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internship 101 Management. Orientation Week, class of 2014. OBJECTIVES. Describe Food Service Management rotation Describe Patient Services and Clinical Management Length of each part of the rotation Competencies and Assignments Name at least one way to prepare for the rotations

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Internship 101 management

internship 101Management

Orientation Week, class of 2014


  • Describe Food Service Management rotation

  • Describe Patient Services and Clinical Management

  • Length of each part of the rotation

  • Competencies and Assignments

  • Name at least one way to prepare for the rotations

  • Access assignment guidelines and resources

  • State 2 tips for making this a successful rotation

  • How can i be ready
    How Can I be ready?

    • Communicate with the GM at your facility

      • Are safety shoes required?

      • Is there a Dress Code?

  • Management and food service texts handy

  • Complete pre-orientation assignments

  • Review assignments for the rotations on web page

  • Print out time line and bring to rotation

  • What is this rotation all about
    What is this rotation all about?

    • Food Service Management (200 hours) at corporate, campus, school or healthcare site

    • Patient Services (40 hours) at healthcare site

    • Clinical Management—with CNM at healthcare site (40 hours)

    Competency evaluations
    Competency Evaluations

    Three Competency Evaluation Forms (CEFs) are used for the rotations:

    • Food Service Management CEF

    • Patient Services CEF

    • Clinical Management CEF

      All competencies and hours must be achieved to pass the rotation

      Bring the CEFs with you to your facilities

    Food service management
    FOOD service Management

    Corporate, Campus, School, Healthcare or Leisure

    General Manager generally your preceptor

    • Will assign a manager to be your go-to person

      Work with managers and foodservice staff

      Complete marketing and sustainability projects

      Participate as an assistant manager trainee

      Every account is slightly different

    Patient services
    Patient Services

    • At your healthcare site

    • Patient service manager generally your preceptor

    • Work with diet office and trayline staff

    • Visit patients during tray passing and meal rounds

    • Complete Patient Services Diagnostic assignment

    • Participate in test tray assessments

    Clinical management
    Clinical Management

    Gain experience performing clinical management functions

    • Personnel management (org chart, performance eval, hiring, scheduling, job description)

    • Policies and procedures

    • Communications (facilitate part of a staff or department mtg, attend hospital wide committee)

    • Regulatory agencies (learn how to get ready for a survey)

    • Quality assurance / performance improvement (patient satisfaction, quality improvement activity)

    Management assignments
    Management Assignments

    • Guided Reflective Journals (3)

    • Budget Summary

    • Menu Cost

    • Policy: develop or revise

    • System Analysis

    • Specialty Menu

    • Employee Inservice

    Management assignments1
    Management Assignments

    • Equipment Proposal

    • Sustainability Assessment

    • Marketing Project

    • Patient Service Diagnostic

    • Management Quiz

    Management assignments2
    Management Assignments

    • Organize assignments—use timeline as a guide

      • Access assignments on the intern website:

  • All assignments are listed on the Assignment Checklist

  • Management assignments3
    Management Assignments

    • In the First week, start planning the

      • Inservice

      • System Analysis Research Project

      • Sustainability Assessment

      • Marketing Project

    Management assignments4
    Management Assignments

    • Access the assignments before starting rotation

    • Each assignment provides the instructions and forms you will need

    • E-mail assignments to reviewers as listed on Assignment Checklist

    Marketing project
    Marketing Project

    • Decide on your project early

    • Conduct a needs assessment

    • Use the Detailed Development Guide (DDG) to guide your planning

    • Write and send the Process Development Sheet (PDS), supporting photos and marketing materials to your reviewer

    Marketing project1
    Marketing Project

    • The focus of Marketing Project is retail operation

    • Can be combined with Community Nutrition Education Project if it includes nutrition education and marketing--needs approval first.

    • Consider Mindful as a topic for your marketing project: can be a combined marketing/nutrition education project.

    Sustainability assessment
    Sustainability Assessment

    • Use form on the website


    • View the webinar before starting—

    • this will guide you.

    Tips for a successful rotation
    Tips for a successful rotation

    • Be prepared when starting

    • Do your assignments during the rotation

      Many assignments can be at least partially completed during your rotation hours

    Tips for a successful rotation1
    Tips for a successful rotation

    • Try to do your patient services before clinical

      • better understanding of department

      • learn how patients order food

      • how trays are delivered

      • several days in a row or throughout clinical rotation

        Review Clinical Management rotation guidelines

        checklist with your preceptor to see how this rotation

        will be completed

    Tips for a successful rotation2
    Tips for a Successful Rotation

    • Plan a time daily to meet with your preceptor

    • Print out and use the suggested timelineas a guide


    • Prepare for rotations before starting

    • Review assignments on the website before starting

    • Do something every day!