Turin april 2008 roberto rinaldi
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Turin, April 2008 Roberto Rinaldi. WHAT IS UISP?. Uisp (Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti) is a national association for the sport promotion with rhe primary objective of extending to every citizen the rights to practice sport activities.

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Turin april 2008 roberto rinaldi

Turin, April 2008

Roberto Rinaldi

What is uisp

  • Uisp (Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti) is a national association for the sport promotion with rhe primary objective of extending to every citizen the rights to practice sport activities.

  • “Sport for everybody” is matter of health,quality of life, education and sociality. For these reasons it is considered a right of the citizens (recognized as such in the White Book published by the European Commission in July 2007) and object of public

  • Also in Italy this right has been recently recognized, with the creation of a “Ministry of Sports”

What is uisp1

  • Il CONI (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano – Italian National Olimpic Committee”

    • Manages sports of high performance (Olimpic games, Professional Football League, etc.)

    • Focuses on results

    • Who doesn’t reach the goal is out

  • UISP, EPS (Ente di Promozione Sportiva – Sport Promotion Association) leader in Italy

    • Give everybody the possibility to practice sports, independently of the absolute results

    • No discriminations (race, gendre, ability, age); on the contrary promotion of social inclusion

    • Focuses on the “individual”, the citizen

What we do

  • UISP, throught activities and initiatives, has the objective of developping the various aspects of sports:

    • Competititive (with particular attention to the amateur sport)

    • Expressive and motion activities (individual or group practices, played out of the structured sport complexes)

What we do1

  • The National UISP activities of “Sport for all” have been programmed since early 80s:

    • Vivicittà, Giocagin, Bicincittà, Mondiali Antirazzisti, Peace Games, Diamoci una Mossa

    • These initiatives involve in the same days dozens of Italians and foreign cities, in cooperation with important NGOs (Unicef, WWF, Amnesty International, etc.)

Our numbers

  • 1.100.000 members and 14.500 Sport Associations

  • UISP is present in every Itailan region with 160 Territorial Committees


    • Athletics, Horseracing, Diving, Bocce, Calcio, Cycling, Dance, Martial Arts, Gym, Byke, Swim, Basket, Volley, Skating, Chess, Ski, Sport d'Acquaviva, Teaditional Games and Sports, Ice Sports, Tennis, Sailing e Windsurf and many others

  • NATIONAL STEERING COMMITTEES Mountain Climbing, Billiard, Karting, Car racing, Golf

The territorial committee cirie settimo chivasso

  • Covers the area at the north of Torino, with over 100 municipalities and 200.000 inhabitants

  • About 100 Sport Associations (ASD) with almost 18.000 members, (last year were 14.000)

  • Females are 51,18% , males are 48,82%

  • Young people (up to 19 years old) represents the relative majotity of the members, with 19% of the total; the over 64 years old people are 3% of the total

Leagues activities

  • Football

    • Championships: A11 Men, A5 Men, A5 Women, A5 Boys and Girls

  • Pallavolo

    • Young People Championships: under 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, boys and girls

  • Athletics

    • Championships, Cross, Marathons

  • Swimming

    • Championships

  • Skating

    • Young people Championships

  • Dance

    • Meetings

  • ……

  • ……

2007 2008 projects
2007-2008 PROJECTS

  • ADRESS – “Against Drugs and Racism in Europe through Sport and Solidarity”

    • aims at stimulating and supporting active European citizenship among young people and promoting youth sport as a tool for preventing drug abuse and discrimination. Long-lasting relations between youth groups, NGOs and businesses from Bulgaria, Italy and Romania will be established to become the basis of future common initiatives

  • Muoviamocitutti

    • A project which aims to promote sports and motion activities, with mainly educational and social promotion goals, within the “Sport for All” framewotk

2007 2008 projects1
2007-2008 PROJECTS

  • “Diamoci una Mossa”

  • Servizio Civile Nazionale

  • Sports and Wellness

  • Young people against Doping