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Introduction to Islam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Presentation posted in: General Introduction to Islam. Basic Islam Facts. Over 1.6 billion followers 2 nd largest religion in the world behind Christianity Fastest growing religion in the world Someone who practices Islam is a Muslim A monotheistic religion

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Introduction to Islam

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Http www youtube com watch v 6dk9avjgdum

Introduction to Islam

Basic islam facts

Basic Islam Facts

  • Over 1.6 billion followers

  • 2nd largest religion in the world behind Christianity

  • Fastest growing religion in the world

  • Someone who practices Islam is a Muslim

  • A monotheistic religion

  • Followers worship Allah

Majority muslim nations

Majority Muslim Nations

Muslim percentage by country

Muslim Percentage by Country

Top 5 nations with most muslims by population

Top 5 Nations With Most Muslims (By Population)

  • Indonesia

  • Pakistan

  • India

  • Bangladesh

  • Egypt

Important thing to remember

Important Thing to Remember

  • Being Arab is not the same as being Muslim

  • Less than 20% of Muslims are Arabs

5 pillars

5 Pillars

  • Declaration of faith

    • There is no God other than Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

  • Daily Prayer

    • Pray 5 times a day

      • Usually at Mosque

      • Face Mecca

  • Fasting During Ramadan (9th month of Islamic calendar)

    • Cannot eat from dawn until dusk

5 pillars continued

5 Pillars (continued)

  • Giving to charity

    • personal responsibility for Muslims to ease economic hardship for others and eliminate inequality

  • Pilgrimage (or Hajj)

    • Travel to Mecca

    • An obligation only for those who are physically and financially able to perform it



  • Founder of Islam

  • Born in Mecca in 570 AD

  • Messenger and Prophet of God

  • Considered to be last prophet of God

    • Muslim consider Abraham, Moses, Jesus to be prophets

  • Would unite Arabia under Islam

  • Died in 632 AD

Qur an


  • Holy text of Islam

  • Teaches about God and how to live life

  • Written in Arabic

  • Considered the direct, unchangeable word of God

  • Qur’an teaches that Islam is God’s final and complete revelation

    • Torah and Bible are only partially God’s revelation

  • Coverts learn Arabic in order to read Qur’an

    • Shared language unites people

Holy cities

Holy Cities

  • Mecca

    • Where Muhammad was born

  • Medina

    • Where Muhammad fled to and where he was buried

  • Jerusalem

    • Dome of the Rock

      • Where Muhammad was taken up to Heaven and speaks with God

Divisions inside islam

Divisions Inside Islam

  • Sunni vsShia

    • Different beliefs over who was to be Muhammad’s successor

Why are we learning about this

Why Are We Learning About This?

  • Islam is fastest growing religion

  • Middle East is an important region in the world

  • Age of globalization

To be continued

To Be Continued

  • Rise of Islam and life of Muhammad

  • Spread of Islam

  • Islamic Empires

  • Islamic culture and society (past and present)

  • Islam in modern world

  • Radical Islam

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