Welcome to a London that never was...
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Welcome to a London that never was. A London we all remember…. Londontown. A Fantasy-Driven Virtual World. Design Philosophy . Non-linear: A world that every member of the audience can enjoy in her own way at her own pace.

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Welcome to a London that never was...

A London we all remember…

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A Fantasy-Driven Virtual World

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Design Philosophy

Non-linear:A world that every member of the audience can enjoy in her own way at her own pace.

Narrative-driven: Everything the imagination can conjure is offered. Participants can choose to sample as much or as little of the story as they like, and still have a fulfilling experience.

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Design Philosophy

Dynamic: A virtual world that is not indifferent to the accomplishments of its inhabitants, but encourages them to leave their marks on it in personal or public ways.

Responsive ongoing content: New stories and other content responsive to the audience; seeded and delivered organically without interruption to the world experience.

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Design Philosophy

Shallow learning curve: Experience with MMOs is not needed. You can move right in to Londontown.

Kitchen sink design: Appeals to the broadest spectrum of the mass market, including an online audience of millions currently untapped.

Convergence: Other media (TV, videogames, books, mobile phones etc.) will set content in the world built to each platform’s capabilities.

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Ongoing Story

  • Non-linear storytelling

  • Overlapping story arcs

  • True multiplayer quests

  • Stories of all shapes and sizes (from personal errands to world-changing events)

  • NPCs both real and fictional, with lives of their own, who take an active role in the game story and become important parts of player-character identities

Time stands still l.jpg
Time Stands Still

1837 – Victoria has been crowned

1851 – The Great Exhibition has opened in Hyde Park

1855 – London parishes are organized into vestries

1858 – The "great stink" leads to the upgrading of the sewer system

1863 – The "underground," the world's first subway system, opens

1888 – Jack the Ripper terrorizes Whitechapel.

1892 – Construction begins on the Blackwall Tunnel under the Thames

Victoria will never die

Real life figures l.jpg
Real-Life Figures

  • Queen Victoria

  • Charles Dickens

  • Charles Darwin

  • Benjamin Disraeli

  • Nikola Tesla

  • Joseph Lister

  • Dr. David Livingstone

  • Karl Marx

  • Gregor Johann Mendel

  • Florence Nightingale

  • Jack the Ripper

Fantasy figures l.jpg
Fantasy Figures

  • Moriarty

  • Sherlock Holmes

  • Fu Manchu

  • Scrooge

  • Alice

  • Mowgli

  • Tess of the D’Ubervilles

  • Jonathan Harker

  • Dr. Jekyll

  • The Time Traveler

  • Dorothea Brooke

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Class System

  • Lower Class

    • Greatest freedom

    • Local exploration

    • Crafting

    • Upward mobility

  • Middle Class

    • Most career choices

    • Builders

    • Tradesmen & merchants

    • Mobility in any direction

  • Upper Class

    • Politics

    • Elegant lifestyle

    • Difficult advancement

    • Downward mobility

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    We Want YOU

    • Level & System Designers

    • Quest Writers

    • Victorian Era Researchers

    • Experimental Economists

    • Concept Artists

    • 3D Modelers

    • Animators

    • Database Designer

    • Programmers (with experience or interest in Gamebryo engine

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    Join Us!

    • Contact Producer Phoebe ([email protected])

    • Register for your department’s internship class

    • Attend weekly workshops and meetings

    • Party like it’s 1859!