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A Glimpse Into Summer: Evaporating Demand Melissa Westaway Meteorologist/Demand Forecaster Agenda Enva – What We Do Demand Forecasting Key Factors That Affect Demand Demand Destruction Increasing Compare The Data Summer Outlook Conclusion Enva Service Portfolio

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A Glimpse Into Summer: Evaporating Demand

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Presentation Transcript

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A Glimpse Into Summer:

Evaporating Demand

Melissa Westaway

Meteorologist/Demand Forecaster

Proprietary and Confidential

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  • Enva – What We Do

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Key Factors That Affect Demand

  • Demand Destruction Increasing

  • Compare The Data

  • Summer Outlook

  • Conclusion

Proprietary and Confidential

Enva service portfolio l.jpg

Enva Service Portfolio

  • 3 Reports Delivered Daily

  • Recap Report

  • Bal-Day/Next-Day Report

  • Bal-Week/Next-Week Report

  • Live Interaction

  • Daily briefing calls

  • Access to Enva Operations Center

  • Analysts can re-run model with client input


  • Daily Market Intel

  • Bal-Week/Next-Week


  • Daily Market Intel

  • Bal-Week/Next-Week


Daily Market Intel


Daily Market Intel


  • Daily Market Intel

Proprietary and Confidential

Base case modeling analysis l.jpg

Base Case Modeling & Analysis

Generator Availability

Power Flows & Limits

Generator 10-Part Bids

& Constraints


Operational & RTMP


Hourly Forecast Demand

(by zone)

Expert Review

Hourly Forecast Imports

(by zone)

Expected Power Flows


Hourly Base Case LMP’s

Proprietary and Confidential

Demand forecasting process l.jpg

Demand Forecasting Process

  • Inputs

  • ISO Actual Demand

  • Weather Data

  • (for 200+ locations)

    • Weatherbug

    • WSI

    • Public data & models

  • Demand Analysis

  • By meteorologist

  • Reviews and modifies forecast based on weather events, recap and R/T developments

  • NeuroBuilder™

  • Industry’s most advanced Neural Net

  • Hourly demand values out 15 days


Industry’s most comprehensive and accurate demand forecast

Proprietary and Confidential

Short term effects on demand l.jpg

Short Term Effects On Demand

  • Assess factors that impact demand based on day and season:

    • Weather (e.g., temperature, humidity, precipitation)

    • Human habits (e.g., school is in/out of session, Fridays, holidays)

    • Unusual events (e.g., hurricane, Superbowl, blackouts)

Proprietary and Confidential

The green effect l.jpg

The Green Effect

  • The trend of demand destruction based on increases in:

    • Energy efficiency & conservation

    • Behind the meter generation

    • Economic pressures

Proprietary and Confidential

Energy efficiency conservation l.jpg

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

  • Energy conservation means using less energy and avoiding wasteful uses.

  • This is accomplished by:

    • Using energy efficient products/appliances

    • Modifying usage habits (e.g. reducing AC use)

Proprietary and Confidential

Energy efficiency resource standards eers l.jpg

Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS)

  • An EERS – Energy Efficiency Resource (or portfolio) Standard – aims to reduce or flatten electric load growth through energy efficiency (EE) measures. Goals may specify reductions in energy (MWh), demand (MW), or both. Many specify both overall energy reductions and peak-load reductions.

  • 18 states have passed EERS legislation

  • 3 states have pending EERS legislation

  • 14 states passed significant Energy

    Efficiency legislation in 2008

    Source: FERC http://www.ferc.gov/market-oversight/mkt-electric/overview/elec-ovr-eeps.pdf

Proprietary and Confidential

Behind the meter generation l.jpg

Behind the Meter Generation

  • Example – California Solar Initiative


3,000 MW

of new



by 2016

Proprietary and Confidential

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Economic Impact On Demand

  • Episodes of sharply declining demand coincide with periods of economic recession.

  • This corresponds to episodes of increased unemployment.


Gogerty, Nick. "The Green Re-cession: Via Demand Shock."

SeekingAlpha.com. 27 Mar. 2009. 27 Mar. 2009 <www.seekingalpha.com>.

Proprietary and Confidential

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source www.miseryindex.us

Proprietary and Confidential

Eia demand trends l.jpg

EIA Demand Trends

  • Between 2002 to 2006, the average US annual electricity demand grew by an average of 1.6% per year.

  • Last year EIA’s outlook for 2008 to 2030, electricity demand growth will average only 1.2% per year.

  • In January 2009, EIA revised demand forecast:

    • Drop of 0.8% in 2009

    • Rise of 1.5% in 2010

      source US EIA

Proprietary and Confidential

Enva summer 2009 outlook l.jpg

Enva Summer 2009 Outlook

  • Summer demand is represented by an average of the months June, July and August.

  • Assuming the summer of 2009 to have similar weather to summer of 2008.

Proprietary and Confidential

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Demand Percent Change



2008-2009 (EIA)-0.8%

2008-2009 (Enva)-1.2%

Proprietary and Confidential

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Demand Percent Change



2008-2009 (EIA)-0.8%

2008-2009 (Enva)-4.1%

Proprietary and Confidential

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Demand Percent Change



2008-2009 (EIA)-0.8%

2008-2009 (Enva)-2.8%

Proprietary and Confidential

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  • We expect the continuation of demand destruction.

  • The percent change will vary by region from roughly -1% to as much as -4%.

  • Demand summer outlook is an average of the season.

  • Volatile days will still occur.

Proprietary and Confidential

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