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My Aching Joints!. Jon Roebuck CPT MC WRAMC Rheumatology February 7, 2002. Musculoskeletal Pain. 1 in 7 patient visits to primary care Many benign conditions Some are life threatening Pays to know which is which Arthritis Leading causes of disability and absenteeism.

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My Aching Joints!

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My aching joints l.jpg

My Aching Joints!

Jon Roebuck CPT MC

WRAMC Rheumatology

February 7, 2002

Musculoskeletal pain l.jpg

Musculoskeletal Pain

  • 1 in 7 patient visits to primary care

  • Many benign conditions

  • Some are life threatening

    • Pays to know which is which

  • Arthritis

    • Leading causes of disability and absenteeism

Goals of the lecture l.jpg

Goals of the Lecture

  • Classification of joint problem

    • Inflammatory Vs. Noninflammatory

    • Acute Vs. chronic

  • Approach to monoarthritis

  • Approach to polyarthritis

  • Rheumatology referral

    • When to order ANA, RF

  • Summary of points

  • Questions

History l.jpg


  • Musculoskeletal emergencies

    • Septic arthritis

    • Subacute bacterial endocarditis

    • Osteomyelitis

    • Necrotizing fasciitis

    • Systemic vasculitis

    • Acute myelopathy

    • Deep venous thrombosis

    • Compartment syndrome

Red flags l.jpg

Red flags

  • History of significant trauma

  • Hot, swollen joint

  • Weakness

    • Focal

    • Diffuse

  • Neurogenic pain

  • Claudication pain

General history l.jpg

General history

  • Joints involved

  • Chronicity

  • Exercise

    • Aggravates or alleviates

  • AM stiffness

  • Swollen joints

    • Rubor, Calor, Dolor, Tumor

  • Fatigue

Historical distinctions l.jpg


Symmetric joint involvement

Stiffness > 1hr


Improves with exercise

Constitutional complaints


One or very few joints

Stiffness <30min

No pain at rest

Worsen with exercise

No constitutional

Historical distinctions

Physical exam l.jpg

Physical Exam

  • Is it really the joint?

  • Articular

    • Painful, limited active ROM

    • Painful, limited passive ROM

  • Periarticular

    • Painful, limited active ROM

    • Full, unlimited passive ROM

Physical exam9 l.jpg

Physical Exam

  • Now is it inflammatory?

  • Warmth

  • Erythema

  • effusion

Physical exam10 l.jpg

Physical Exam

  • Joints involved

    • Small joint symmetric

    • Monoarthritis/oligoarthritis

  • Swelling observed?

  • Rashes

  • Nodules

  • Mucosal sores

  • Weakness

Physical exam refer these patients l.jpg

Physical ExamRefer these patients!

  • Skin as a clue to systemic disease

  • Vasculitis

  • Psoriasis

  • Erythema nodosum

  • Pyoderma gangrenosum

  • Still’s rash

  • Malar and discoid lesions

  • Dermatomyositis

This is bad l.jpg

This is bad

Refer this one to us after the echo l.jpg

Refer this one to us(after the ECHO)

Don t forget the eyes l.jpg

Don’t forget the eyes

This might be bad l.jpg

This might be bad

Close up palpable purpura l.jpg

Close-upPalpable purpura

Classic malar l.jpg


Crosses bridge of nose

Spares nasolabial fold

Classic malar

Bad malar l.jpg

Bad malar

  • Same features

  • Possibly discoid

  • Secondarily infected

Subtle malar l.jpg

Subtle malar

Classic heliotrope l.jpg

Classic heliotrope

  • Periorbital edema

  • Lilac hue

  • Specific for dermatomyositis

Gottren s papules l.jpg

Most common skin rash

Papulosquamous eruption over joints

Not as specific as heliotrope

Gottren’s papules

Koebner phenomenon l.jpg

Koebner phenomenon

Decision time l.jpg

Decision time

  • Acute monoarthritis

  • Acute polyarthritis

    • Symmetric

  • Chronic mono/pauciarthritis

  • Chronic polyarthritis

Monarthritis l.jpg



Acute monoarthritis l.jpg








Pigmented synovitis

Early presentation of systemic disease

Acute monoarthritis

Acute monoarthritis26 l.jpg

Most important intervention…


Cell count

Gram stain/culture

Crystal exam

Acute monoarthritis

Arthrocentesis technique l.jpg

Arthrocentesis technique

  • Considerations

    • Needle and syringe size

    • Skin sterilization

    • Local anesthesia

    • Comfort of you and patient

Slide28 l.jpg


  • Rheumatology

    • Medial

    • anesthesia

  • Orthopedics

    • Lateral

    • Superior

  • If you only know one joint…

What s in that joint l.jpg

What’s in that joint?

