Causes of Divorce

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Get to know about different causes of divorce here.

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Causes of Divorce

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1. Causes of Divorce There are different reasons that could lead to divorce, some of them are common and some are uncommon. Lack of communication, High expectations, Financial crisis in family are major reasons of divorce.

2. Cheating on partner, Incurable mental illness of either of two individuals. Infidelity can also be the reason for the legal separation. Physical abuse, sexual abuse as well as emotional abuse might cause a divorce.

3. Lack of communication is of the major cause of divorce. Sometimes couples think that problem is little but these small problems may lead to big issue. One can't have healthy relatioship if either one of them won't disscuss about their personal issues or express their feelings. Always expecting from partner, that he/she should understand without any disscussion.

4. High and Unrealistic Expectations lead to divorces. Couples expect alot from eachother, and various problem starts arising. Now-a-days, couples are busy in their lives and are not able to give sufficient time to each other. Because of this miss-understandings starts and so on. It can be said that, there are various major reasons responsible for divorce.

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