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Advertisements WANT VS. NEED - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advertisements WANT VS. NEED. What is a Want?. A WANT is something that you buy because you would like to have it. You do not require it to live. Can you give an example?. What is a Want?. Here are some examples of wants:. What is a NEED?.

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AdvertisementsWANT VS. NEED

What is a Want?

A WANT is something that you buy because you would like to have it. You do not require it to live.

Can you give an example?

What is a Want?

Here are some examples of wants:

What is a NEED?

A NEED is something that you require to live.

Can you give any examples?

What is a NEED?

Here are some examples of needs:

Vocabulary Words


Target Audience





Answer the following questions...


1.The _______________ is the “thing” you are trying to sell.

2.The _______________ are the people that you want to buy your product.

3.A _________________ is a short advertisement on TV.

4.“Just do it” is a _____________ for NIKE.

5. Companies ___________products to make money.

6. An _________________ is seen on TV, radio, online, or in magazines.

target audience





Let’s talk about advertising…

Question #1

How many hours of TV do you watch in a week?

Did you know…

60 minutes of TV = Approximately 15-17 minutes of advertising

SO! If you watch 60 minutes of television a day, in 1 week you will have seen approximately 105 advertisements.

Let’s talk about advertising…

In 1 year….

You will have seen over 5460 advertisements. Multiply 5460 by how many years you’ve been watching TV and that’s…



1 hour a day

for 20 years…that’s…109,200!!!

Writing an Analysis

1. What is the company’s name? ____________

2. What is the product? _______________

3. Who is the target audience? ______________

4. Is there a slogan? If yes, what is it? __________

Let’s make an “ad pitch”

  • An “ad pitch” is when a company “pitches” an idea for a new product to be made for people to buy. The product can be anything like a new car, a new toy, food or clothing.

“Ad Pitch”

1.) What is the name of your company?

Our company is called _______________.

2.) What is your product?

Our product is a _____________________.

3.) Name 3 uses for your product.




4.) Who is the target audience (your customers)?

Our target audience is ___________ (children, teenagers, adults, elderly)


  • Chopsticks

  • Glue stick

  • Stapler

  • Scissors

  • Box of staples

  • Comb

  • Post-it notes

  • Paperclip

  • USB link