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How To Create A Podcast

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How To Create A Podcast - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Create A Podcast. Using Myna. When you open the Myna program, you will see the workspace containing ten tracks. Across the top are file commands for editing and manipulating the various tracks.

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Across the top are file commands for editing and manipulating the various tracks.
Below the file commands, you will notice the track overview bar, which allows the user to navigate a file more quickly. At the bottom is the library that provides pre-made sound clips and music. The import button shows all the clips available in the application.
The tempo and play controls allow the user to set the timing of the created tracks. The record button opens the recording module.
To record a voice track, begin by clicking on the Record button in the lower right corner of the application. To record, click the Record button. As you record, the progress bar will reflect how much time you have remaining for that particular recording.
The recording you created will import into the file, and will show up in the Imported sidebar on the right side of the screen. To add the imported file, drag it into one of the tracks.
The recording you created can be tuned using the Parametric EQ. To do this, open the Effects module by double clicking on the clip that is on the track. From the dropdown menu, choose the Parametric EQ effect.
Seven control dials will appear. These dials will allow the user to change the parameters for various effects. When finished with adjustments, click the apply button to commit the effect to your clip.
The recorded clip can also be trimmed. To do so, hover your mouse over the top corner of the clip until a triangle icon appears. Drag this trim handle to the location where you would like the clip trimmed. This can be done for the beginning and the end.
In addition to vocal recording, musical tracks can be added. To do this, open the Quantum Tracks library or the Roc Beats library using the Library button.
Once you have chosen the desired sound clip, drag it to another track at the desired location. To make the musical sound clip an introductory clip, move it all the way to the left, and move the vocal recording track over to the right.
To create a fade in/fade out effect, click the Auto button on the track controls, which will open the automation controls directly below the track. This allows the user to adjust the volume and panning for the track.
Choose the Fades option, which will display two square control handles in the automation track. Click and drag the control handles to fade in/out the introductory clip. (Dragging up or down will change the curve of the fade out.)
To add background music during the playing of the vocal soundtrack, simply follow the same procedure for choosing a sound clip and drag it to the track with the introductory clip, placing it directly to the right of that introductory clip.
To lower the volume of the track, click on the Auto button again. Choose the Gain control, and a yellow line will be displayed on the automation track. Click and drag the yellow line until it is about halfway down the track.
To add an ending to your piece, choose another sound clip from the library. Drag the desired clip onto track two, lining it up at the end of the background music clip.
To save the file, click the Save button in the upper right corner of the screen. Once the file is saved, a prompt will ask you to mixdown the file. This is necessary if you want the file to be heard outside of the Myna program. (It will play as an .mp3 file.)
Click the Mixdown button, and the process will begin. Once this process is complete, the file can be downloaded as an .mp3 or a .wav file.