) – 5 min.

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unit 4 day 2

Unit 4, Day 2

Genetics & Human Development

Thu, Jan 17th (Block, 115 Min)

Fri, Jan 18th (Block, 100 Min)

homework due today 0 min stamp
Homework Due Today (0 min) - Stamp
  • Mendelian Genetics YouTube Video Notes & Problems (35.F)
daily question 35 a 5 min
Daily Question (35.A) – 5 min
  • Describe what your ideal child would look like and what they would be good at (or what they would care about) – sports, school, environment, family, etc. Why do you want these characteristics in your child?
essential skills and knowledge 35 a 1 min
Essential Skills and Knowledge (35.A) – 1 min
  • 2.1.D (Mendelian Genetics) I can describe the genetic basis for Mendel’s laws of segregation and independent assortment.
  • 2.1.E (Punnett Squares) I can utilize Mendelian genetics to create and analyze monohybrid and dihybrid Punnett squares.
  • 2.1.F (Phenotype and Genotype) I can predict the probably outcome of phenotypes in a genetic cross from the genotypes of the parents and mode of inheritance (autosomal or X-linked, dominant or recessive).
homework cfu 3 min
Homework CFU – 3 min
  • Question #1 – Set up a monohybrid Punnett Square and answer the following problem: In guinea pigs, short hair, “S”, is dominant to long hair, “s”. One guinea pig is “Ss” and one is “ss”.
  • What is the probability percentage of guinea pig offspring that will have short hair? Long hair?
  • What is the probability percentage that the guinea pig offspring will be homozygous dominant, heterozygous, or homozygous recessive?
homework cfu 5 min
Homework CFU – 5 min
  • Question #2 – Set up a DIHYBRID Punnett Square and answer the following problem: In guinea pigs, black fur, “B”, is dominant to white fur, “b”, and rough fur, “R”, is dominant to smooth fur, “r”.
  • Cross a parent who is heterozygous for BOTH traits with a parent that is homozygous dominant for BOTH traits.
investigation before explanation 6 min
Investigation Before Explanation (6 min)
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iapcKVn7DdY
  • We did Rock v. Paper in the video
  • What would happen if things got more complex?
just as that got complex
Just as that got complex…
  • Genetics is more complex than Mendel thought
  • There are a lot of exceptions to Mendelian genetics.
incomplete dominance 5 min
Incomplete Dominance (5 min)

Teacher Notes

Student Practice

  • Heterozygous genotype = phenotypes BLEND (dom. allele doesn’t fully inhibit)
  • Cap, letters for both alleles!
  • WW (white) snapdragon X RR (red) snapdragon. Genotypes & phenotypes of offspring?
  • Two heterozygous snapdragons are crossed. Genotypes & phenotypes of offspring?
codominance 5 min
Codominance (5 min)

Teacher Notes

Student Practice

  • Heterozygous genotype = shows both phenotypes at the same time.
  • Use capital letters for both alleles!
  • A black cat (BB) is crossed with a tan cat (TT). Genotypes & phenotypes?
  • A tabby cat (BT) is crossed with a tan cat (TT). Genotypes & phenotypes?
polygenic traits 5 min
Polygenic Traits (5 min)

Teacher Notes

  • Det. by 2 or more gene pairs
  • Ex: Immune system, skin color, hair, eyes, weight.
  • Bell curve.
  • Flip a coin six times. Record number of heads and tails that result at your table.
    • ______ T, _______ H
  • Class Data
    • 0 T, 6 H:
    • 1 T, 5 H:
    • 2 T, 4 H:
  • 3 T, 3 H:
  • 4 T, 2 H:
  • 5 T, 1 H:
  • 6 T, 0 H:
multiple alleles 5 min
Multiple Alleles (5 min)

Teacher Notes

  • More than 2 alleles for one trait exist
  • Blood type
    • 4 possible phenotypes: A, B, AB, O
    • 3 alleles:
      • IA= Type A (dom)
      • IB= Type B (dom)
      • i = Type O (rec)
  • Homozygous Type A blood (IAIA) X Homozygous Type B blood (IBIB). Phenotype and genotypes of offspring? What is the result an example of?
  • Heterozygous A blood (IAi) X Heterozygous Type B blood (IBi). Phenotype and genotypes of offspring?
sex linked genes 5 min
Sex-Linked Genes (5 min)

