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Quality Accounts. Dr Cheryl Crocker Director Quality and Patient Safety/Executive Nurse. What are Quality Accounts?. Quality Accounts are annual reports to the public from providers of NHS healthcare about the quality of services they deliver. The primary purpose of Quality Accounts is to

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quality accounts

Quality Accounts

Dr Cheryl Crocker

Director Quality and Patient Safety/Executive Nurse

what are quality accounts
What are Quality Accounts?
  • Quality Accounts are annual reports to the public from providers of NHS healthcare about the quality of services they deliver.

The primary purpose of Quality Accounts is to

    • encourage boards and leaders of healthcare organisations to assess quality across all of the healthcare services they offer.
    • It allows leaders, clinicians, governors and staff to

demonstrate their commitment to continuous, evidence-based quality improvement, and

    • to explain their progress to the public.
quality accounts1
Quality Accounts
  • Quality Accounts are not marketing documents, but a chance to enter into a real, open and honest dialogue with the public regarding the quality of care within an organisation.
  • Quality Accounts will achieve their full potential only if they are credible, and the content is subject to independent scrutiny and challenge.
quality accounts must cover
Quality Accounts must cover:


  • • a statement on quality from the Chief Executive

Part2 (looking Forward)

  • • priorities for improvement
  • • statements relating to quality of NHS services provided

Part3 (Looking Back)

  • • review of quality performance
  • • an explanation of who has been involved
role of commissioners
Role of Commissioners
  • Mandated to have a written statement from the coordinating commissioner (no more than 1000 words)
  • The statement should confirm whether or not they consider the provider’s Quality Account to contain accurate information and include any other comments they consider relevant – for instance, whether or not they believe it is a balanced report of the quality of healthcare services provided.
  • CCGs to comment on the suitability/relevance of a providers chosen indicators as part of their role in assuring Quality Accounts.
  • This statement should be returned to the provider within 30 days of receipt.
  • If the provider makes changes to the final published version of their Quality Account after having received the statement (possibly as a result of the statement), they are required to include a statement outlining what these changes are.
Commissioners and healthcare regulators, such as the Care Quality Commission, will use Quality Accounts to provide useful local information about how a provider is engaged in quality and tackles the need for improvement.
dh quality account toolkit
DH Quality Account Toolkit
  • A guide for providers and commissioners
  • Informs what should be included and how it should be written
  • Provides comparability (through mandated statements and sections)
  • Allows Commissioners to scrutinise the QA and give feedback.
time scales
Time scales
  • Commissioners can be involved in the preparation of QA
  • Commissioners can expect to receive draft QA from 30th April
  • We are given 30 days to respond
  • QA must be published on NHS Choices on 30th June
  • We can expect to be sent copies from providers after 30th June