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Macau SAR. June 29, 2008. Introduction. Macau is composed of a peninsula and two small islands, with a total land area of only about 9 square miles.

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Macau sar l.jpg

Macau SAR

June 29, 2008

Introduction l.jpg

  • Macau is composed of a peninsula and two small islands, with a total land area of only about 9 square miles.

  • Like Hong Kong, Macau is a Chinese Special Administrative Region. It was the oldest European settlement in China, and was controlled by the Portuguese from 1557 until it was given back to China in 1999.

  • Macau, also known as the “Las Vegas of Asia,” is only an hour by ferry from Hong Kong across the Pearl River. And it is much more than just casinos…

Numbers l.jpg

  • From Hong Kong: west, 40 miles.

  • Weather for my trip:

    • Periodic rain storms.

    • Temperature: 75.2° F

    • Humidity: 93%

  • Trip length: one day

  • Trip cost:

    • HK$493.00

    • US$63.16

    • Included round-trip ferry, casino, lunch, dinner, and museum.

Getting to macau l.jpg

The TurboJet offers a nice ride from Hong Kong to Macau.

One-way Cost: HK$140, or US$18.

Getting to Macau

The streets of macau l.jpg

A police officer directs traffic in the streets of Macau by a busy town square.

Note the European influence in the architecture.

The Streets of Macau

The streets of macau6 l.jpg

A building in the Macau town square. a busy town square.

Very European.

The Streets of Macau

The streets of macau7 l.jpg

The busy streets and alleys are filled with shops. a busy town square.

Cavity? No problem! Visit the local “dentista.”

The Streets of Macau

The streets of macau8 l.jpg

Macau isn’t all casino glamour and glitz. Here’s how the other half lives.

Taken from a back alley in Macau.

The Streets of Macau

The streets of macau9 l.jpg

On a brighter note, Macau still has plenty of green. the other half lives.

On our way to the Macau Museum.

The Streets of Macau

Macau museum l.jpg

Approaching Macau Museum after a climb through Macau’s back alleys.

The entrance is at the top.

Note the cannons atop the building.

Macau Museum

Macau museum11 l.jpg

Fortaleza do Monte, a Portuguese fort, was converted into the Macau Museum, which features a history of Macau’s Chinese and Portuguese roots.


Adult: HK$15 (US$2)

Student: HK$8 (US$1)

Macau Museum

Macau museum12 l.jpg

After entering from the top, the tour begins on the first floor and you work your way up to the third.

This is a replica of a Portuguese street.

Exhibits are inside the houses.

Macau Museum

Macau museum13 l.jpg

This is a beautiful Ming Vase in perfect condition. floor and you work your way up to the third.

Value: US $10,000,000

Note the description is written in Chinese, Portuguese, and English—typical in Macau.

Macau Museum

Macau museum14 l.jpg

Here I am with the canons on top of the Museum. floor and you work your way up to the third.

Grand Lisboa in the background.

Macau Museum

Macau museum15 l.jpg

The fort sits on high ground, offering great views of Macau. floor and you work your way up to the third.

Foreground: Ruinas de São Paulo.

Mid-ground: the city.

Background: the mountains and the Pearl River.

Macau Museum

Ruinas de s o paulo l.jpg

Another product of European—and Christian—influence, St. Paul’s Church caught fire in 1835. All that remained was the front façade.

Note the intricate carvings and statues.

Ruinas de São Paulo

Ruinas de s o paulo17 l.jpg

A taxi and other cars rush down the busy rua (street) next to the ruins.

Note the quaint cobblestone road and manicured garden in the background.

Ruinas de São Paulo

Macau s casino l.jpg
Macau’s Casino to the ruins.

The gaudy Grand Lisboa, shaped like a lotus, is one of Macau’s unique Asian casinos.

Las vegas macau l.jpg
Las Vegas, Macau to the ruins.

  • Left: Hotel Lisboa; the top is roulette wheel.

  • Middle: The Wynn…if you’ve been to Vegas, it should look familiar.

  • Right: MGM Grand Macau (gold, bule, and red).

Wynn ing in vegas l.jpg
to the ruins.Wynning” in “Vegas”

  • Who ever said a penny can’t buy anything?

  • Check out the nickel slots and bet just over one half of an American penny.

  • Play slowly—you might lose US 25¢ if you try real hard; and in the meantime, enjoy the complimentary alcoholic drinks and hot tea.

  • With the free players’ card, you can earn points for free games, food, and other items.

The end l.jpg

The End to the ruins.

Pictures and Slideshow by Thomas S. Markey

Recreation on the waterfront l.jpg
Recreation on the Waterfront to the ruins.

  • Ever wonder how Asians stay so skinny?

  • Here’s the answer: public exercise machines.

    • Foreground: a fellow CUHK students gets a work-out.

    • Mid-ground: a local works the abs.

    • Background: the waterfront and the ferry terminal.

Wealthy macanese l.jpg
Wealthy Macanese to the ruins.

This gorgeous estate overlooks the exercise area and the waterfront.

Macau at night l.jpg
Macau at Night to the ruins.

  • Foreground: Gangways to ferry boats.

  • Mid-ground: An illuminated bridge to one of Macau’s two small islands.

  • Background: Lights of buildings on the mountainous island.

  • Top: Dark clouds spell incoming rain for Macau.