a brief introduction of jet and its activities
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A brief introduction of JET and its activities

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A brief introduction of JET and its activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A brief introduction of JET and its activities. 25 Mar 2003 Hiro HOTTA < [email protected] >. What is JET?. J oint E ngineering T eam CJK NICs CNNIC KRNIC TWNIC JPNIC+JPRS individual experts James Seng John Klensin … Formed in July, 2000 Objectives

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what is jet
What is JET?
  • Joint Engineering Team
    • CJK NICs
      • CNNIC
      • KRNIC
      • TWNIC
      • JPNIC+JPRS
    • individual experts
      • James Seng
      • John Klensin
  • Formed in July, 2000
  • Objectives
    • to work for the early, solid and cost-effective introduction of standardized Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) system
  • Co-chairs
    • K. Huang (TWNIC)
    • K. Konishi (JPNIC)

2000 July 1st meeting @Yokohama

Aug. 2nd meeting @Beijing

Nov. 3rd meeting @Taipei

2001 Feb. 4th meeting @Kuala Lumpur

May. 5th meeting @Shanghai

Oct. 6th meeting @Beijing

Nov. 7th meeting @Beijing

2002 Jan. 8th meeting @Taipei

Mar. 9th meeting @Bangkok

July 10th meeting @Yokohama

Oct. 11th meeting @Shanghai

2003 Feb. 12th meeting @Taipei

outputs 1
  • Evaluation of proposed ACE algorithms using real-world IDNs (practically registered and used)
    • Led AMC-ACE-Z (later named Punycode) to the final selection
  • Raising TC/SC issues
    • There are cases where 2 or multiple characters should be regarded as the same
      • e.g., 國 & 国
    • IETF recognized the importance and difficulties of the issue
outputs 2
  • Proposal of IDN-Admin
    • http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-jseng-idn-admin-02.txt
    • Language table for C/J/K defined by each NIC
      • E.g., http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-yoneya-idn-jpchar-01.txt
    • Considering the background of IDN-admin, IESG published a statement on IDN
      • Language information associated to IDN
      • Set of characters to be used as an IDN declared
      • Equivalency among characters concerned
      • Conversion between display format and wire format of characters
      • http://www1.ietf.org/mail-archive/ietf-announce/Current/msg22545.html
  • Extracting 2-layered documents from CJK guideline as an example wrt. IDN-Admin
    • Making a general mechanism for all languages
    • Making examples for Chinese/Japanese/Korean
  • JET would not make IDN-Admin’s scope out of CJK
  • Defining variant tables for Chinese/Japanese/Korean
  • Complete IDN-Admin mechanism
  • Complete a variant table of each NIC
  • Complete a variant table of each language
    • Japanese, Korean : as defined by each NIC
    • Chinese : defined by CN, TW, MO, HK, SG, ...
  • … and then terminate and dissolve
overview 1
  • Days & Place
    • May 28 through 30, 2003
    • Embassy Suites, San Francisco Airport hotel, near South San Francisco
  • Purposes
    • To help implementers of IDNs in programs, software libraries, and DNS servers to test their software against other programs and against reference implementations
      • evolving experiments as participants offer their experiences and test systems through using each others‘
    • To foster a discussion of issues with registering IDNs in zones throughout the world
  • Convener
overview 2
  • Agenda
    • 1st & 2nd day : interoperability testing to allow IDNA, Nameprep, and Punycode specifications to progress from Proposed Standard to Draft Standard in a short period of time
    • 3rd day : discussion of registration policies
  • Expected attendees
    • Anyone who is working on end-user implementations of IDNs, such as web browsers and email clients
    • Software developers who are creating IDN-aware libraries
    • Developers of front-ends to DNS servers
    • Registries and registrars who are grappling with IDN registration policies
  • Mailing list
    • To subscribe send a message to:    [email protected] the single word "subscribe" in the body of the message
  • Web site
    • http://idnconnect.jdna.jp/
    • described in several languages