Traveling light successful course development and implementation using lotus notes
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Traveling Light: Successful Course Development and Implementation Using Lotus Notes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Traveling Light: Successful Course Development and Implementation Using Lotus Notes. November 5, 2000 ALN Conference University of Maryland. Dr. Alan T. Seagren University of Nebraska - Lincoln Lincoln, Nebraska Dr. Neal L. Henning Southeast Community College Lincoln, Nebraska. A Snapshot.

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Traveling light successful course development and implementation using lotus notes l.jpg

Traveling Light:Successful Course Development and Implementation Using Lotus Notes

November 5, 2000

ALN Conference

University of Maryland

Slide2 l.jpg

Dr. Alan T. SeagrenUniversity of Nebraska - LincolnLincoln, Nebraska Dr. Neal L. HenningSoutheast Community CollegeLincoln, Nebraska

A snapshot l.jpg
A Snapshot

  • Considerations

  • Fears of Faculty

  • Recommendations

  • Assessment

  • Potential

  • Future

Why consider l.jpg

  • Based on my personal success with online learning within my program of study

    • Time

    • Travel

    • Learning Style

      • Not conducive to regular classroom

      • Time to think and reflect

    • Worked for me; it CAN work at the undergrad level

How scc l.jpg
How SCC ?

  • Three-year venture fund from SCC

  • Assistance of EDAD

    • Experienced in delivering online courses

  • Coordinated Seminars

  • Discussions

  • Development of Courses

    • Threaded conversations of Lotus Notes

  • Journals

Fears of faculty members l.jpg
Fears of Faculty Members

  • Increased Workload

  • Altered Role of the Instructor

  • Lack of Technical/Administrative Support

  • Reduced Course Quality

  • Negative Attitudes of Colleagues

    • Betts, 1998; Dillon & Walsh 1992; Eisenburg, 1998; Dooley & Kaiser 1998; Clark 1993; Moore 1997

Teaming l.jpg

  • Make-up of the group be considered

    • Need an outsider/unfamiliar with the topic to test things

  • Courses need to be developed by a team of faculty members

  • Teams help to assure that the entire scope of the course is attended to

Teachers as students l.jpg
Teachers as Students

  • Time to “experiment and have some fun”

  • Administrative support needed

  • Time to learn the software and become comfortable

    • Technical problems

      • saving, replication, copying, highlighting, color, etc.

Practice mock course l.jpg
Practice/”Mock Course”

  • Practice/“mock” course is necessary.

  • Relevant material

  • Focus on software and use

  • Emphasize theories of learning in an online environment

Factors to consider l.jpg
Factors to Consider

  • Screen faculty members for technical aptitude

  • More training

    • scanning

    • links to the web

    • working the “private” mode

  • Instructional design staff is needed

Assessment l.jpg

  • Need assessment tools for:

    • program of online education

    • courses as delivered by Lotus Notes

    • of the courses

  • Provide actual documents/examples of assessment in an online environment

Potential l.jpg

  • Online education works at the undergraduate level

  • Strong training program:

    • course design

    • interaction

    • assessment

Potential cont d l.jpg
Potential (Cont’d.)

  • Adequate time for preparation

  • Continual training

    • provide opportunities for further training and techniques

  • Valid and continuous evaluation

    • of the training and courses being offered

Potential cont d15 l.jpg
Potential (Cont’d.)

  • Provide updates

    • technology and it’s impact on learners

    • availability of new administrative and support services

    • practical tips

    • forums for discussion among online faculty

Future at scc l.jpg
Future at SCC

  • Training program for non early adopters

  • Development AAS Business Administration degree online (Fall 2000)

  • Full assessment program

    • Grant through NEB*SAT

      • Pre-evaluation

      • Program

      • Student

Future cont d l.jpg
Future (Cont’d.)

  • Give Presentations

  • Determine how to offer vocational programs online

Where to contact l.jpg
Where to contact

  • Dr. Alan T. Seagren, Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588 (402) 472-0972, [email protected]

  • Dr. Neal L. Henning, Southeast Community College, 4771 W. Scott Road, Beatrice, NE 68310 (402) 228-3468 x326, [email protected]