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Presente – irregular YO. I do my homework. Hago la tarea. I put my keys in my backpack. Pongo las llaves en mi mochila. I make a reservation. Hago una reservación. I leave school at 3:00. Salgo de la escuela a las 3:00. I bring money to school. Traigo dinero a la escuela.

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Presentation Transcript

I do my homework
I do my homework

Hago la tarea

I put my keys in my backpack


en mi mochila

I make a reservation


I leave school at 3:00

Salgo de la escuela

a las 3:00

I bring money to school

Traigodinero a

la escuela

I go out with my friends

Salgo con mis amigos

I tell stories to my friends

Yo les digocuentos

a mis amigos

I tell the truth

Yodigo la verdad

I come to school with my friends

Vengo a la escuela con


I have to study


I know your sister

Yoconozco a tuhermana

I give money to my dad

Yo le doydinero a mi


I know how to swim


I see dead people

Veo a los muertos

They do the homework

Hacen la tarea

He puts his money in the bank

Pone sudinero

en el banco

We go out with our friends.

Salimos con amigos

She brings pictures to parties

Traefotos a las fiestas

We tell lies.


They come to all the parties.

Vienen a todaslas fiestas

She has to go.


They know me.

Me conocen

They give us money.

Nosdan el dinero