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. "Weights and Measures may be ranked among the necessaries of life to every individual of human society. They enter into the economical arrangements and daily concerns of every family. They are necessary to every occupation of human industry; to the distribution and security of every species of property; to every transaction of trade and commerce; to the labors of the husbandman; to the ingenuity of the artificer; to the studies of the philosopher; to the researches of the antiquarian; to t9459

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1. Weights & Measures

3. DID YOU KNOW…? A state, county, or city weights and measures official protects you in every purchase decision you make An inaccuracy of slightly more than 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons at the gas pumps equals an annual error of $125 million nationally. If every pound of meat were weighed incorrectly by 0.01 lb, it would be an annual error of 500 million pounds nationally. This level of protection costs the average citizen less than $1 per year.

4. What is Weights & Measures? A department, within inspectional services, which ensures fairness in the marketplace in regards to any commodity bought or sold by weight, volume, length, or count.

5. Sealer of Weights & Measures An inspector who has the authority to inspect all devices, packages, and issue Hawker and Peddler licenses within a given jurisdiction Inspections are random Performed at least once per year Certified by State Division of Standards

6. Types of Inspections Retail Scales Vehicle Tank Meters Bulk Storage Meters Retail Gasoline Meters Truck and Railroad Scales Taxi Cabs Pharmacy and Jeweler’s Scales Item Pricing Net Content of Packages Price Scanner Accuracy

7. Retail Scales Commonly found in Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Cafeterias, and Deli’s Weight ranges between 6lbs and 50lbs Inspection looks for proper markings, damage, balance, and accuracy

8. Pharmacy/Jewelry Scales These scales are a different class of retail scales which measure weights at lower denominations (ie: gram, carat) Pharmacy scales are used to weigh components that go into prescription compound drugs Jewelry scales may be used for appraisal or buying and selling jewelry

9. Vehicle Tank Meters Oil Truck Meters Annual and Random Stop Inspections performed Inspector “Seals” Meter and Register upon successful testing Inspector checks delivery tickets for compliance with laws MGL Chapter 94 Section 303F

10. Bulk Storage In Quincy these are fuel/oil terminals Fuel companies purchase large quantities of oil through high speed meters (> 500gpm) Special equipment is required to test these meters and is provided by the terminal Inspector supervises and documents the inspection

11. Retail Gasoline Meters Gas stations and marinas Inspection checks for Motor Fuel License, Damage, Tampering, Signage, Accuracy of Delivery, and Charges Adjustments may be made if the inspection reveals too much or too little gasoline being dispensed Since 2008, adjustments made to retail gasoline meters have saved consumers and merchants more than $90,000

12. Taxi Cabs Taxi Cabs use Meters to determine the cab fare Meter charges customers based on distance and time Inspection checks for correct and accurate meters Test is run twice over a 1 mile course to check distance charges A 4 minute time test is run to ensure proper wait time charges

13. Truck and Railroad Scales Heavy Capacity Scales Mostly found in Shipyards, Fertilizer plants, Recycling plants, Private Corporations for shipping product Various types of scales Inspection ensures scale is in good condition and accurate

14. Item Pricing Item pricing covers certain packages or items which are required to have a physical price sticker affixed to the package itself Retailers are trying to work around this by installing in aisle scanners

15. Scanner Accuracy As technology advances retailers are utilizing computers more to record and scan prices This inspection is performed once every 2 years on businesses with 3 or more scanners In order to pass the business must obtain a 98% accuracy on the random samples taken by the inspector Any overcharges are fined at $100 per item A less than 98% accuracy places the business on a higher frequency for inspection

16. Net Contents of Packages Net Contents means the weight of the item in the package minus the package weight The Net Weight must be clearly displayed on the package The weight of the package, or tare weight, shall not be included in the net weight printed and shall not be factored into the total price Random Samples of pre-packaged items are re-weighed by the inspector to ensure you are not being overcharged An example of this would be pre-packaged steaks


18. Retail Stores Read the label Pay only for the product, not the packaging Watch the weight when items are weighed on a scale (as a consumer you have a right to see what you are purchasing, its weight, and total price) Check the price

19. Buying Gasoline Sold by volume, by the gallon in USA Read the price signs on top of the dispenser, not just the street sign Check your receipt for the correct price per gallon, total gallons, and total sale price Speak clearly to the attendant and be sure he/she is dispensing what was requested Be aware of conditional discounts. The condition of the discount must be displayed. (ex: cash vs credit)

20. Home Heating Fuel Compare prices prior to any order Ask questions regarding price conditions (ie: minimum quantities, set prices, or budget plans) Check your fuel tank level prior to and after each delivery Review the delivery ticket for name and address of seller, name and address of where delivered, driver name or number, price per gallon, total quantity sold, and total sale

21. Jewelry Sales/Parties With the price of gold going up and the economy still in limbo people all over the country have begun to sell unwanted gold and jewelry for extra cash. Jewelry stores, online businesses, and house parties (similar to tupperware parties) have capitalized on this notion Most of these companies will use a scale of some sort to weigh and determine the purchase amount of the unwanted jewelry

22. Jewelry Sales/Parties – What to Look For? Do your research before selling your jewelry (examples: what is the current price of gold? Is this person or business reputable?) Make sure the device (ie: scale) is an approved retail device Watch closely as your jewelry is weighed. You have the right to see the display on the scale as it is being used When in doubt call Weights and Measures

23. Hawker and Peddlers A Hawker and Peddler is a person who goes about from place to place selling his or her wares Most commonly seen in Quincy are ice cream trucks, canteen trucks, or parade vendors Hawkers and Peddlers must have a CORI background check run before a state or city license is issued Hawkers and Peddlers licensed by the state do not need a city license; however, they must register with the city’s Weights and Measures Department Everyday street Hawkers and Peddlers are NOT allowed in Quincy unless it is a special event and they have been licensed

24. Summary Weights and measures protects citizens in their everyday retail purchases Numerous devices fall under Weights and Measures Prices should be clearly marked Any advertisement should be easily understandable Consumers are responsible to know what they are purchasing Call Weights and Measures for any questions or complaints

25. Contact Information Jonathan Brillo – Inspector 55 Sea St, Quincy, MA 02169 617-376-1250 [email protected]

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