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Proposed. Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Information Technology Department (ITD) Budget Workshop Presentation June 3, 2010 Council Chambers. VISION

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Fiscal Year 2011 Budget

Information Technology Department (ITD)

Budget Workshop Presentation

June 3, 2010

Council Chambers


    • To be an information technology organization recognized for collaborative partnership, proactive leadership, strategic innovation, and quality customer service.


To improve the quality of services to our customers (citizens and employees) on a daily basis through cross-functional teamwork while minimizing operating expenses and improving the City’s business processes.


    • Professional focus and initiative

    • Invest in our employees

    • Reward success and value lessons learned

    • Expect high levels of productivity and excellence

    • Operate with integrity to build trustful relationships and dependability

Strategic Focus

Pro-active Structure

  • Improve infrastructure, core business processes and provide an effective citywide management structure

    • Emphasize system simplicity

    • Standardize enterprise architecture to reduce complexity

    • Right size (staffing vs. contracting)

    • Executive accountability

    • Plan annual replacement requirements

  • Align IT Resources with City Business Objectives and Balance Effectiveness / Efficiency to:

    • Reduce Operating Cost

    • Limit Growth to the Workforce

    • Improve Services to Citizens / Employees

    • Mitigate Security / System Failure Risks

  • Continuously strengthen IT Security through Network Re-Design, Hardware/Software Enhancements, Multi-Layering Approaches, Policy and Procedure, Mandatory Training/Testing, Incident Response, Regular Performance Assessments and Random Audits

  • Efficiency



    “ Introducing the New TIP IMPACT System “

    Allows CTOs to Enter and Update TIP Form As Online

    Provides Direct Online Access to Employees and Citizens

    Expedites Annual Budget Preparation and Review Processes

    Enables more Efficient and Comprehensive Reporting through Filters

    Provides an Automated Change Management System

    ITD Executive Organization & Citywide CTOs

    Experienced Team

    Director’s Office

    Richard Lewis

    Chief Information Officer

    Male White

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


    Houston Police

    David Morgan

    Male White


    Gary Morris

    Deputy Director

    (Exec Level)

    Male White

    Radio Communications

    Tom Sorley

    Deputy Director

    (Exec Level)

    Male White

    Systems Architecture

    & Applications

    Earl Lambert

    Citywide Technology Officer

    Deputy Director

    (Exec Level)

    Male White

    Administrative Services

    Laura Grainger

    Assistant Director

    (Exec Level)

    Female White

    Houston Fire

    Patrick Plummer

    Male White

    Todd Johnson

    Assistant Director

    (Exec Level)

    Male White

    Houston Emergency Ctr.

    Al Garcia

    Male Hispanic

    Network Data/Voice


    Wayne Grant

    Assistant Director

    (Exec Level)

    Male Black

    Human Resources

    Magda Alanis

    HR Supervisor

    Female Hispanic


    Herb Garner

    Accountant Mgr

    Male Black

    Public Works & Eng.

    Olgilvie Gericke

    Male White

    ERP/SAP Project

    Mary Ann Grant

    Deputy City Controller

    (Exec Level)

    Female Black

    Application Support

    Mark Stinnett

    Assistant Director

    (Exec Level)

    Male White


    Frank Rodriguez

    Division Manager

    Male Hispanic



    Dan Steege

    Assistant Director

    (Exec Level)

    Male White

    Houston Aviation System

    Matt Hyde

    Male White

    Project Mgmt Office

    Mark Norton

    Assistant Director

    (Exec Level)

    Male White

    Health & Human Services

    Vernon Hunt

    Male Black









    Phillip Suber

    Operations Manager

    Male Black





    Housing &

    Comm Dev

    Houston Public Library

    Ronald Stauss

    Male White

    Security - Vacant

    Chief Security Officer Assistant Director

    (Exec Level)

    Admin &

    Reg Affairs



    Human Resources

    Planning & Development

    Max Samfield

    Male White


    & Rec

    Conv & Ent




    Municipal Courts

    Rex Billings

    Male White



    Fiscal Year 2010 Summary


    • Completed the Network Upgrade linking 400+ City Facilities across 640 sq miles allowing for effective and efficient voice and data communications

    • Commenced the implementation of the Exchange Upgrade (email, calendaring and contacts functionality)

    • Developed Plan to Consolidate 14 Data Centers down to 3 to reduce cost and improve Disaster Recovery

    • Assisted HPD in implementing a New Records Management system and deployment of the “office in the vehicle” to increase field productivity

    • Completed the design and began the implementation of a new Public Safety Radio System

    • Formalized the SAP Support Team & Established a Governance Committee for ERP management

    • Established Wireless Infrastructure Standards

    Fiscal Year 2011 GOALS

    Short Term

    • Improve the IT Service Delivery with a focus on Infrastructure Services

    • Continue to implement Data Center Consolidation to Reduce Cost and Implement Disaster Recovery Plan

    • Secure Resources for a 24/7 Network Operating Center

    • Build new Municipal Court Case Management system (C-Smart)

    • Continue to assist HPD in the implementation of new Records Management system

    • Upgrade the 3-1-1 System to Next Generation technology

    • Leverage Geographical Information System (GIS) technology investment

    • Continue to develop the Wireless Infrastructure

    Long Term

    • Develop a citywide Systems Architecture Plan

    • Re-align IT for better governance and to support the City’s CORE business lines, i.e. infrastructure replacement/maintenance and public safety

    • Develop citywide Security Framework to include a Chief Security Officer

    FY11 Budget - Expenditures by Type

    General Fund 1000

    Budget Highlights

    • Leverage SAP through enhanced tools

    • Invest in IT security to avoid disruption in business operations, theft and inappropriate use of City assets

    • Project management of large IT initiatives, leveraging technologies to enhance productivity and organizational performance

    Significant Variance

    FY2010 Estimate to FY2011 Budget

    • Increased costs from consolidation PWE, HPD, HFD to ITD Radio Group of $1,308,729 or 6.9% increase over total estimate

    • HOPE 3% increase to base pay $335,915

    • Pay for Performance increase to base pay $132,798

    • Health Insurance Increase 5% or $56,754

    Radio System Consolidation

    • Council Action related to a new Public Safety Radio System ($132.3 M Investment) approved in October of 2008

    • Replaces three (3) radio systems with one (1) interoperable system

    • Support staffs in HPD, Fire and PWE consolidated into ITD in FY2010 includes 27 employees and 19 vehicles

    • Implementation date of late 2012

    • Contract capacity provides for partnerships, e.g. METRO, HISD, other political subdivision, etc.

    Fiscal Year 2011

    Other Funds by Expenditure Type

    Budget Highlights

    • Central Services Revolving Fund

    • This fund provides for the purchase of goods and/or services for citywide operating departments. It also provides for the efficient and effective audit of billings for such purchases.

    • Voice Services (Mobile/Data/Landlines)

    • Applications Services (SAP/311)

    • Data Services (Network Security/Internet)

    • Desktop Support (Email/Office Systems)

    • Project Cost Fund

    • This fund is used to pay the cost of department employees who directly and indirectly work on CIP-related projects. Current ITD projects include:

    • Active Directory & Exchange (ADEX)

    • CSMART

    • Radio Interoperability Project