social progress and social problems
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Social progress and Social problems

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Social progress and Social problems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social progress and Social problems. Toward a sociology of gloom written: Joel Best. The World is stuck. What Are YOU Waiting For? . No matter how good it gets the standards get higher

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social progress and social problems

Social progress and Social problems

Toward a sociology of gloomwritten: Joel Best

paradox of perfectionism

No matter how good it gets the standards get higher

  • climbing - stairs – elevators - now they can’t get off the elevator without someone’s help.
  • instead of walking like they would have before elevators they look to fix their “higher standard”
  • maybe your tap water is fine and you don’t need bottled water
Paradox of Perfectionism
paradox of proportion

When bigger problems are solved we often make a fuss over smaller issues not so important

  • now that they have a job the problem is no longer getting an income but that the means of getting there is “broken”.
  • By focusing on the fact that they are stuck and “cant” get off the elevator they may lose that job
  • why worry about the little things when you don’t have to?
Paradox of Proportion
paradox of proliferation

The more progress there is the more problems can happen

  • the elevator breaks and that leads to “I don’t have a cell phone”, “I don’t need this”, “I’m going to be late”, they sort of panic and call to other people, then the repair man gets “Stuck” too…
  • we like to make things seem more complicated because fail to realize safety of most complicated things we make because we don’t learn more about than what it can do for us.
  • if we were able to make it we obviously lived and made conscious thoughts before we had it
Paradox of Proliferation
paradox of paranoia

The more progress we achieve the more we distrust it.

  • they were afraid to move off the elevator by themselves and the women was about to cry
  • we are always left to think what if this situation would happen with something bigger than an elevator?
  • there are always things that came before that can still work sundials and watches
Paradox of Paranoia