Teacher Notes

Student Practice

  • Female = XX
  • Male = XY
  • X-linked genes: hemophilia, red-green color blindness, etc.
  • XA or Xa
  • Child’s sex probability?
  • Female carrier of red-green color blindness (XAXa) X male non-carrier (XAY). Probability of boys/girls having it? Carriers?
  • Male with red-green color blindness (XaY) X female non-carrier (XAXA). Probability of boys/girls having it? Carriers?
wrap up 2 min
Wrap-Up (2 min)
  • Incomplete Dominance: Traits BLEND
  • Codominance: Both phenotypes are shown
  • Polygenic Traits: 2 or more gene PAIRS
  • Multiple Alleles: More than 2 possible alleles for one trait
  • Sex-Linked Traits: On the X chromosome
    • There are Y-linked traits (ear hair), but the Y chromosome is super small and it’s biggest purpose is to turn a female into a male (all of us start as females!)
project activity 30 min
Project Activity (30 min)
  • Creating your baby!
  • If you show the DOMINANT phenotype, assume you are HETEROZYGOUS. (Recessive = homozygous recessive)
  • For polygenic traits (skin color, hair color, eye color): choose the most accurate one for you.
  • There are some incomplete dominance traits: again, choose the most accurate one for you.
how to determine your child
How to determine your child!
  • To determine the allele you pass onto your child, flip a coin.
  • In general, Heads = dominant, Tails = recessive.
  • If you are homozygous recessive, you do not need to flip the coin (100% chance).
  • Example: XX (mom) and XY (dad)
    • Only father flips, X = tails, Y = heads
    • Mom will always pass on X allele
  • Round face (RR, Rr) and square face (rr)
    • You have a round face? Choose Rr, NOT RR
    • You have a square face? Choose rr.
    • If: Mom is Rr and Dad is rr
      • Mom flips heads  R
      • Dad doesn’t need to flip  r
  • Curly hair (CC), Wavy (Cc), Straight (cc)
    • Mom = CC, Dad = Cc
      • Mom doesn’t need to flip  C
      • Dad flips tails  c



to determine your polygenic traits
To determine YOUR polygenic traits…

Skin Color

Hair Color

  • Very dark black (AABBCC)
  • Very dark brown (AABBCc)
  • Dark brown (AABbCc)
  • Medium brown (AaBbCc)
  • Light brown (AaBbcc)
  • Light tan (Aabbcc)
  • Pale white (aabbcc)
  • Black (AABBCCDD)
  • Very dark brown (AABBCCDd)
  • Dark brown (AABBCcDd)
  • Brown (AABbCcDd)
  • Light brown (AaBbCcDd)
  • Honey blond (AaBbCcdd)
  • Blond (AaBbccdd)
  • Very light blond (Aabbccdd)
  • White (aabbccdd)
  • Skin Color
  • Mom is dark brown (AABbCc)
    • Mom doesn’t need to flip for “a” trait  A
    • Mom flips for “b” trait  B
    • Mom flips for “c” trait  c
  • Dad is medium brown (AaBbCc)
    • Dad flips for “a” trait  a
    • Dad flips for “b” trait  B
    • Dad flips for “c” trait  c


3 Capitals =

Medium Brown

baby s name
Baby’s Name
  • Must be appropriate
  • There are several baby names that are actually illegal in our world. If need be, I can act as the legal authority.
    • Examples: Talula Does The Hula, Venerdi (Friday in Italian), Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116, Gesher (Bridge in Norwegian), Chow Tow, Smelly Head, @, Miatt(didn’t show if boy or girl), Anus, Devil
if your partner is not in this class
If your partner is not in this class…
  • You will compile your data later. Just do your coin flips!
when you are finished
When you are finished…
  • Answer the conclusion questions on page 46!
digital portfolio
Digital Portfolio
  • You must scan or type up this document as your justification for your child’s appearance!
work time 30 min
Work Time (30 min)
  • Photos
  • Journal Entries
  • dp.davincischools.org/staff/blarkin
    • “Homework Spring ‘13”
    • Reproduction and Prenatal Development
    • Take notes, do questions 
    • To make your life easier, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel
  • Suggestion: begin working on child’s photos 