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Orientation. Introduction to Fundations ! . Unit 1. Unit 2. With Mrs. Gullick , Reading Teacher. Christine Southard, Parent. What is fundations ? .

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Introduction to Fundations!

Unit 1

Unit 2

With Mrs. Gullick, Reading Teacher

Christine Southard, Parent

What is fundations?

Fundations is a whole class reading program that instructs kids in the basics of reading: from simple letter sound correspondence, to consonant – vowel - consonant words, to multisyllabic words. Fundations instruction takes place in grades K – 2 at Fishkill Plains and these lessons are the foundations of decoding. If you have concerns about your child’s reading skills, please contact your child’s teacher and the school reading teacher, Mrs. Gullick.

Echo Me......

The children are introduced

to the short vowel sounds

through their keywords.

Watch this video on how

the children echo

the letter, keyword and sound

of each letter in the alphabet

during the drill sounds


Click here.

The students will learn six syllable types while in the Fundations Reading Program.

Click here for examples.

As your child progresses through

school, they’ll be exposed

to the scaffolding components of

the Wilson Fundations program.

Read the packets that

come home

from your child’s teacher.

Contact the teacher if your child

is having difficulty.


letter-sound correspondence

with your young children.

Practice sight word recognition

with your young children.

No matter what age your child is:


Have your children read to you!

Please help us to build

strong readers at

Fishkill Plains

Elementary School!

This information night was

sponsored by the F.P.P.T.A.

Parents as Reading Partners Committee