  • Inflammatory crystals

    • Gout

    • Pseudogout

    • Basic calcium phosphate

  • Fat

  • Cholesterol

  • Junk

Crystal diagnosis l.jpg

Crystal diagnosis

  • Polarized light microscopy

    • Bright objects on dark background?

    • Crystal morphology?

    • Birefringent?

    • YAG Vs. ABC

Keep it straight l.jpg

Keep it straight

Chondrocalcinosis: XRAY diagnosis





Other crystals l.jpg



Other crystals

Acute monoarthritis33 l.jpg

Most important intervention…

Rheumatology referral

Call us

On call Doc each day

202 782 6734(5)

Acute monoarthritis

Chronic monoarthritis l.jpg

Chronic monoarthritis

  • Rheumatology referral

  • Atypical infection

    • Fungal

    • Mycobacterial

  • Atypical systemic disease

    • RA, SLE, SNSA

  • May need synovial biopsy

Polyarthritis l.jpg



Acute or chronic polyarthritis l.jpg

Acute or chronic polyarthritis

  • Careful history and physical exam

  • Synovitis?

    • No– your problem

    • Yes– our problem

      • Referral. To be helpful

        • Cbc, esr, crp, RF, ANA, bun/cr, UA, TSH

What to write on the referral l.jpg

What to write on the referral

  • What is it?

  • Sometimes it’s a differential

  • Sometimes it’s fairly obvious

  • Sometimes you have no idea

    • We may not either

Inflammatory symmetric small joint l.jpg

Acute (<6 weeks)







Rheumatic fever


Chronic (>6 weeks)



Other CTD

Chronic sequelae of the acute DX’s

Inflammatorysymmetric, small joint

Physical exam39 l.jpg

Physical Exam

  • The entire exam is important

  • However…

  • Hands are the gateway to rheumatologic diagnosis

Physical exam40 l.jpg

Physical Exam

  • I mentioned swelling

    • Synovial

    • Bony

  • Big difference, not always so obvious

Noninflammatory l.jpg


Noninflammatory42 l.jpg


  • Osteoarthritis

  • Primary

  • Secondary

    • Hyperparathyroidism

    • Hemachromatosis

    • Acromegaly

    • Hypo/hyperthyroid

Inflammatory l.jpg


Fusiform swelling l.jpg

Fusiform swelling

Acr criteria for ra l.jpg

ACR Criteria for RA

  • Morning stiffness

    • >1hr

  • Arthritis of 3 or more joint areas

    • Soft tissue swelling or fluid

  • Arthritis of hands

    • Wrist, MCP, PIP

  • Rheumatoid nodules

    • Subcutaneous nodules over bony prominences

  • Serum rheumatoid factor

  • Radiographic changes

    (4/7 criteria satisfy classification criteria)

Boggy mcps l.jpg

Boggy MCPs

Prevent this l.jpg

Prevent this

And this l.jpg

And this

How do i prevent deformity l.jpg

How do I prevent deformity?

  • Early aggressive therapy

    • Multiple DMARDs

  • Staunch monitoring of disease and medications

  • Low threshold to increase therapy

    • Any evidence of breakthrough disease

  • RHEUMATOLOGY referral!!

Lupus l.jpg


  • Very similar to RA

  • Rashes and other criteria helpful

  • Serologic eval

Acr criteria l.jpg

Renal involvement



Hematologic abnormalities

Oral ulcers

Neurologic sxs

Malar rash



Discoid lesions

Sun sensitivitiy

Notable exclusions




ACR Criteria

How do you prevent deformity in lupus l.jpg

How do you prevent deformity in lupus?

