Networks the creative process
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Networks & The Creative Process. Session Seven: February 25, 2010 The System as Network. Creativity Viewed Systemically. Creativity is a Complex System, embedded in a complex system of systems . ( Courtesy of KevinDooley ). Fractals?. Photojamming on fractals
from kevindooley.

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Networks the creative process

Networks & The Creative Process

Session Seven: February 25, 2010

The System as Network

Fractals? of systems

Photojamming on fractals

The science of networks is interdisciplinary
The Science of Networks is Interdisciplinary! of systems

Neuroscience by benweger

Crazy mathematician” by Peon Peetie

Cellular Biology - Blood Cells by tillasmax

Football field social network by arthit

Networks as the unit of analysis
Networks as the Unit of Analysis of systems

The puzzle six degrees of separation
The Puzzle: Six Degrees of Separation of systems

Six Degrees of Separation by rowandahl

Random networks erdos
Random Networks ( of systems Erdos)

Continuous Random Network by vitroids

Real world ordered networks
Real World Ordered Networks of systems

The Real World Brooklyn? Really?

Bridging ties
Bridging Ties of systems

The Strength of Weak Ties by mass_kat_2008

Short cuts
Short Cuts of systems

Short Cut Road.jpg by smartee_martee

Preferential attachment
Preferential Attachment of systems

Monarch Butterfly Cluster by flopper

When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
When the Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts of systems

(Courtesy of Shalini)

Synchronicity of systems

ElkmontSynchronous Fireflies #1 by Judd Patterson

Emergent patterns
Emergent Patterns of systems

Sand patterns by Taking5

Power laws fat tails
Power Laws & Fat Tails of systems

Dip's fat tail. by caysee

Poised on the edge
Poised on the Edge of systems

On the edge! by Murat Uysal

A phase transition
A Phase Transition of systems

Phase transition by GerardEOS

Incremental vs revolutionary change
Incremental vs. Revolutionary Change of systems

  • As described by FernandBraudel, with respect to the Industrial Revolution:

    “When one is talking about social phenomenon, rapid and slow changes are inseparable. For no society exists which is not constantly torn between the forces—whether perceived as such or not—working to undermine it. Revolutions are but the studded and short-lived volcanic eruption of this latent and long-term conflict.”

Where are the opportunities
Where Are The Opportunities? of systems

fromMatti Á.

Changing fitness landscapes
Changing Fitness Landscapes of systems

Grand Canyon and Colorado River...
from Scandblue

Who are the winners the losers
Who Are the Winners & the Losers? of systems

Winner and loser
from owen4green

Blogging question
Blogging Question of systems

Given what you see going on in the world of creativity today, would you say that we are undergoing a phase transition? How so? If so, what forces would are driving it, and to what kind of a reorganization of the creative landscape might it lead? How might fitness levels and the fitness landscape be altered?