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Journal 5/12. Write a thesis for the following compare and contrast essay. Analyze and compare the differing responses of China and Japan to western penetration in the nineteenth century. Amazing Thesis.

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Journal 5/12

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Journal 5/12

Write a thesis for the following compare and contrast essay.

  • Analyze and compare the differing responses of China and Japan to western penetration in the nineteenth century.

Amazing Thesis

Both China and Japan responded to Western penetration in the 19th century with resistance. Japan was able to respond more effectively and hold off the foreign influence due to the Meiji Restoration, while China responded with the Boxer Rebellion and Opium Wars but was still carved into spheres of influence.

Unit 3 trade routes review600ce-1450ce

Silk Road Key technologies

  • Camel Saddles

  • Caravanserai

  • Horse saddle

What was the silk Road Trade Route

  • Silk Road Trade Routes

Indian Ocean Trade- Key technologies

  • Dhow- Arab sailors

  • Compass – Tang China

  • Buying on credit, check- Abassids

  • Flying Cash- China

  • Gunpowder-China

  • Astrolabe-Arabs

  • Junk- Chinese

  • Concept of zero, pi- India

What key continuities in the Indian Ocean Trade

  • Use of the Monsoons

  • Ideas constantly being exchanged, cultural diffusion

What diseases and pathogens also spread along post classical Trade routes

  • Black Death on the Silk Roads

Spread of Religion: Christianity

  • Antioch, the western terminus of the overland Silk Roads, was an important center in early Christianity

  • Like other religions, Christianity followed the trade routes and expanded east throughout Mesopotamia, Iran, and as far away as India

  • However, its greatest concentration was in the Mediterranean basin, where the Roman Roads, like the Silk Roads, provided ready transportation

Trans-Saharan Trade

  • A series of powerful trading kingdoms emerged in West Africa.

  • Salt

  • The West African kingdoms controlled important trade routes that connected N. Africa and West Africa.

  • Beginning of Trans-Saharan Trade

    • North Africa was rich in the salt that West Africa lacked.

    • West Africa was rich in gold.

    • The Trans-Saharan trade led to an exchange of salt for gold.

Ghana: 750-1250ce

  • Ghana was called the “land of gold” but it did not have gold. Instead, the trade routes passed through Ghana and the kings of Ghana taxed all entering and exiting the kingdom.

  • 750-1250ce.

  • The kings of Ghana used their wealth to build a powerful army and keep the peace within their empire.

  • Gave gold for horses, cloth, salt manufactured goods

Mali: 1250-1400

  • After decline of Ghana, the West African Kingdom of Mali emerged as a great trading empire.

  • Took control of Gold Trade

  • Most famous king: Mansa Musa

    • set up a great center of learning in Timbuktu

    • Expanded empire

    • Converted to Islam and went on Hajj

      • Gave away tremendous amount of gold

Songhai: 1450-1600

  • The West African kingdom of Songhai was the largest of the three trading kingdoms

  • Muslim

  • controlled the profitable Trans-Saharan trade

  • Eventually, the kingdom of Songhai fell to invading armies from Morocco in 1591 (they had guns)

What crops, new foods, and agricultural practices were diffused through Post-classical trade?

  • Bananas in Africa from New Guinea

  • Champa Rice from Vietnam to China

  • Muslim Agricultural techniques (qanat)

  • Sugar & citrus from SE Asia ➔ S Asia ➔ Middle East ➔ N Africa

How did post classical trade spread technological and scientific traditions?

  • Examples-Chinese gunpowder and printing technology to the Muslims then to the Western Europe

  • The influence of Greek and Indian scholars on the Muslims

Aside form gold/ salt what else spread along the Trans Saharan Trade Route?

  • Islam & the Arabic Language

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