  • Trick question

  • Nonerosive/nondeforming arthritis

  • Jaccoud’s arthropathy

More hands nails and sausages l.jpg

More handsnails and sausages

Distribution isn t everything l.jpg

Distribution isn’t everything

  • Not all DIP disease is OA

Distribution isn t everything55 l.jpg

Distribution isn’t everything

  • Not all DIP disease is OA

Classic dip disease in psa l.jpg

Classic DIP disease in PSA

Psoriatic arthritis l.jpg

Psoriatic arthritis

  • OA-like

    • DIPs

    • Nails

  • RA-like

  • Seronegative variety

  • Mutilans

  • oligoarthritis

Gouty arthropathy l.jpg

Gouty arthropathy

Can be severe and deforming l.jpg

Can be severe and deforming

Slide60 l.jpg



  • Clinical/microscopic diagnosis

  • Uric acid is not helpful acutely

  • Allopurinol is not acute treatment

Inflammatory oa l.jpg

Inflammatory OA

What might this be l.jpg

What might this be?

Flag sign l.jpg

Flag sign

Capillaroscopy l.jpg


Scleroderma l.jpg


Dupuytren s l.jpg

Nodular fibrosing lesions

Ulnar preference

Intralesional injection

Softening and flattening of nodules

Best early in course


Arachnodactyly l.jpg


Not sure if its inflammatory l.jpg

Not sure if its inflammatory?

  • Serologies


    • If chronic

  • Rheumatology referral!!

Serology l.jpg





Anemia chronic DZ




No help

Clinical and XRAY diagnosis


Laboratory assessment l.jpg

Laboratory assessment

  • When you you order an ANA

    • RF for that matter

  • Confirm clinical suspicion

  • Very poor screening test

    • Positive predictive value very low

Antinuclear antibodies l.jpg

Antinuclear Antibodies

  • 1 in 10-20 of population are ANA+

    • 5-10%

  • 1 in 1000-2000 have lupus

    • Similar rates for other autoimmune disease

Antinuclear antibodies72 l.jpg

Antinuclear Antibodies

AssumptionANA 5% of normals ANA 10% of Normals

ANA+ in SLE99%99%

ANA+ in normal5%10%

Prevalence of SLE1:20001:2000

If 2000 people have ANA tests:

-Number ANA+ with SLE11

-Number ANA+ without SLE100200

-liklihood of SLE in ANA+ group1/1001/200

-15% haveMSK symptoms300300

-ANA + in that group1530

-Therefore liklihood of SLE in pts

with MSK symptoms and ANA+1/151/30

Inflammation on film l.jpg

Inflammation on film


Xrays only if chronic l.jpg


Asymmetric joint narrowing


Subchondral sclerosis

Subchondral cysts

Rheumatoid arthritis

Symmetric joint narrowing


Marginal erosions

Soft tissue swelling

XRAYSonly if chronic

Soft tissue swelling l.jpg


Early erosion l.jpg

Early erosion

Erosions and periarticular osteopenia l.jpg

Erosions and periarticular osteopenia

Did you really need the xray l.jpg

Did you really need the XRAY?

Can be confusing l.jpg

Can be confusing!

What if it s outside the joint l.jpg

What if it’s outside the joint?

  • Bursitis

  • Tendonitis

  • Tenosynovitis

  • Entrapment syndromes

  • Sprains

  • Etc. etc. etc.

Depends on your comfort level l.jpg

Depends on your comfort level

  • Conservative therapy and follow up

  • Local injections

    • Very few absolute contraindications

      • Achilles

      • Through an active infection or abnormal skin

  • Refer to us!

Soft tissue injections l.jpg

Soft tissue injections

  • Whole new lecture

  • Water soluble steroid preferable

  • Any questions about particular sites?

Summary l.jpg


  • Red flags

  • Inflammatory Vs. Noninflammatory

    • History, PE, Lab, XRAY

    • If unsure, REFER!

  • Hands as a gateway to diagnosis

  • When to order ANA

  • When to refer

    • Never a wrong time!

What disease is this l.jpg

What disease is this?

Any questions l.jpg

Any questions?

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