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E-App and Supplies Brenda Martin Senior Vice President. TMK1536 0910. Agent training only. Not for sales use. E-App. TMK1536 0610. Agent training only. Not for sales use. Laptop Minimum Requirements. CPU: 1.6 GHZ Pentium Processor RAM: 1 GB 40 GB Hard Drive

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E-App and Supplies

Brenda Martin

Senior Vice President

TMK1536 0910

Agent training only. Not for sales use.


TMK1536 0610

Agent training only. Not for sales use.

Laptop Minimum Requirements

CPU: 1.6 GHZ Pentium Processor


40 GB Hard Drive

DVD Rewritable Drive (DVD-RW)

Laptop Minimum Requirements

14.1-inch monitor or larger (1024x768 minimum resolution)

At least one USB port

Audio Capable


Java must also be added and enabled within Internet Explorer. (Mozilla, Chrome, and Safari are not compatible.)

Note: E-App will not work with mini-laptops or netbooks

E-App Agent Training

Assign someone to help with the download process

Train the Agent how to use the E-App

E-App – Agent Training

Must synchronize with the Home Office every 7 days (upload/download)

Always load the Franchise before arriving at the customer’s place of business.

E-App – Agent Training

The customer’s electronic signature is considered the same as any other signature.

There is NEVER a circumstance when the Agent can type the customer’s name.

E-App – Agent Training

Verify the correct Agent number is selected for commissions before upload – no adjustments

Verify the email address and phone numbers within the Agent Information section.

Confirmations will be sent to this e-mail address and the phone number selected for text messaging.

E-App Uploads

Don’t hold apps until Friday

Apps must be uploaded by 3:30 p.m. Central time on Friday to count in the gross submit for the week.

Apps with complex beneficiaries (3 or more or other) require an additional day of underwriting – upload by 3:30 p.m. on Thursday to count towards the week’s gross submit.

E-App Uploads

Problem locations

Hotel Chains and Fast Food Restaurants with a proprietary Firewall Protected Corporate Networks.

Known locations are:  Panera Bread, Motel 6, Chik Fil –A, Etc.

Upload from a proven network such as home or office.

E-App Upload Problems

  • Send email to [email protected]

  • Friday uploads

    • Send e-mail to document the problem

    • Call 1-800-925-6792 Option 2 for assistance

E-App – BM Information

Confirmation email sent to your Branch Manager mailbox

View details of E-Apps uploaded on website


Applications uploaded on this date

Listed in Agent number order

Test Apps will not display


Details will vary based on the information required to issue the policy.

General information includes:

Date and time of upload

App type

Submitting Agent

Commissioned Agent

Mode of Payment


Franchise Number

Employment Date

Mode Premium

Total Annual Premium


Applicant info – Related to Agent

Primary Insured info


Relationship of Applicant to Insured

Address, phone, etc.


Bank name and address and bank routing number if app was submitted on bank draft

Trial app - if applicable

“Not gathered for this policy type” if the information is not required


Review the details of the applications uploaded and identify training needs

If you suspect fraudulent activity, contact:

[email protected]


[email protected]


TMK1536 0610

Ordering Supplies - LNL

Know your Order Week

LNL system will only allow you to order one day during your assigned Order Week.

Allow 7 days for shipping

Ordering Supplies

Form Numbers by state can be found in your online reports on IC072001

Ordering Supplies

Verify applications and brochures required on the Product Availability Chart

Ordering Supplies - UA

UA Branches that have not converted order LNL supplies on the LNL website

Ordering Supplies - UA

UA e-mail order form – order will be processed during your Order Week

Ordering Supplies

  • Lead items charged to Lead Account

  • Lead Boxes:

    • Cancer

    • MedFacts

    • Child Safe

    • Medicare Supplement (UA only)

    • HDF (UA only)

  • Child Safe Kits

  • MedFacts Kits

Ordering Supplies

Lead items not charged to Lead Account


Memorial Guide

Door Hanges

Ordering Supplies

Emergency Supply Requests or questions

E-mail [email protected]

Shipping charged to Branch Manager’s pay

Ordering Supplies

First Year - The supplies are charged to the supply account. Supply account charges will appear on the monthly Branch expense account.Office supplies will only be approved if the Z-Account is positive.

Ordering Supplies

Office supplies are ordered through OfficeMax.

Toner – Order from B2B Toner