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Course Syllabus. United States History – 10 th Grade Mr. Alati – Instructor Email: [email protected] United States History. Survey Course Covers Period from 1877 – present We will be taking an overview of major events that took place over the covered time period.

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Course syllabus

Course Syllabus

United States History – 10th Grade

Mr. Alati – Instructor

Email: [email protected]

United states history
United States History

  • Survey Course

  • Covers Period from 1877 – present

  • We will be taking an overview of major events that took place over the covered time period.

  • All material is Ohio Dept of Education Standards based.

  • These include geography, history, economics and culture.

Topics of discussion
Topics of discussion

  • Industrialization (1) *Civil Rights (1)

  • Populism (1) *1970’s (4)

  • Imperialism (1) *1980’s (4)

  • WWI (2) *1990’s (4)

  • 1920’s (2) Present Day Issues (4)

  • 1930’s (2)

  • WWII (3)

  • 1950’s (3)

    ()=grading period covered


  • Diagnostic Exercises:

  • All students will be taking a diagnostic exercise the week of school. The results do not count toward your grade and is meant to set baselines for prior knowledge.

  • Every student’s progress will be compared with their performance on the diagnostic exercise

Ohio graduation test ogt info
Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) Info

  • Students in the 10th Grade will take a practice version of the OGT in the fall

  • The students will take the actual OGT for the first time in spring 2010

  • We will begin the OGT review cycle shortly after we return from the Christmas break.

  • Tutoring will be made available to interested students

Weekly activities
Weekly Activities

  • Monday – Content based activities

  • Tuesday – Content based activities

  • Wednesday – Political Updates/Test Strategies/Content

  • Thursday – Course Content/Document Based Question (DBQ) or CSR exercises

  • Friday – Allotted Assessment Time

Unit study
Unit Study

  • A the start of each unit each student is given a complete concept map of the unit.

  • The concept map is a graphic that outlines the learning goals for that unit.

  • The learning goals for all units are taken directly from Ohio Department of Education standards for HS social studies

  • The lessons in the unit are based on the learning goals.

Examples of instructional activities
Examples of Instructional Activities

  • Film facts: student are shown an overview documentary on the unit and we review the important facts as a class.

  • Structured note taking: Students are guided through a structured lecture/discussion where the instructor advises them on what to make note of as the lesson progresses. Students are allowed to ask questions and join in the process.

  • Document based questions (DBQ): The students are presented with a historical document related to unit material. The students will analyze the document and complete a written exercise.

Types of assessments
Types of Assessments

  • Grading System:

  • We will be using the APS standard system for grading

  • Students earn points for all assignments, tests, quizzes, projects..etc

  • The student’s total points earned will be compared to the total points they could have earned and a percentage will be calculated.

  • See attached handout for the APS scale

Progress reports
Progress Reports

  • Student progress are available as follows:

  • Email progress reports are available anytime on request from a parent

  • Interim reporting four weeks into each grading period

  • Students may get a verbal progress report during regular office hours or by appointment

Participation points
Participation Points

You will receive 5 points everyday you are in class, prepared and participating as directed by the instructor.

You will not receive points is you are in violation of class/school rules

This is a major part of your grade.