Weed  Seed  IDA Demonstration Project Technical Assistance Conference

Weed Seed IDA Demonstration Project Technical Assistance Conference PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Weed Seed IDA Demonstration Project Technical Assistance Conference

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1. Weed & Seed IDA Demonstration Project Technical Assistance Conference Tucson, Arizona December 14-15, 2005

2. Welcome & Introduction Who are we? The Weed & Seed IDA Demonstration Overview of agenda

3. Where are we from? Wisconsin (Racine) Washington, DC (CCDO, OCS) Utah (West Valley City) Texas (Brownsville, Dallas, Ft. Worth) Puerto Rico (Caguas) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) North Carolina (Gastonia) New York (Technical Assistants) Montana (Great Falls) Michigan (Detroit) Kentucky (Louisville) Illinois (Austin) Georgia (Atlanta) Florida (West Palm Beach) Arkansas (Pine Bluff) Arizona (Nogales, Phoenix, Yuma)

4. What do we do? Government Agencies Financial Institutions Social Service Organizations Non-profit Organizations Homeownership Programs Asset-Building Programs VITA EITC IDA

5. Weed & Seed IDA Demonstration Project Collaboration between: Dept. of Justice / Community Capacity Development Office Office of Community Services Combine the resources of: Weed and Seed sites Assets for Independence grants

6. What is an “IDA Demonstration”?

7. Principle questions… Can IDAs help W & S sites to meet homeownership goals? Can geographically focused IDAs produce community development benefits Can W & S partnership strategies contribute to scale, efficiency and sustainability for IDAs Can technical assistance help W & S sites to secure AFI funding for IDA accounts

8. Goals for participants… Fully understand Individual Development Accounts and role in homeownership programs Understand the goals and mechanics of the Assets for Independence (AFI) program. Explore how IDAs might fit with existing homeownership efforts Understand how IDAs will fit with other aspects of their Weed & Seed programs. Produce initial work plan for design of IDA program Understand the time frame, process, and expectations for participation in the demonstration.

9. Why focus on homeownership? “apply knowledge and resources to solve the problems of people and their communities” “neighborhood restoration and economic development” “neighborhood revitalization” “build assets giving low-income families help out of poverty” “increase homeownership in targeted neighborhood” “build a better community by promoting self-sufficiency and homeownership” “incorporate asset-building strategies into neighborhood restoration goals” “help families realize the American Dream of home ownership” “neighborhood restoration by increasing residents’ access to resources for home ownership” “transform this community into a livable, safe and wholesome neighborhood”

10. Where do we start?

11. Big picture:

12. Big picture:

13. Agenda The homeownership challenge Your community Your housing market Your resources The IDA tool Plan of action

14. Questions… Now Every session End of each day TA contacts

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